Chapter 1

"If you thought my story was over…think again. Sure, I've won the heart of the woman who I have loved since I was elementary school, but if you thought I would live happily ever after…you were wrong.

"Have you gone through the period where you feel like everything you ever do or every decision that you ever made turned out to be wrong and as a result those who you loved the most paid the price? Have you felt that no matter what you decided to do or say that, that it was no win situation?

"By now, you know of my life as Spider-Man. It has become a very important part of my life, and a very demanding part as well. It nearly cost me the love of my life. Even with Mary Jane now knowing my secret, I would soon learn how demanding it was about to get."

~ ~ ~ ~

The streets of New York was jammed as always. The sidewalks were full of many different ethnic groups. There was not much free space between people. It was impossible to turn around and walk in the opposite direction, against the constant flow of people. Anyone caught in such a situation were forced to walk with the flow.

The streets were just as busy. Half of the cars driving down the roads were yellow cabs. The sounds of horns honking every other second reflected the typical impatient and rude attitudes of the city. Sometimes the sounds of the horns were drowned out by the blasting of rap music from a car that was driven by a young adult.

At Chase Manhattan Bank at the corner of the street, a giant explosion rocked the immediate area, sending people caught in the blast flying in many directions, several were unfortunately went flying into the streets, were they were hit by cars driving by. Some cars swerved to miss some of the heavy debris only to crash into another car in the opposite lane. Anyone who was lucky to avoid the blast began running in the opposite direction screaming in freight.

Smoke from the exploding cement came rushing out of the hole where a shadow stood amongst the smoke. Stepping out into the sidewalk was a man dressed in a hard, green, plastic, body suit. Even with the suit, he looked rather frail. His thick white hair was oiled and combed behind. His face showed the heavy years of experience. He was holding a large bag of money over his right shoulder.

He looked in all directions with a grin on his rough whiskery face. The people who began to gather around to see what had happed stared at him with fears in their eyes. "Yes, fear me," he muttered under his breath. "You all treat your parents like throw away rag dolls. Well, you all will learn to treat your elder's right!" He began to scream at the people. "Your time is coming!"

"Say Gramps, did ya wake up on the wrong side of the bed or what?" A young voice said from above him. He turned around and looked up to see Spider-Man stuck to the wall with his head pointing downward. The way he was posed on the wall made him look like a predator stalking a prey.

"Spider-Man!" he spat out the word as if it was poison on the tongue.

"You've got me at a slight disadvantage. I don't even know your name!" Spider-Man said, tilting his head slightly.

"Make wisecracks all you want, young whippersnapper. I am the Vulture."

"Let's say you come with me back to your nursing home peacefully and without any more trouble, and I'll leave a good word with you care takers."

That comment enraged the Vulture to no ends. "That's it!" He dropped the bag of money to the ground. "It's time to teach you a lesson you won't soon forget!" The Vulture reached for some sort of ball shaped bomb like object.

Spider-Man waved his hand. "Hey wait, you'll hurt innocent civilians!"

The Vulture grinned as he put the bomb back into his hidden satchel connected to his suit. "You care for these young people. Let's say we have some fun."

The Vulture spread his arms out, revealing what looked like plastic green wings underneath his arms. Rocket boosters on his boots sent the Vulture flying at a faster pace than even Spider-Man had thought possible for someone like him. "Hey wait, come back! Was the food in the nursing home really that bad?" Spider-Man pointed his left wrist above his head towards the ledge of the roof top from across the street and released his spider grip on the cement wall of the bank.

Gravity started him on his swing. As he was half way towards the other side of the street, he spun another web line from his right wrist to the right hand side of the street to start the rhythm of swinging down the middle following after the Vulture. It took no more than six lines to get him high up in the sky in hot pursuit.

The Vulture looked behind to see Spider-Man struggling to keep up and laughed. "Catch me if you can Spider-Man!"

"What? I can't quite here you? Slow down a little and say that again!" Spider-Man replied.

The Vulture made a right hand turn and Spider-Man followed, cutting a corner by swinging above the ledge of the corner building. The Vulture looked back once again to see that he had not lost Spider-Man yet. He reached back into his satchel and pulled out a bomb. "Think fast, Spider-Man!" He tossed the bomb at a bulletin board on top of a rooftop and it exploded by a leg and the bulletin board slowly began to tip over the edge.

"Man, this guy give a whole new definition of a cranky old man!" Spider-Man released the web line he was swinging down, letting himself free fall towards the roof top where the bulletin board was. As he fell, he tucked up his knees to prepare himself for the shock of landing onto the ground. Before he landed, he placed his two wrists side by side, with his palms facing up, and began spraying webbing at the bulletin board. By the time he landed on the roof top, the entire bulletin board was in giant ball of webbing, only the corners of the board could be seen.

Spider-Man looked up to see The Vulcan hovering over his head, laughing mockingly down at him. "Your compassion towards these people will kill you, Spider-Man!"

"If you're upset at me not taking you seriously, you have what you want," Spider-Man replied.

"It's way too late for that, Spider-Man," The Vulture said as he flew off.

Spider-Man fired a web line and swung back into action as he commenced following after the Vulture, but the Vulture was long gone. "Just great!"

He was about to give up the search when his spider senses alerted him of danger. Unfortunately he was in a bad position to immediately adjust to any danger. The Vulture came speeding up from behind him and with his 'wings' sliced through his web line, sending him plummeting down towards the busy New York Street.

Spider-Man, keeping calm, fired a web line towards another roof top, but before he was able to break his fall, the Vulture flew passed him again, cutting the web line once again. "What are you going to do now, Spider-Man? Your web lines won't save you now!"

Spider-Man twisted himself around so he could get a better look at the ground which was quickly getting bigger. He then noticed a flag pole which was coming up quickly. This was going to be his chance. He pointed his right wrested upward and fired another web line, and just as he had hopped, the Vulture flew by cutting that web line. He immediately fired a web line with his left wrist which covered the rocket boosters on the Vulture's boots. "Wha?"

He soon found himself plummeting towards the street along with Spider-Man. Spider-Man held the web line with his hands as Spider-Man fell on the right side of the poll and the Vulture on the left. The web line caught onto the flag pole, causing the Vulture to hand upside down while Spider-Man stretched his legs out and pointed his toes forward causing him to swing under the pole. He flew up on the other side of the pole and landed on the poll itself. Spider-Man sprayed more webbing to support the web line. "Why don't you hang out here for a bit and cool off. I'll make sure some friendly police officers come and pick you up."

Spider-Man fired a web line and swung off, leaving a livid Vulture hanging on the flag pole. "Oh no, I forgot! I have dinner tonight with MJ and Aunt May!" He said to himself. "If I don't head back now, I'm going to miss yet another dinner!" God knows, Mary Jane was mad enough after him missing the last dinner with her aunt.