Fumbling Towards Ecstasy

By Devon Masterson-Bond

Chapter One

Ami Mizuno lifted a glass of crimson fluid to her lips as she watched a group of partiers enjoy themselves. She leaned back and crossed her legs. "I can't believe they are the ones," she sighed as she examined the read outs on her optical display. She touched her earring casually. The display disappeared making her azure, translucent optics seem like merely a fashion statement.

"Well believe it," Mina replied through a cleverly placed communications device. "Lita and I have been doing surveillance on them for weeks, Rei has been doing fire readings, and even your own computers have come to the same conclusion."

"I would like to run some more tests," Ami commented standing. She downed the rest of her drink. "This is our future we might be playing with, and I don't know want to make any mistakes." She smoothed down her skirt and pulled her jacket around her closely. It was cold outside.

"We'll discuss it at the meeting," Mina suggested. "I am sure Serena will get a kick out of it."

"I do not doubt it," Ami smirked walking across the room of the nightclub. "I'll see you then." It was getting late and she wanted to go over her findings. She looked over towards the group of men she had been observing when she met the eyes of one of them. Emerald met sapphire for a hot few seconds, before she broke contact and exited the club.

"Hey," he called out following after her. Ami walked briskly towards the door and exited. She did not feel like dealing with advances right now and stirring with destiny was not one of tonight's activities either. "Wait a second." He grabbed her arm.

Her eyes widened and she turned around in shock. "Let go," she said in a stern voice.

The man released her from his grip and stared into her eyes, deep blue eyes that swallowed him in warmth. He would do anything she asked. He wanted to do anything she asked. "Forget me," Ami suggested. "Go back inside and enjoy the night with your friends."

He nodded and went back inside the nightclub. Ami turned and walked into the night. "What happened to your dream girl, Zoicite?" someone chuckled.

Zoicite raised a strawberry blond eyebrow as he sat down. "Dream girl?" he asked almost to himself. Three sets of eyes bore into him waiting for details. Did he strike out, was there some sort of fling in the works, what? There was only one small problem; there was no dream girl. He just went outside to get some fresh air and came back. "You all have been drinking too much."

"I think you're the one who has had too much," Malachite commented. "You ran off claiming to be chasing after your future before she got away and then you come back empty handed."

"I do believe you must be losing your touch, Zoi," Jadeite snickered. "I would have never let her get away."

"I don't know what you're talking about. I went outside for some air..." he began.

"Let's move on from this," Nephrite interrupted.

"Fine with me," Zoi replied. They were all acting weird tonight.

"I suppose you want to talk about the astrology again?" Jadeite asked. "You should give all the psycho mumbo jumbo a rest before it hurts your reputation with the ladies."

"Are women are all you think about?" Nephrite snapped. "Something is amiss in the cosmic balance and our destinies are going to change and all are you are concerned with is hedonism."

"Calm down, Nephrite," Malachite said sternly. "There's no need to bite our heads off."

Nephrite nodded his head but did not apologize. Was he the only one who cared that something was about to happen? Every since he had been reborn, he felt that something was driving him to a particular moment. He even managed to get in contact with his fellow consorts from the past. Three life times and they always managed to find each other, but there was something more. "I am going to call it a night. I have an early meeting with the club's owner." He stood to his feet.

"I'm going to go too," Zoicite commented. "I have some work in the green house to do in the morning."

The others nodded then stood as well. They all might as well call it quits if half the party was gone. "I have a meeting with the head of the Serenity Foundation," Malachite sighed.

"The Serenity Foundation?" Jadeite asked. He was impressed. The Serenity Foundation was a high profile firm rumored to have their hands in everything political. They were just the types of people that Malachite would associate himself with, not to mention the head of the foundation was quite beautiful. It was a shame that she married and expecting. He would have loved to go one on one with her, but oh well. "You do know the CEO is married?"

Malachite smirked. A detail like that would not stop him if he truly desired her, but seduction was not his objective. He was interested in the connections that could be made by becoming one of their financial partners. "I am well aware of that fact. I am more interested in the connections to be made."

"No need to get touchy," Jadeite smiled. "I was just trying to stop an incident from happening."

"Everything is an incident with you," Malachite commented before they all parted ways.

Zoicite shook his head as he walked to his car. His friends were quite unique. "At least they make life interesting," he thought. He fished in his pocket for his keys. After a few moments, he finally pulled them out and placed the desired one in the lock when an arm grabbed him.

"Zoi, I was…"

"Geez, Jay," he cried out in shock. He pushed the blonde in agitation. "You scared me."

Jadeite snickered. He was about to tease Zoicite unmercifully when he remembered that he was about to ask for a favor. "You'll be okay," he remarked as he prepared his segue. "There's an exhibition tomorrow and…"

"No," Zoicite replied opening the door.

"Look this is the last time. I just need you to feel out the response of the buyers," Jadeite argued.

"I have something to do."

"You can make contacts," Jadeite suggested.

"What kind of contacts can I make at an electronics show?" Zoi asked incredulously.

Jadeite's eyes darted around quickly. A florist… botanical engineer probably would not be able to appreciate the contacts made in the technological world. There was only way he was going to get his way. "I'll buy lunch."

Zoicite raised an eyebrow. This show obviously meant a lot to the blonde to resort to such tactics. "I don't appreciate you trying to buy me."

"Lunch and dinner," Jadeite offered.

Perhaps something good could come of this. "For the next two days," Zoi replied.

"Fine," Jadeite said. It was worth it. Despite the fact that Zoi was a florist, he was genius at strategy and reading people. He would save the company money in market research. "The Dome at noon," he called before walking away.

Zoicite nodded his head and rolled his eyes. He was sucker sometimes, but at least he would get some free meals out it. Jadeite was one of the most sophisticated out of all of them so it was bound to be a nice place. "I feel like someone's watching me." He looked up at the roof of the buildings. He stared for what seemed like an eternity then shrugged it off and got into the car.

Ami sighed as she tried to get her breath. She had been hunched down on the roof of the nightclub. She could not believe it! He looked right at her as though he could see her. It was quite odd. He was not supposed to notice her watching him. "Get a grip, Ami, he couldn't have…"

"Romance is in the air I see," Serena teased as she watched her friend collect herself.

"Serena, what are you doing here?" Ami asked immediately gathering her composure.

"I came to see what was keeping you," she replied smiling. Serena walked over to the edge of the edifice and looked over the side just in time to see a car pulling out of the parking lot. Fortunately she had already seen enough before she announced her presence. "It was like that for Darien and me. We both tried to deny it and of course it was unheard of…an Alpha and an Iota. Still is." She touched her abdomen absently. "Your beau is handsome. I love his eyes."

"He is not my beau. Even if he was one of the four, who says that he and I will be together," Ami argued logically. Though her face did not betray such, she was quite passionate about the matter.

"Destiny," Serena smiled, "and I saw the way you watched him after you used the voice. You find him interesting. Admit it."

Ami merely stared at Serena then looked around. "I smell rain."

Cobalt eyes widened in fright. "I'll see you back at the tower," she said hurriedly. A gently white midst surrounded her then floated quickly away.

"I guess I better meet the others before the gossip gets even worse," she thought as the first few drops of rain started to fall around her. Everything would happen on her own terms. She broke into a run then jumped as she reached the edge of the building. Nimbly she jumped from building to building until she reached the tower.

Ami looked up at the Crystal Tower, their headquarters, and stared at it for a moment. It was a monolith of glass and steel that pointed toward heaven. Being the tallest building in the city, it was only fitting that those who controlled the world met there. The building was a technical marvel in every way. It would survive every type of disaster known to man and even block out the sun while giving a perfect view of perpetual night. Ami was quite proud of it despite herself. It was she who designed it, but admiration and pride was not her mission tonight. She needed to report her findings.

A gentle mist of bubbles surrounded Ami as she became one with it. Normally she would have jumped the height to the roof of tower, but she did not want to splash the girls when she got landed. They could not handle water the way she could, but then they all had their own special unique gifts.

"You finally made it I see," Serena smiled as a mist of bubbles slid under the patio doors.

"Yeah, welcome back," Lita smirked. She threw the dark haired girl a towel once she fully materialized into her corporeal form. "What took you so long? I don't know how you can stand it out there, but then again it's your element."

"I was doing some last minute checking," Ami commented as she dried herself off.

"Tell us what you found out," Mina asked eagerly. "I heard you talked to one of them. Tell us everything."

"Well based on their genetics and karma it has been concluded..." Ami explained.

"We all know about that," Mina scoffed. "We want to know the good parts. What are they like? I think the silver-haired one is cute. I always thought he was handsome."

"He was extremely creepy though," Lita added.

Mina nodded then turned back to Ami. "What I want to know is what do you think Ami?" Rei asked before Mina could get further. "Are they the ones."

Ami nodded reluctantly. "According to our research," she answered.

"Then all that's left to do is watch and see what happens," Serena giggled as she looked at her friends. "Falling in love is so much fun."

"It's a waste of time," Rei snorted. "I don't have time to baby-sit a man."

"I agree with Rei," Ami commented. "There are just too many things going on and with the Iotas…"

Serena shook her head. "Don't give up on love. It'll find you." She smiled knowingly.

"I don't like the way you said that," Rei growled. "Don't tell me you're guiding our destiny right now. Don't play that hand of fate game with us. We're your friends."

"We're all guided by it," Serena replied, "but yes I am doing it." She stuck her tongue out then hugged Rei. "I want everyone to be happy."

"Yeah right," Rei mumbled. "You want us looking like idiots."

"Actually, I think this could be interesting," Mina sighed as she sat down in her chair.

"You would," Rei said pulling away from Serena. "But I cannot deny that I feel our lives pulling towards an event."

"I say we just go with it," Lita replied. "What have we got to lose?"

"Everything," Ami said lowly as she sat in the chair designated for her clan. A horseshoe-like symbol was engraved into the chair; omega, a powerful symbol in many scientific equations. She was head of the Omegas…their princess. She owed her clan at least an attempt.

"Ami?" Serena asked.

Ami looked up and stifled a yawn. "I don't know about the rest of you, but it's getting late and I'm tired. Mina and I have an appointment at noon."

Serena nodded. "I have a meeting in the morning too. I hate getting up early." She sighed. "We'll finish this later. Night!"

To be continued…

© 2004 Devon Masterson-Bond (updated 1/16/12)

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