Fumbling Towards Ecstasy

By Devon Masterson-Bond

Chapter Fourteen

Llyanos stared at himself in the mirror before sighing. He was torn between the absurdity of what he was about to do and the adventure of it all. "I am about to die," he began dramatically then smirked. Malachite rolled his eyes and leaned against the bathroom door. This was NOT what he signed up for when he said he wanted answers. "This really shouldn't be a laughing matter but it's all I can do to keep myself sane these days," Llyanos continued. "I have a feeling that the others will forget the minor details so I am providing you with them. Failure is not an option; I know they will each succeed. But first let me introduce myself, my name is Llyanos de la Luz and I am the Elder King of the Sigma Clan. You're probably finding humor in my surname, not that I blame you. I kept it after I was turned to remind me that I make my own way." Llyanos ran his fingers through his hair.

"The reason I am doing this is so when you look in my memories, you will have this advice. I suspect you will resist me after the imprinting and I am hoping that you seeing this will make you understand. I would rather die in battle, but I can not allow my clan to suffer extinction. Imprinting you is the only way to insure that they will survive."

Malachite's stature straightened, "Finally something interesting."

"First we are not cursed. Originally my people came to this planet as colonists, now thousands of years later we consider ourselves citizens despite the treatment we are sometimes garnered. Our planet was a desert planet in a red star system and your yellow star's radiation burns our skin as does your dihydrogen monoxide…. Excuse me your water and sunshine burns our skin. I forget sometimes that you have 15 year old mind and have yet to finish your education."

Malachite's eyes narrowed. "Mina was only fifteen years old when this man turned her?"

"We are a resilient race. With enough time we can heal almost energy. Keep this mind if you are ever captured by enemies. Fire and beheading are the only things that will actually kill us. Water and sunshine hurt like hell but given enough time and nourishment we can regenerate. Our people survive on siphoning the life force of living things. Once we came to this planet we began to drink blood. We discovered that our way of feeding killed plant life, lower animals, and gave higher beings psychic trauma. Drinking crimson was the more polite way to feed and once the technology became available it gave us a way to store our meals."

"I want to apologize to you before I go any further, successor. I am going to take your life soon and give you mine. You see it is physically impossible to turn someone without their acquiescence. The magic will not work on an unwilling participant. I will have to force the turn by binding our souls together and becoming a shadow in your mind. Don't worry; you will still be in control… just not alone. I am sure the two of us will grow used to the arrangement. It may be quite interesting living in a female's body at least I will finally understand you." Malachite frowned.

"I feel for Cassije and Yelsha, they will be separated for eternity after recently mating. Which brings the next topic I wish to discuss about our culture, procreation. We can procreate by turning humans and by mating amongst our kind. Exchanging blood with a willing human can turn them. They can not take from us or and we can not take for them; it must be a gift. Our blood in and unto itself is the same as theirs without the magic of intent behind it.

Mating is self explanatory, I am sure you are knowledgeable about the concept. A mated female enters her fertile cycle every year. Mating is forever amongst our kind so be sure when you choose your own. You will notice that mated males and females have a distinctive smell that is not pleasant. It is only noticed in a state of arousal. The opposite is true for unmated females and unattached males." Llyanos looked at his watch and frowned. "I am out of time. Hopefully what I have said will prompt you to at least speak to me after I imprint you."

Malachite moved out the door way so Llyanos could pass through. Llyanos could have walked through him, but Malachite did not like the feeling of being a ghost. It was bad enough he had to hang around waiting for scraps of useful information. "Where are we going now?" he asked no one.

Llyanos got into his car turned the key. He looked in the rear view mirror. "I almost forgot about shifting. Sigmas have an affinity towards feline animals if you ever find yourself in the sun without protection shift into your animal form. We can survive for days in animal form, but it is still a temporary solution. In animal form you will be limited in what you can and can not do. It takes a tremendous amount of magic to maintain that form and if you stay in it too long you will not have the strength to change back. Think of it like over working a muscle."

"That's a simplistic explanation," Malachite commented as Llaynos grew silent. He enjoyed the ride. Who knew, what kind of hell would break loose later. He was pretty sure there was going to be some sort of resistance to this imprinting ceremony, Llyanos was going to perform. Theatrics about dying only raised his heckles more. But to look at the blonde elder driving leisurely, you could not tell that he was worried about not coming back from the battle. "You give up too easily," he muttered towards Llyanos. "If you expect to die then the battle is over before it begins."

Malachite stared out at the open road. There was less traffic where they were now and more nature. He could see the mountains in the distance. Where in the hell was he? He was clearly not in Japan. He took for granted the fact that he could understand everyone that he was in the Japan's past not in an entirely different geographic location. Now that he was outside where he can truly examine his surroundings he was more curious. "Caverns of Light. 100 miles?" he read as the sped past a sign. "Miles? I'm in the States, but which state?"

He shot a glance at Llyanos who turned on the radio and began nodding his head to a rhythmic beat. "What good are you if you can't even answer my questions?" He crossed his arms and shifted in his seat. He had suspicions of where the destination was and they would not be confirmed anytime soon.

Cassije stood at the base of Mt. Fuji. The major land feature had not been active in many centuries, but today to be anticipating his arrival. The energy coming of the volcano was nauseating. "And we're here because?" Jadeite asked looking around.

"Your Miss Cinnamon is here," Cassije looked around for an entrance.

Jadeite gave him and incredulous look, "In a volcano? What the hell would she be doing in there?"

"How much do you know about your Miss Cinnamon, Jadeite," Cassije asked as he started to climb up to an out cropping he spotted. It was exactly as his scouts reported.

Jadeite frowned, "Clearly not enough so enlighten me."

"Your Miss Cinnamon is a Sailor Scout. The Scout of fire in fact, which is why we are heading to the volcano," Cassije answered. He scanned the area as he moved closer to his target a cave half way up the side of the volcano.

"The Sailor Scouts are a myth that mother's telling their children when lulling them to sleep," Jadeite scoffed as he followed Cassije.

"People say the same about vampires and you can clearly see we exist," Cassije replied. "Even though the facts about us are romanticized, we still exist. Can you refute that?"

"Okay so hundreds of years ago, there were girls in short little outfits fighting crime. Why them?"

Cassije shook his head and stopped. "If you weren't bound to me now and most likely by my own hand, I would leave you here." Jadeite opened his mouth to reply, "No, you need to listen. You are here for a purpose, to learn from me. My time is coming to an end so listen to the testament of my last moments as I am." Cassije started walking again. "Over two thousand years ago, there was a great technological age called the Silver Millennium. During this time the royal family of the Moon was rulers of the known universe. Royals and other high officials would send their children to the Moon to help foster relations between the planets and the Moon. Your Miss Cinnamon was one of such royal. The Sailor Scouts are princesses from various planets and a part of the Moon Princess's court."

"I see no need to get into the deep details of the Silver Millennium. Miss Cinnamon can give you that knowledge. The Moon Family while great and magnanimous also had enemies, making them prey Negaverse. The Negaverse, evil incarnate, fostered the jealousies those enemies and destroyed the Silver Millennium. As a last effort to save something of that time, the Queen of the Moon cast a spell preserving the Moon Princess along with the Sailor Scouts from surrounding planets. The Queen sent them a thousand years into the future. From this point your knowledge of the 'myth' comes into play. The Sailor Scouts awakened and started fighting the Negaverse. The war with evil went on for several years and at the end of the final battle the Moon Princess and the Scouts were sealed away again. That is where we are now. I am going to imprint the sleeping Sailor Scout of Fire. I will surrender my powers, knowledge, life, and future to her."

"That's bullshit," Jadeite grabbed Cassije's arm. His hand passed through the Elder's body causing him to grunt in frustration. "You're throwing away your life and placing this great responsibility on her. I won't allow you to do this."

Cassije kept moving forward. "It's already done," he said regretfully neared the mouth of the cave. A blast of water energy flew towards him. He folded his hands and erected a shield to protect against the attack. "You need to leave. I must finish this and you will only distract me. I exorcise you."

A blast of energy lashed across Jadeite's body. Pain and fear arched through him as he felt his essence burn away. "No!" he screamed.

"Miss Cinnamon," Jadeite screamed as he sat up. Blue eyes met concerned violet ones. "I'm sorry," he sighed before pulling Rei into his embrace and holding her.

"Ooohkay. That was unexpected," Zoicite commented watching the couple for a moment. He looked towards Ami and watched her eyes linger on the two before moving towards his.

"The experience is different for everyone," she answered then looked towards Malachite. "We will have to compare notes once Malachite wakes up, but for now…"

"Let go of me, lech," Rei pushed Jadeite away. "You're being over dramatic."

"You don't know what I had to go through," Jadeite balled his fist as he looked downward. He lifted his head and speared her with a look. "I couldn't help you."

"It was not about you helping me," Rei replied standing to her feet. "It was about you understanding what is about to happen. Your life...all of your lives… as it was is over."

To be continued…

© 2012 Devon Masterson-Bond 1/15/12

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