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Daniel stood staring down at the object in his hand. Such a common thing. An ordinary piece of everyday life. Except, it was something he hadn't seen in a year.

Sha'uri was looking curiously over his shoulder. Obviously confused by what it was that he held.

It was a Kleenex box. They'd actually sent through a Kleenex box.

Only Jack.

Daniel smiled slightly. It had to be Jack. But why were they contacting him now? They'd promised they would say that he was dead. That Abydos was gone. What had happened to make them tell the truth? Was it something he wanted any part of?

Daniel shook his head at his selfish thought. They had lied for him--he owed them something for that. He'd lived one year in complete marital bliss, now it was his chance to repay the debt.

Besides, he thought, he'd learned a lot in his time here. A lot about the Stargate and the real truths about things they had already believed they understood. About the universe they'd believed was so small.

Abydos wasn't the only place now within their reach, he was sure. There were other places, countless other destinations. He'd been trying to reach them for months now, but there was something not quite right.

The coordinates didn't work anymore. But then, that made sense, right? The planets couldn't possible have remained unmoving for so long.

What would Earth do when they learned of the possibilities? He wasn't even sure he should tell them. His heart said to trust, but he remembered all too clearly the military's method of dealing with the unknown. They'd sent a broken man to destroy a world they knew nothing about.

People that could do that were the very reason he found it so easy to leave Earth behind.

Abydos was different. Every day here, every night, was a celebration of life. Prayers were whispered to the sky, thanking what ever real god that might have created them for setting them free.

He didn't want to go back to Earth.

And he had the worst feeling--that if he didn't bury that 'gate, he was going to have to.

"What is it, my husband?" Sha'uri whispered.

"It's a message. From Jack."

Sha'uri watched her husband carefully. Waiting as emotions chased each other in his eyes.

"They are coming?" she asked.

"If we let them," Daniel said softly.

"What will they do?"

"I have no idea."

Sha'uri saw the uncertainty in the blue eyes. But she also saw the curiosity. The need to know that he carried with him always.

She knew before he did what he would do.

"Jack might need my help," he said. "They wouldn't have told if it wasn't something important."

"Let them come," Sha'uri said. "We will celebrate. Skarra will be glad to see O'Neill again."

Daniel nodded. "But--"

"Do not worry, Danyel. They are your friends."

"My friends are here."

Sha'uri smiled then, that knowing smile that always had Daniel wondering just how much she really knew about him. About everything. "Not all of them, Danyel. You have not stopped talking about O'Neill for a year."

"I was worried about him. It seems he's doing okay, though," Daniel said uncertainly, casting a look at the Kleenex box. "He's gotten himself a sense of humor."

"We will tell Skarra and the boys to make camp around the 'gate. They will watch it for you. And wait for O'Neill."

Daniel nodded. His eyes were locked on the box he held within his hands. He took out his last working pen from a pocket in his robe, and then he looked to his wife. Sha'uri's eyes were wide but brave. She was scared. But she would stand beside him.

Daniel placed the pen to the box, and hesitated only a moment.

Thanks, he wrote. Send more.

|The End|