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Episode 16: That Ring in the Window

Years passed by as Kagome grew older and a bit more mature. Her personality was the same, occasionally saying 'Mew' when she was confused her wanted to change the subject.

Kagome grew taller as her curves changed into much sexier curves. Inuyasha grew taller as well as his hair grew a bit longer, about an inch or two. He grew more mature and his voice more manly.

Kagome and Inuyasha walked down the crowded streets together, hand in hand, as they passed a jewelry store which Kagome took a glance at as her face turned into a bit of sadness.

Inuyasha glanced at Kagome and noticed her staring at the exact same ring years ago.

Inuyasha smiled, he didn't have to buy it, he already bought it years ago, but saved it so that he could one day ask her the question that would bind them together forever as lovers, mates, and a couple.

They passed by as Inuyasha lead Kagome towards a park that had a lake and beautiful blossoms about to bloom soon.

Inuyasha stopped in front of a tree near the lake as he smiled at Kagome. Kagome smiled back as the wind suddenly picked up and her hair flowed behind her, making her look so beautiful.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome asked as she suddenly sneezed.

"Bless you." Inuyasha laughed as he kissed Kagome on the nose as she smiled at him.

"Kagome?" Inuyasha asked as he stared into Kagome's lavender golden eyes as she stared into his golden lavender eyes.


Inuyasha let out a chuckled as he went down on one knee as he smiled up at Kagome.

Kagome stared down as her heart stopped, making her hold her breath. She stared at him as he pulled a small black velvet box out of his pocket as he lifted it up and opened it slowly.

The box opened, revealing the ring Kagome always dreamed of wearing. The ring was silver with a beautiful lavender diamond on it as it sparkled brilliantly in the sun.

"Kagome Higurashi." Inuyasha began as he began to grow red, "Will you marry me?" He asked as he waited, holding his breath, adding onto the redness of his face.

Kagome stared down at Inuyasha as her eyes began to water and become glassy, blurring her image.

"I-Inuyasha." Kagome choked out as she fell to her knees and cried softly.

"k-Kagome?" Inuyasha asked as he reached out, heart broken, thinking Kagome didn't want to marry him.

Kagome covered her hands over her face as she cried.

"Kagome, please...... you don't have to......" Inuyasha trailed off as his eyes grew into sadness as he watched his love cry.

Kagome pulled her hand from her face, revealing her wet face as she stared at him, softly trying not to cry.

Kagome threw her arms around him as she cried, "YES! I WILL!" Kagome screamed as she held onto Inuyasha, not wanting him to think she didn't want to marry him, she did, she just was shocked and overcome with joy that she broke down. [My aunt did this when she was asked by a guy to get married, she fell to her knees and cried... kind of funny and sweet at the same time, this is where I got It from ^_^]

Inuyasha's eyes went wide, ignoring the pain that came from his ears when Kagome screamed, he smiled as he hugged Kagome, "I love you Kagome." Inuyasha whispered.

Kagome cried, "I love you..... Inuyasha." Kagome cried as she clutched to him, not letting him go.

Inuyasha and Kagome slowly pulled apart as Inuyasha leaned into Kagome and he kissed her soft lips slowly, enjoying the feeling, soon they would be married and mated.

Kagome pulled away as she looked at Inuyasha and she whipped away her tears and smiled.

Inuyasha suddenly remembered he didn't put the ring on as he picked up the box as he took the ring and held it.

Kagome raised her hand as Inuyasha took it into his other hand and held it.

"I love you Inuyasha." Kagome said smiling.

Inuyasha placed the ring on as he smiled and looked up at Kagome, "I love you too, love."

Kagome smiled as she inspected the ring and smiled and she lunged at him again, screaming on joy.

"KAGOME!!! MY EARS!" Inuyasha screamed as Kagome sat up, sitting down and holding onto her ears.

"MY EARS!" Kagome screamed back as they laughed, not knowing that in the nearby bushes a group of people had video taped them.

Hours later at home, talking to the parents and sango and Miroku.


Inuyasha cried out as his mother pulled him into a huge tight hug.

"I CANt......... BREATHE!!!!" Inuyasha screamed as his mother let go.

"Sorry dear."

Inuyasha caught his breath as he saw Sesshoumaru, Miroku, and Sango smiling a devilish smile.

"What?" Kagome and Inuyasha asked.

Sesshoumaru spoke up as he held up a tape, "Lets just make this my payback for everything you two put me through hmmm?" Sesshoumaru said as he walked over to the TV and placed the tape in and walked to a seat and pressed play.

Minutes after the movie

"YOU TAPED US???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kagome and Inuyasha screamed as they jumped at Sesshoumaru.

"I LOOKED LIKE AND IDIOTR CRYING!" Kagome screamed as she managed to land on Sesshoumaru, causing him to fall.

"HEY! Take it as a comeback for all those beatings you gave me!" Sesshoumaru yelled as Kagome sat on top of in thought.

"Alright." Kagome said as she stood up.

Everyone laughed as Kagome tilted her head, "mew?"


Years passed by and everything was perfect.


Years passed by as Kagome turned 21, Kagome and Inuyasha had gotten married when Kagome was 19 and had kids when she was 20. The two ended up with a baby boy and named him Souta, after her dead brother. The two lived on, Kagome still said 'mew' at timed, ending up with Souta saying 'Mew' as well. Kagome acted childish at times when she didn't get any attention from Inuyasha.

Inuyasha had become a businessman working with his father, who owned a company, and his brother.

Kagome stayed home and took care of Souta and Inuyasha would be home around 2:00 in the noon and spent his time with Kagome and Souta.

The two were what you called a perfect married couple, but they had little arguments that led to Kagome crying and Inuyasha apologizing, but they were happy and that was what mattered most.



^_^ I know this is short, but just in case those who wanted to know how Kagome's future turned out!