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Into Another world Summary, Piper Halliwell, Jade Sutherland, Kane Phillips and Lizzie McGurie from three different places are sucked into another world into a word of where mysterious and dangerous creatures roam With our charmed one will they make it back home? Alive? **************************************************************************** ******************************************


"Piper! We need you down here!" Phoebe yelled to her oldest sister "Phoebe Behind you!" Paige screamed Phoebe jumped in the air as the energy ball passed by while still in the air Phoebe turned whacking her foot into the warlock. The warlock fell "Vase!" Paige called out a vase on the coffee table vanished into blue orbs and reappeared above the warlock when it became solid it dropped onto the warlock "You Witch" He snarled then everything expect Phoebe and Paige froze including the warlock Phoebe knew that it was Piper. When the warlock unfroze Piper threw a potion making him disappear in flames and sparks.

"You took long enough" Phoebe said to her sister "Yeah well I am sorry but I was putting Wyatt to sleep when our warlock decided to show up" Piper said Then a hole grew bigger in the wall "Uh guys" Paige said noticing the swirling hole "It coming!" Piper yelled over the howling wind then everything started to get sucked in. "Hold on your horses" Phoebe said Paige orbed to cover Phoebe went airborne and grabbed the ceiling fan "Piper grab something!" Phoebe cried out Piper tried to run for cover but the vortex started sucking her in "PIPER!!!!" Phoebe screamed "Phoebe, Paige, Leo, Chris somebody help!" Piper yelled. Two tall men came in sparking orbs "Piper!" Leo shouted he tried to grab Piper but she went into the vortex halfway their Chris grabbed her. "Chris don't let go!" Piper screamed then Piper's hands slipped away from Chris "Piper!" Chris shouted Piper saw Phoebe let go of the fan and Paige orb in with Wyatt and she thought she saw a figure that looked like Cole then her whole world went black.

Jade The Sutherlands house was crowded as usual, since Robbie, Matdila and Henry moved in. Jade was watching TV waiting for her boyfriend Seb to come along so they can go out somewhere nice. "Whatcha watchin?" Dani Jade oldest sister asked. "Uh nothing much" Jade said she turned the channel then looked away unaware of the Vortex "So what you and Scott gonna do tonight" Jade wanted to know.

"Well we are going to have a romantic dinner and then afterwards a stroll on the beach, and I have a deep feeling Scott is going ask me to marry him again and this time I am going to say yes" Dani said. "Really that great" Jade squealed then Dani hair started blowing in her face "Hey where the wind coming from?" Jade asked "Their" Dani said Jade swirled and saw a large vortex opening.

"Oh my god!" Dani said "Beth!" Max yelled "Jade!" Dani screamed Jade started flying towards the Vortex "Dani!" Jade screamed before she vanished Robbie grabbed her hands the rest of the family came down and tried to reach for Jade. Seb and Kane entered the room "Jade!" Seb yelled he ran and so did Kane. "Rob don't let go!" Jade yelled gradually their hand started slipping "Jade!" Robbie screamed Kane dove and reached for Jade only getting sucked in himself, "Kane!" Kirsty screamed as her sister and boyfriend was sucked into another world the last thing Kane and Jade saw was the family trying to reach them then their worlds went black.


Lizzie McGurie sat on her bed talking to her two best friends Gordo and Miranda on her phone unaware of the Vortex behind her "Did you see The Clashers Last night, the actor was so cute" Lizzie said Miranda said something but all she heard was heavy wind "Speak up I can't hear you?" Lizzie said then she remembered that her window was close she turned and saw a vortex "Mum!" Lizzie screamed as her stuff started to get sucked in. Then Lizzie was picked up and started flying towards the Vortex then two strong arms grabbed her. "Don't let her go!" Lizzie mum cried out to her husband "Dad my hand slipping" Lizzie screamed then her hands slipped "Lizzie!!" Her dad screamed the last thing she saw were her parents and Matt trying to reach in for her then her world like the three before her went black.

Piper Piper head hurt like hell, she heard chirping when her vision finally cleared she could see that she wasn't at the Manor anymore but she wasn't in any place, she was in a open field with forests around her. She stared at the nature, Horses eating grass on fire, purple rats playing around Wait Purple Rats, Fire Horses?. "Where in the hell am I" she said out loud she moved hand then froze, it touched something, skin she turned the thing opened it eyes "Ahh!" Piper screamed. The girl screamed as well waking a man who was near her and another girl with blonde hair Piper froze the three people the girls had terrified expressions on their faces, the guy was hard to read thought. Then she unfroze them "Who are you!" the girl said the guy stepped in the front of the girl "you have 5 seconds to tell me who you are" he said the two were probably together Piper thought but the other blonde girl was standing alone. "Maybe you should tell me who you are demon" Piper said trying to catch them off guard. "What did you call me" he said "Okay maybe you aren't a demon who decided to capture me" Piper replied. "Okay lets start this from the start, I am Kane Phillips and this is Jade Sutherland who are you" he said. "Who's the girl?" Piper asked "Did you hear me I said Jade Sutherland" Kane replied "No the other one" Piper said the two strangers turned and noticed The other girl. "I am Lizzie McGurie" The girl said. One of the horses on fire came right up to Piper "Ah! get away from me" Piper yelled The horse snorted Kane, Jade and Lizzie back away. The Purple rat came up and smelled Jade shoes "AHH! Get it away from me!" Jade screamed Kane kicked it then the horse went mental and started charging at Kane "Kane!" Jade yelled "Move!" he shouted pushing Jade and himself out of harm's way when the horse saw it didn't hit the target it opened it mouth and fire spewed out.


Jade screamed as Fire came out of the Mutant and almost burned Kane and herself when she opened her eyes the Fire was frozen completely still only inches away from Kane face, Jade looked at Lizzie who was scared as ever and she was looking at Piper she followed the glaze Piper had her hands up. Then hundreds of hooves thundered the ground "Follow me we have to run!" Piper screamed Jade and the others two ran after Piper into the forest. When they made it safely out of the way Kane immediately fired questions at Piper "Who and What are you?" he asked. "A Witch who went out of her way to save three people she doesn't know" Piper said sharply at Kane "What were these things?" Lizzie asked, "How would I know!" Piper yelled "Hey calm down" Jade said "Calm down, I am a Witch, a Charmed one, stuck in possible another world, with three strangers and mutant animals that can shoot out Fire!! And you are telling me to calm down!" Piper shouted. A butterfly looking-like creature flew by. "See Mutant animals, I have never heard or seen a butterfly that big, or that colour!" Piper screamed. "Listen okay we are stuck too and you don't see me screaming" Kane said Piper realised he was right. "Anyway where did you came from?" Piper asked them "Summer Bay in Australia" Jade and Kane said "Hillridge in America" Lizzie replied. (A/N Gotta forgive me I am a way more Charmed fan and H&A Fan then Lizzie Fan actually I am more of a Hilary fan then of a Lizzie Fan, if the location for Lizzie isn't right please feel free to tell me so) "Okay I am Piper Halliwell and I am from San Franisco America" Piper replied. "So you two together" Piper asked Kane and Jade "NO!" Jade shouted she moved away from Kane and sat closer to Lizzie Piper was confused Kane was protecting her and Jade acted like she didn't like him. "It a long story, I did something bad in my past to her oldest sister, I am actually dating Jade middle twin sister Kirsty" Kane said "Something bad! You raped my sister for god sake!" Jade said "Thanks fore telling them that" Kane snapped "Hey it okay I ran into somebody who married my middle younger sister who did a centuries worth of bad stuff" Piper said. Lizzie, Jade and Kane were confused when Piper saw their faces she laughed "Long Story" Piper replied.

"Arcanine Flamethrower!" a man voice yelled breaking the silent "Solrock! Rock slide!" a Girl voice shouted a howl was heard, and then the ground shook for a second. "What was that?" Lizzie asked, "Let's find out" Piper said the four young heroes ran following the sounds of a battle. They watched a Huge red dog with stripes and a white man spew out fire like the horse did, a rock-sun time creature was sorched with the fire but it did very little affect. "This is a very weird Dimension' Piper said Then the Rock did something amazing it glow white then a beam of light hit the dog creature it fainted, the owner pulled out a red and white ball "Return Arcanine" he said the dog vanished into red light. "The next pokemon you won't able to defeat" The man said revealing another ball "Duskull I choose you!" The man cried out. An another mutant creature appeared it looked like a ghost, it only had a cloth around a skull with two red eyes "Duskull" it said saying it own name. "Duskull Psychic Attack" The man yelled the creature let out a beam of pink light hitting the sun it fainting "Yeah well lets battle with Ghost VS Ghost" the girl said, "Shedinja! I choose you" she said throwing another ball after returning the sun creature. This creature something between a Bug and a Ghost, it had wings and was brown, and had a grey looking round thing above it head.

"Use Fury Cutter" The girl said the creature attacked the other one several times the creature tried to escape but it couldn't "Use String Shot" The girl said a stream of white foam came out of it mouth shooting the ghost, it fell trapped "Duskull return" the man said he said something to the ball and walked off. "Yeah that my 5th win today" the girl said jumping up and down returning the creature. Then she released another creature this thing was a bird larger then the largest bird on earth. "Lets go Pidgeot" she said to the bird hoping on, the bird lifted it big wings and flew. "What god name was that" Kane asked coming out into the open. "Another Mutant creature from another world" Piper said. Jade and Lizzie followed them into the open. "Guys I been a Witch for 6 years to know that we all have fallen into a Vortex to another world" Piper said to the three mortals. "How do we get out?" Lizzie asked. "I don't know maybe my sisters are trying to bring us back to our world if we are lucky and survive in this crazy word" Piper said looking into the sky.


"There gotta be something in here people just don't get thrown into a vortex for no reason" Phoebe said flipping the pages of the BOS. Chris orbed in "Anything? Phoebe asked Chris shook his head "What a surprise the elders don't know anything" Paige said.

"It all right Phoebe we will find them" Leo replied holding his child. "Yeah I just hope that the power of three won't be needed" Phoebe said. Then her cell phone rang "Hello" Phoebe said "Darrly?" Phoebe asked. "Guys Darrly wants us to look at the TV" Phoebe said the four walked downstairs. She turned it on "Jade Sutherland and Lizzie McGurie both from different countries have disappeared into what it seems a Vortex Police are trying to find out what going on." A news reporter said. "Oh my god" Phoebe said

Kirsty The police left soon afterwards. "Kane, Jade where are you?" Kirsty said of what she knew of Vortexes is that they were a hole into another world another reality. "Kirsty it okay they will come back" Dani said holding her sister shoulder "I hope you are right" Kirsty said. "And I mean ALL of them including Kane" Dani said who usually doesn't like Kane. Seb was pacing the room trying to figure out what was going on Rhys was calling everyone including Shelley.

The rest of the family was sitting around or standing worried for Jade and Kane. Dani was fully aware that another girl vanished in the same thing, Dani wished for her safe return too if she knew they were with a powerful witch then she wouldn't be worried sick.

Jo (A/N Um I don't know the parents of Lizzie names could you tell me please?) Everyone was their, at the Mcguries, Lizzie two best friends, Ethan Craft even Kate popped in. "It okay sweetheart we will find them" Jo husband said she hoped he was right she was aware that her daughter wasn't along she was with two other teenagers who got sucked in the warp. "Mum how is it even possible that their a Vortex" Matt Jo youngest and probably her only child asked "I don't know honey" she said if Jo knew about the Powerful charmed one who was sucked in the same thing Jo would have been calm waiting for the witch to bring them ALL Home.

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