Note: This is now a Charmed/Lizzie/Home & Away/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover as well, For Buffy is set after Once More with feeling in season 6

The three teens and Piper had walked a mile before they came upon a town

"Look a town" Lizzie said running head of the others.

Jade and Kane were walking on both sides of Piper, opposite from each other.

"Maybe we can call the others and see if we can get home" Jade replied

"Jade, are you just stupid, we are in another world, which means we are out of reach" Kane said

"Well it not like it impossible to do" Jade shot back, they had entered the town where weird creatures were not to mention people of their own kind.

"Oh shut up" Piper said to the two sensing a argument raising.

Jade and Kane immediately kept quiet as they didn't know what Piper was capable of.

'Where are we anyway?" Lizzie asked.

The town was like any other. It had tall building, houses, shops, trees. But along with the humans more strange creatures were among them.

"That what I want to know, Phoebe, Paige whatever you are doing, hurry up" Piper said looking into the sky.


Buffy Summers had drove a stake into a Vampire heart and dusted him.

'Everyone okay?" Buffy called out to the gang.

Tara, Dawn, Xander, Anya, Giles, Spike and Willow all gave the okay signal

"We defiantly are okay" Willow replied.

"Or not" Xander said shortly after, a Vortex started to open

"It coming!" Buffy yelled everyone had started running out of the graveyard. "Buffy!, Willow!" three voices, two male and one female cried.

"Tara!" Willow cried as she saw her girlfriend get sucked into the portal and ran towards it but Buffy stopped her

'No, you only get sucked along with them" Buffy cried. Giles, Spike and Tara vanished into the portal.


The three who were sucked into the vortex lay in a food shop, where many had obviously flee from the portal.

Tara was the first to wake up followed by the two men.

"Where the bloody hell are we" Spike the vampire asked.

"If I knew I tell you" Rupert Giles also Buffy's Watcher said.

"We better find out soon, but I think we are in a another-" Tara didn't finished because a police officer stood in front of the store, but that wasn't what stopped her and grabbed Giles and Spike attention, it was the creature. A black & gray dog stood on four legs.

"Might" it growled.

"What in the hell is that" Tara said in fear "Mightynena!" The dog howled and jumped towards them.


"Hey come there are people running out of that restaurant?" Lizzie asked.

"I have no idea" Piper replied as a police motorcycle roared pass to the place.

"Some portal of some kind had opened up and three people had appeared" a guy in blue said to another person as they walking passed the outsiders of this world.

"But I think we should check it out" Piper replied and she ran towards the shop with the three teens following her.

Piper froze the scene as a dog attacked three humans.

The female noticed she did it and said something making some energy form.

"Hey don't attack me witch" Piper said thinking she was trying to attack not defend and exploded a tray of chips. The girl shrieked while the older men shielded himself from the glass with his hands, but the blonde man face changed.

"Leave them alone" He growled

"Vampire" Piper said since she had only since the kind of vampires that turned into bats.

"Wait we come in peace," The older man irrupted. Piper stopped and realised they too had came through the mysterious portal.

"Okay, lets start from the beginning, I am Piper Halliwell, these are my allies who are mortals, Jade Sutherland, Kane Phipplis and


Lizzie Mcgurie" The witch said

"Uh yeah well, I am Rupert Giles, this is Spike, a good vampire and Tara Mcclay" Giles said as he introduced each of them.

"Well lets get out of here first, I know the way to get out of this town and quickly then we can discuss" Piper said she saw Giles take off his coat and wondered why until he gave it to the Vampire.

"Lets go" Giles said they all quickly ran out of town as Piper power wore off. Everyone was confused, they finally hide in some woods where Spike stopped smoking. The trees had so many leaves on them that Spike didn't have to worry about the leaves moving. Jade and Lizzie stood far as possible but in hearing range from Spike.

"So you are a witch too?" The girl named Tara asked Piper

"Yeah, I am a charmed one" Piper replied

"Oh my god, I thought they were just myths" Tara replied

"A what one?" Spike asked

"A trio of three women who fight evil, separately they are powerful, but together with their spell they are very powerful" Tara explained

"Oh, I suppose you are weak compare to her, she could probably kill the slayer in one shot, not that I want Buffy to die anyway" Spike said to Tara

"Slayer?, Buffy? What in the world are they?" Piper asked

"The Slayer is one who is chosen to defeat the creatures of the darkness and slay Vampires" Tara told her.

"Which adds up you are all freaks, especially the blonde one" Jade spoke up

"Who had saved you" Piper reminded her

"Well since we are on the topic of who we are, I am Buffy watcher, who is our friend and the Slayer, I train her and help her to battle against evil, I am like a father to her really" Giles said

"That cool" Piper said

Just then a small red lizard pokemon jumped into the middle of the group Jade and Lizzie immediately screamed and hide behind Spike well the others stared at the pokemon "Char" It said, it also had a flame on the end of it tail

'That be right you run from me when I vamped but hide behind me when something that not scary appears" Spike said

"Mander!" The pokemon cried releasing a shot of fire which just missed Piper and Tara.

"You want to play that game" Piper said angrily lifting her hands

"Piper no" Tara shouted

"What you doing, let her kill it, or it will kill us" Kane shouted at her

"Stop, what do you want me to do, and one at a time" Piper said

"Get rid of it!" Lizzie called out

"Charmander!" The creature yelled then it dashed towards Tara

'Oh no you don't" Spike yelled and vamped in, he ran towards the fire creature but stopped suddenly when Sun started shining where the creature was.

"Giles!" Spike called out for the watcher, he knew if he didn't protect Tara, or Giles for that matter, both Willow and Buffy would have him dusted.

"What can I do" Giles shouted back.

As the creature was ready to cut Tara in half time had slowed down to a stop

"Can I aleast do that" Piper asked.

"Lets get out of here" Giles replied The group ran off from the creature as it unfroze.

"Okay I think we are all in agreement to get the hell out of this world" Piper said as they stopped in some thicker and darker woods.

"These woods are scary" Lizzie replied.

"Well Tara and you are witches right?, then do something" Spike told them.

"We can't make spell out of nowhere you know" Piper snapped back at the vampire.

"Witches?, I wouldn't be surprised if this was all your fault" Jade said.

"Our fault?, how would it be ours?" Tara asked

"Meddling with witchcraft, what were you doing" Jade said

"One, I don't even know any of you including Tara and why would we put a portal on you three" Piper asked, Jade kept quiet.

'Its must be someone else's doing, what was everyone doing?" Giles asked

"Well, you me and Tara were with Buffy, she staked a Vampire, portal open, we got sucked in" Spike said in simple forms.

"We were just at home" Jade and Lizzie replied

"I was coming into the Sutherlands when I saw Jade get sucked in and tried to get her" Kane replied.

"I with my two sisters were vanquishing a warlock" Piper said.

"Wait, Vampire?, Warlock?, these two events gotta mean something" Tara said adding them together.

"But then what with the mortals?" Spike asked.

"Aargh this is too confusing" Tara said.

'Well, how about we find a cave first so I don't end up as a pile of ashes" Spike said.

"Okay, I don't get this, since when did Witches and Vampires work together?" Jade asked

"I got a chip, which means I can't hurt anything good, if so I will be in pain" Spike said

"I wasn't around when Spike first came, I came when me and Willow together, and yes I am gay" Tara said.

"You people got serious issues" Kane said

"Oh really, you two seem to be snappy at each other, so don't give us that issue crap" Piper snapped. Kane and Jade kept quiet.

"I just want to go home" Lizzie said quietly

"Its okay sweetie, we will find a way" Tara replied to the blonde girl.


"I bet it was the warlock" Paige said

"Couldn't of been, I already looked him up, he a lower-level" Phoebe replied. The sisters, Chris, Wyatt and Leo were in the attic where the Book of Shadows resides.

"Well I don't get it how can.." Paige trailed off as someone came in.

'Hi, are you the so-called charmed ones?" the figure said as she came to form.

"Um yeah" Phoebe replied as she stared at this red-head.

"I am Willow Rosenberg, I am so glad you are real, see my girlfriend and two friends were sucked into this portal" Willow started to say

'Wait, Portal?, that strange our sister, the third charmed one was sucked into a portal as well" Phoebe said.

"And so were three other people" Paige replied.

"Well, this is no good, suppose you wouldn't know what happened?" Willow asked, the four shook their heads.

"The Elders had no information ether" Leo said

'The who?, you mean The Powers to be?" Willow asked confused

"Something like that" Leo said.

'We better get searching then" Phoebe said

'Wait, I will teleport us to my friends we can help with each other, hold that book" Willow said 'This will take a second" she replied and looked at the ceiling, Phoebe grabbed the book just as a blinding light blinded them all.

When Phoebe's vision had cleared she saw her surroundings. It had looked like they were in a store, several other people were staring at them.

"Welcome to the magic box" the red head named Willow replied

"Hi" Phoebe said waving, her sister, Chris, Paige, Leo and Wyatt stood on ethier side of her.

"Okay how about we start with introduction, this is Anya and Xander Harris, Dawn Summers and our very own Slayer Buffy Summers" Willow said pointing to each of them. "Hi" the others murmed

"Hi, I am Phoebe and this is my sister, Paige and our two whitelighters Leo and Chris, and our Nephew Wyatt" Phoebe replied.

"He's cute" the young girl, Dawn replied walking to Wyatt.

"Yeah I know" Phoebe replied

"Is he yours?" Dawn asked

"No he's is my sister's son who was sucked into that portal, Piper's son" Phoebe replied.

"We should start researching now" Willow replied

"Can I play with him" Dawn said

"Sure, someone needs to keep him company until we figure this out" Phoebe replied.


The group had finally found a damp cave and entered it.

"How on earth are we going to sleep in here?" Jade asked

"Easy as cake" Tara replied. "Esmos, kolo Lanlod" Tara said in a weird language Jade had never heard. Suddenly the cave was lit with light and seven sleeping bags appeared and the cave wasn't so damp and cold.

"Maybe…witchcraft isn't so bad after all" Jade said looking around.

"You just figured that?, I mean witches saved you from the world ending along with others" Piper replied.

"Yes indeed, the Slayer along with friends stopped The Master rising to cause chaos, stopped Angel who was Angelus before he could wreck havoc, and stopped The Mayor which was a huge snake" Giles said.

"Oh, and Buffy stopped this half cyber, half human, half demon from been unleashed on the world and also stopped an hell goddess from bringing literally all hell breaking lose, dying in progress but we brought her back" Tara quoted.

The three young teens were now staring at the older magical beings.

"Its nighttime how about we go to sleep, we can find some help in the morning" Tara suggested.

"Good idea" Kane replied. With that the group hopped into their sleeping bags and slept.

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