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Chapter Three

Hogwarts: 1976

Damp soil sifting between his fingers was the first sensation to reach Harry's mind as his senses returned. His eyes flickered open. Too damn bright! He clamped them shut again. With a sigh, and a quick hand run through his hair, Harry rolled on to his stomach and pushed himself up.

Harry was momentarily disconcerted to find himself in a field. He considered the idea that he was still dreaming, but the reality he was in was too sharp. He could feel his jeans being soaked with morning dew… and the sun was still too damn bright!

Then Harry remembered the mission. He had a mission. His last failure had been a major set back, but he did have a back up plan. Wormtail. His parents betrayer. Harry would sneak into-

"Damn you Dumbledore! Damn you to the hottest part of hell! Damn you! Damn you! DAMN YOU!"

Harry sobbed until his eyes were dry, screamed till his voice was gone, pounded the earth till his knuckles bled, tore at his shirt until it lay ruined in sheds on the ground and in the and lay shaking in helpless fury, unable to find anymore was to properly express the fact that he was mildly put off by Dumbledore's intervention. It all seemed inadequate, somehow; like trying to empty an ocean with a plastic cup. The rage was still there, massive in its size, stormy waves crashing on its surface, ice cold in its depths, a cold that would stay long after the storm passed over head.

Mission… right. Harry would sneak into Hogwarts through the Honey Dukes cellar, find Wormtail, and shoot him. It was a longer shot then his previous idea. Voldemort could still find James or Lily later in life and off them then, but Harry was willing to take this chance. He couldn't just try to kill Voldemort again in this time. He had no idea where to find him, no place and time he knew for sure the Dark Lord would show up. Peter, however, was in a predictable, easily infiltrated location. Honey Dukes was an easy way in and out. If that didn't work… Harry snorted. He could just apply for the DADA position. It seems to be what everybody else did.

Harry pulled himself to his feet, dusted his pants off, and examined what was left of his shirt before deeming it unsalvageable. Harry sighed running his hand through his hair in frustration before a thought came to him. He must look like someone out of an action flick, face covered in grime from the ruins of his parents house, perspiration gleaming in the sun, shirtless… okay, so he wasn't that buff but… To complete the look, he was wielding a nine millimeter and was in the act of changing the past to boot. With a maniacal laugh, Harry thrust the firearm through his belt at the front of his pants. A roll of his shoulders and a crack of the neck and Harry was back into the fight. Dumbledore would try to stop him along with his Order. Fate seemed determined to thwart him even if time was on his side. His parents had died again… sort of. None of that mattered. He had a mission. He would make it all right again.

Break Line

Dumbledore glanced at his Order, struggling to keep his voice calm, even though inside, fear of what was taking place within the threads of time was warring with that facade.

"We have no choice but to split up. Everyone of us must take a month of Voldemort's first reign. We have no choice but to assume his target is still Voldemort. When that month is up, or when you have retrieved Harry, we return to the present. Is that understood?" Nods all around. "Good. I needn't remind you how important it is that we are successful in this endeavor." Apparently he felt he did, because he added, "The timeline is at stake. Children who are alive now may never be born. People breathing now may find themselves breathing their last. I fear Harry doesn't quiet grasp the effect time traveling can have on reality."

Their duty clear, each member thinking of their loved one who may not be alive the next day, the order flipped their time turners.

Break Line

The tunnel from Honey Dukes cellar to Hogwarts wasn't as dusty and had less cobwebs then Harry was used to. He wondered briefly if it was because of more frequent use by the Marauders or if it meant nothing whatsoever. The journey to Hogsmeade via Knight Bus had gone with out a hitch. Harry had worried slightly that the magical bus might not be old enough to be around at the present time, but his fear had been unfounded.

Harry stumbled out of the passage and into Hogwarts. Down to business. First priority was Pettigrew. Kill the slime. This was paramount. Preferably, though, do it before the Marauders looked at their map. Harry didn't know what the map would show for a time traveler that hadn't yet been born, but he figured it best not to find out.

Moving silently through the halls, Harry approached the Great Hall. It was Lunch time. Harry's sophisticated plan so far was to wait outside the Great Hall until Pettigrew came out, cap him, flip the time turner, and vanish. Harry was a little worried of how this would affect his father, and consequently, his mother and fathers relationship, but Harry could think of no other way.

"Hello, James."


"You look like your waiting for someone. Gonna pull a prank? And why aren't you wearing a shirt? Trying to give McGonagall a heart attack?"

With thousand silent curses, Harry lifted up his wand and charmed his eyes blue, then turned to face a sixteen year old Sirius Black.

"Erm… Something like that." Harry tried to ignore the emotions flashing through his mind.

Sirius looked suspicious. "Your not waiting for Evans, are you? I swear, James, your like a boy with his first crush. It's making me ill."

"Erm… no." Damn it, Harry! Think! "Say, Sirius. Could you tell me when Peter comes out?"

Sirius grinned. "Sure thing James. What, are you going to pants him, or something?"

Harry felt a small smile creep on his face. Tempting. "Nothing so crude as that. Just a little surprise for our dear friend. You'd enjoy it" If you knew what the rat will do.

Harry felt slightly guilty for involving him as Sirius moved forward in front of the doors to the great hall. Who knows what kind of effect that conversation would have on Sirius's conscience after he killed the rat. He'd had to do it though. He couldn't let Sirius suspect anything until it was too late.

"Hey James, Peters coming out now… with… with you." Sirius looked at him "James, you clever bastard. What are you about to pull?"

But Harry was already moving. He pulled his gun and fired a couple of shots in the air. As he predicted, the muggleborns started the screaming, but the panic spread quickly to the rest of the student body. The staff was getting up from the table. Time seemed to freeze for a moment. Time was on Harry's side.

Harry leveled his gun at Pettigrew, but Remus and James were too close to him. He was worried he'd miss… Harry walked forward, fifteen, twelve, ten feet away Harry stopped.

Out of the corner of his eye, He could see Dumbledore moving towards him. From which time, Harry didn't know. It didn't matter. He wouldn't get to him on time. With a grim smile, Harry took aim at Pettigrew. "For tomorrow." His finger squeezed the trigger. The gun made a crack. The bullet flew… and was stopped in mid air by some kind of barrier. Harry was knocked side ways into the ground, and felt his hands, suddenly pinned behind his back in a magical bind. Above him, he heard a voice.

"This is Temporal Protection Squad Alpha calling 'T' Base. 'T' Base, do you copy?" Harry rolled over to see a group of wizards dressed in red walking around the Great Hall, speaking to teachers, calming students, and leveling wands at him. "This is Temp Squad A, to 'T' Base, we have him. Repeat. We have Wild Fire under containment."


Break Line

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