Title: Regret

Author: b14ck-r053

Fandom: Teen Titans

Pairing: Raven/Starfire

Rating: G

Episode spoilers: "How Long is Forever"

Summary: Raven's thoughts on Starfire. (Set after the first scene that Starfire has with Raven in "How Long is Forever.")

Word count: 177 (drabble)

Disclaimer: Don't own them, yadda yadda.

Warning: Implied shojo-ai (aka girl-girl love, you have been warned), unbeta-ed (but is in the market for a beta).

Other notes: This is only based on the TV show, we've never read any of the comics.

Feedback: Yes please.

text = thoughts


By b14ck-r053

                The door slammed shut. Raven listened in silence as Starfire's steps faded away, leaving her alone once more. Her powers wavered and then fell down. The white-cloaked girl turned to gaze at the door.

                Was it real? This one was so much different than the others. I could feel her presence. The thoughts were confused and hurt; something that the others never had. Would it have been so hard to turn around? If she'd been real... She paused, unwilling to give into the thought. Star...why'd you leave?

                Raven floated closer to the door. Her pale fingers reached out and lightly ran over the white steel. She leaned her head against the metal. Its coldness seeped through the cowl of her cloak, feeling good against her brow.

                "Star..." her voice rasped out. She coughed and rubbed her throat. It'd been a while since she last spoke for so long and at such a volume.

                Warm tears began to slowly run down her cheeks and off her face,  each one landing with a dull thud on the white floor.


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