I'm back from Hawaii! And I'll tell you, it was awesome, even if there weren't any experiments there. Kauai is a truly beautiful island, and a good enough place for the series to be set in. But the vacation's over now, and I'm back in action! Here's the final chapter of the story!

LTC, I had Stitch use 'blitznag' because as I see it, it's the Turian version of the F-word. And I definitely think having a huge destructive missile launched at your house is worthy of the F-word. And if you think Gantu was evil…just wait for the sequel!

Mostextremeprincess, Ban-Kar is not from Everworld, but I know what you're talking about. I read the series myself. It's kind of freaky, in my opinion.

MOJOJOJO22, I made Scales up. She's not on the show. Neither are Bookworm, Pinky, or the other experiments Gantu captured.

Nukerisr, more of the experiments Gantu captured will be identified in the sequel.


Sinker surfaced, holding Stitch up to the air. The blue experiment took a deep breath, filling his lungs with oxygen. He relaxed and hung onto Sinker as the purple experiment started swimming back towards Kauai. "Mahalo, Sinker. But how did you know I was down there?" he asked in Turian.

Sinker shrugged. "I was enjoying my day off from the sushi bar when Mr. Pudge showed up and said you were sinking. He led me to you and I cut you loose from that missile."

Stitch looked at Sinker in confusion. "Pudge? The fish?"

"No, the god. Here he is now!" A small orange fish popped its head out of the water. "See, I got him safe and sound, just like you asked."

Good. It would have been a terrible thing for the universe if 626 had met his death at the bottom of the sea, said a strange voice which echoed inside Stitch's head.

He looked at the fish. "Did you just talk?"

Yes, telepathically. It's one of the advantages of being a god.

"Oh." Stitch paused. "You're not going to possess me, are you?"

Pudge laughed. Of course not. I've already taken a body, only in spirit form could I possess you. But I have no need to do that anyway. I am not greedy like Ban-Kar and have no need to spread my ideals across the globe.

"That's a relief. Thanks for telling Sinker to save me."

Think nothing of it.

"If there's any way I can repay you…"

Tell Lilo to bring more mayonnaise on the next sandwich offering. Now that Ban-Kar's gone, she has no excuse to stop worshipping me.

"Okay, I'll tell her that."

Your family is looking for you on the beach. I believe your mate wishes to engage with you in certain sexual-

"Too much information!" Sinker said loudly.

My apologies. Go to them, 626. Become one o'hana again.

"I think I will. Thanks for the help, Pudge!" said Stitch.

Anytime, 626. The fish submerged and vanished.

Sinker continued swimming towards shore. "Hey Sinker, the hundred or so experiments I just rescued from Gantu will probably be looking for me at the beach too. One of them was a female aquatic that looked like just your type!" Stitch said, nudging his cousin.

Sinker laughed nervously. "Funny thing you should mention that. I already have a girlfriend."

This surprised Stitch. "Really? Who is it, Clip?"

"No, I think she fancies Finder."

"Huh, didn't know that. What about Sprout?"

"Too big."


"She's not one of our cousins, Stitch."

He blinked. "Then who is it?"

He blushed. "She's a dolphin."

Stitch stared at him for a moment. "A dolphin?!"

"Yeah. Her name's Echo"

Stitch thought about it for a moment, then shrugged. "I don't know why I think that's so weird, considering what I usually go through on a daily basis. At least it isn't a whale."

"Funny thing you should mention that. I tried dating a whale once. I found out another reason they're called humpbacks-"

"Too much information!" Sinker laughed and continued his swim to shore and a joyful reunion.


Bonnie and Clyde sulked in their glass capsules as an armored wagon transported them back to Kokaua Town Prison, where they would resume their ten-year sentence (plus extra time for breaking out in the first place). "I can't believe this is happening," grumbled Bonnie.

"Yeah, this would never've happened if that trog 626 hadn't woken up and killed 627," Clyde agreed.

"But don't worry honey, soon as we break out of prison, we'll come calling for 626." Bonnie promised.

Clyde sneered. "Yeah, he hasn't heard the last of the Bonnie and Clyde Syndicate!"

"…Clyde, we don't have a syndicate yet."

"Oh, right. Well, once we do have a syndicate, he'll hear from us! Yeah, then he'll be sorry!"

Bonnie stared at him blankly, groaned, and held her face in her hands. "This is why I'm the brains of this outfit."



Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, a red and yellow monster sat on a splintered chunk of wood, carried away by the current. He had barely managed to survive the collapsing church by waking up before he had hit the surface of the ocean and forming a super-thick airtight bubble of ice to protect him from the water and the falling debris. When it was safe he melted the ice, climbed onto a piece of wood, and started drifting away.

627 grunted and scratched the stump of his fourth arm and the scar where Stitch had stabbed him in the back. He was surprised that he had actually been knocked out by something so simple as a stab in the back, but it had still healed rather quickly, although it did leave a lingering itch. He looked up into the sun and growled. He knew he was moving further and further away from Kauai. He wasn't worried, though. He knew that somehow, someway, he'd get back to the island. And when he did…

627 grinned at the thoughts of how he would horrendously kill the inferior experiments and lowly humans before dealing with Stitch. The blue one wouldn't know what hit him. "Evil!" he cried out to the empty sea and sky. "Evil evil evil! Evil evil! Evil evil evil EVIL!" He proclaimed his rage and his hatred to the world. He would kill experiment 626, and claim the title of ultimate experiment once and for all.

He saw movement out of the corner of his eye. He turned around and saw a boat approaching from the distance. He smiled. Perhaps he'd be paying 626 a visit sooner than he had expected.


Hamsterviel sat in his chair, gazing at the blank screen before him. He had just finished dealing with Gantu. The pitiful Whark had failed him for the last time. Hamsterviel had decided not to kill him, no, that would be too kind seeing as how he had been so incompetent that he let a record-breaking hundred and thirteen experiments slip through his fingers at once. Hamsterviel had gone a step above killing Gantu: he had erased him from existence. He had hacked into every record in the galaxy and erased Gantu's name from it, destroying all evidence that he had ever been born. He had even dialed up everyone who had ever known Gantu and erased their memories of him with the help of experiment 303. He had also sabotaged Gantu's communications equipment with a virus so he could send no message off-planet. He would be stranded on Earth for the rest of his life with no access to money, supplies, or a ship with which he could return to space. And even if he did, so what? He would be a nonentity, forced to wander the galaxy unknown and friendless until the day he died. A fitting end for someone who had been such a colossal failure in life.

The evil scientist grinned. Even though he had just lost a huge number of experiments, he found himself in a good mood. Destroying Gantu's past had been fun, and caused his diminutive frame to shake with laughter when he called up Gantu after erasing everything and told him what he had done. The look on the ex-captain's face had been priceless. It had also convinced him of something he should have realized a long time ago. "I should never have given that oaf so many chances," he mused. Clearly experiment 626 was a far more dangerous and powerful individual than he had ever dreamed. He had been a fool to trust Gantu with the task of defeating him. He turned around in his seat to face his captive experiments in their cells.

"Perhaps it is time I took matters into my own hands."


Gantu sat in his chair, watching a fuzzy and crackling transmission of Look at This. He wasn't actually watching the show, of course. He was too busy contemplating. Contemplating…and hating.

625 was in what was left of the kitchen, making a sandwich. He had calmed down a bit after finding an emergency stash of sandwich supplies he had hidden a while ago and was now using a recipe he had found on the Internet for his latest culinary masterpiece. This was fine with Gantu, because it gave him all the quiet and time he needed to consider his life.

He was nothing, now. Hamsterviel had seen to that, destroying his past completely and trapping him on Earth. He hated the doctor for this, of course, but there was one he hated even more, who was truly to blame for his misfortune.


That's what he told himself, anyway. He refused to admit that the real blame lay with his own inadequacies and failures. If he had been a little less paranoid, a little less overconfident, maybe he would have won.

It no longer mattered, anyway. He might have won if he had been more careful, but he hadn't, and now he was nothing. But even if he was nothing, there was still one thing for him to live for.

"626!" he yelled abruptly. "Because of you, I've lost everything! By the blazing suns of Coronis, I swear that I…WILL…HAVE…REVENGE!" He slammed his fist on the arm of his chair. A panel fell from the ceiling and hit him on the head, knocking him out.

On the television, the show's host was describing the next guest. "Our next guest is a follower of the hugely unpopular Ban-Kar religion. He claims to have recorded his group's entire religious text on a single tape. Guess this shows what some people do when they have way too much free time!"

"I will not be mocked!" shouted the cultist. "Hear the Word of Ban-Kar!" He pressed the Play and Super Fast-Forward buttons on his tape recorder, causing the tape to play so fast it sounded like chipmunks were talking. Gantu's sleeping mind absorbed the sounds emanating from the tape. And the spirit of Ban-Kar entered the giant's body, finding a new host…

One hour later…

Gantu's eyes shot open. He wasn't really Gantu of course, but Ban-Kar in Gantu's body. The god scowled. "Those fools thought they could get rid of me so easily, did they? Well, this time I shall be triumphant! The heathens will feel the wrath of-" He stopped, suddenly realizing he was strapped to a table and completely naked. "What's going on?"

625 stepped out of the shadows, wearing a dominatrix outfit. He carried a whip in one hand and was finishing a sandwich in the other. "I'm glad you asked, tuna-breath."

Gantu scowled. "625! I order you to release me at once!"

625 swallowed the last bit of the sandwich. "Eh, 625 isn't home right now." His black eyes flickered for a moment, looking like those of a snake's.

Gantu gasped. "Ophis!"

"Bingo! Tell the god what he's won, Johnny!" 625 said sarcastically.

"But how did you possess 625?" Gantu asked in confusion.

"The sandwich 625 made used a recipe taken from a web site written by one of my followers. Eating it allowed me to take control of his body." 625 cracked his whip on Gantu's chest, causing him to yelp. "You've been a VERY naughty boy Ban-Kar; trying to take over the world again. It's no wonder all the other deities hate you. I guess it's up to me then to punish you for being so darn naughty."

Gantu's eyes widened. He squirmed, frantically trying to break free from the table. 625 chuckled. "Don't even try it, buster. Those bonds are too strong for you to break. I also placed a seal spell on you to keep your spirit from escaping before we're through," he said as he traced a circle painted on Gantu's forehead. "Now, I know you're not too big on bondage, but I'm hoping you'll make an exception for me. Just this once." Gantu opened his mouth to scream. 625 silenced him with a kiss and proceeded to do horrific and bizarre sexual things to Gantu's body the likes of which we poor mortals could not possibly comprehend.

The End (Freaky, huh?)

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