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Summary: In an attempt to get rid of Harry Potter forever, Voldemort sends Harry a cursed time turner. Unfortunately for both of them, the time turner doesn't work properly, and sends Harry, Hermione and Ron back in time to meet. . . you guessed it! the Marauders. Post OOTP

Cursed Blessing

Chapter One

"Honestly," Harry snapped impatiently, "you could at least pretend to be sad about seeing me leave for an entire year." Vernon Dursley merely grunted, shoved his nephew's owl at him, and stalked off towards his company car, where his wife and son waited for him. Harry watched him go with a slightly dissapointed expression. Every year a small part of him wished that his family would grow to love him at least somewhat, but it seemed his wish was hopeless. The day the Dursleys cared for him was the day pigs flew.

Harry stopped short, remembering how the year before the Weasley twin's Wildfire Whizbangs had actually mutated into flying piglets. It seemed that pigs actually could fly. Perhaps there was hope for the Dursleys yet. With a grin, Harry casually strolled towards the barrier seperating platforms nine and ten at King's Cross Station, making sure to look as inconspicious as possible. Before he could step through the barrier, however, a young woman rushed up to him and grabbed Hedwig's cage, which Harry had been having difficulty carrying, what with his arms already occupied with three bags and pushing a large trolley.

"Wotcher, Harry." Tonks said with a grin, relieving him of the bags slung over his shoulder. She almost collapsed from the weight of them. "Good lord, what on earth have you got in these, Potter? Bricks?"

"Yes, actually," Harry replied jokingly. Seeing her mortified expression, he hastily added, "I'm kidding! There are books in there, actually. I've been doing a bit of studying over the summer. I figure that in times like this, I'll need all the knowledge I can get."

Tonks nodded in approval. "Quite right. 'Information is a weapon, and I intend to be formiddably armed'. Didn't someone famous say that?" She asked over her shoulder as she sauntered through the barrier.

"I think so. . . although I think it was 'Knowledge,' not 'Information'," Harry replied pensively, as he followed her through. Stepping through the seemingly solid wall, Harry re-emerged into a large platform filled with a multitude of witches and wizards - platform 9 and 3/4. Finally, Harry thought, I'm home.

Leaving Tonks to get his luggage aboard, Harry set off in search of his best friends Hermione and Ron, trying to ignore the ten or so people stationed around the platform watching his every move. He imagined there were more, seeing as Dumbledore had requested aurors to be stationed around the school this year, but at the moment the only guards he noticed were Moody and Kingsley. Harry thought he'd glimpsed Emmeline Vance standing by the luggage car, but he wasn't certain on that.

He was pulled out of his musings when he was knocked to the ground by a young woman with a large quantity of very bushy hair. "Hermione!" Harry greeted her happily, helping his friend to her feet. "How are you? Did you have a good summer? Where's Ron?"

She laughed. "I'm fine, yes I had a fine summer, although it was very boring without you, and Ron's saving us a seat. We've really missed you, you know," she informed him seriously, clearly afraid that he'd thought she and Ron were 'ignoring' him or something the whole summer.

"Don't worry about it, Hermione." Harry reassured her. "Dumbledore's explained why I really shouldn't leave the Dursleys, especially now that the second war has started. And no, I can't tell you why I've got to stay at the Dursleys, you know that," he added, causing Hermione to sigh in frustration.

"I just wish you would tell us, Harry, you can trust Ron and I."

Harry smiled sadly. "I know that, Hermione, but Dumbledore says I shouldn't tell anyone. Not even you two." Hermione didn't pursue the matter - she trusted Dumbledore above all else (well, except for Harry and Ron, maybe).

The duo quickly found the compartment Ron had saved for them, and were immediately pulled into a massive hug by Ron upon entering the compartment. "You alright, Harry? We've missed you," he added anxiously.

"Hermione already informed me, but thanks anyway."

"Do you know, I don't think you're supposed to thank someone for missing you," Hermione added in thoughtfully. Harry and Ron shared a glance, before rolling their eyes and collapsing onto the compartment's benches. Hermione frowned at the two for a moment, before giving in with a sigh and lowering herself onto the edge of Ron's bench, squeezed into a corner to avoid his dirty shoes that he'd so thoughtfully taken up the whole seat with.

"Shove over, you great lump," she muttered, pushing Ron's legs off the seat and onto the floor where they belonged.

"Hey, I was trying to relax!" Ron spluttered, watching in awe as Hermione pulled a lace cloth from her coat pocket and resolutely wiped off the seat before sitting on it. "Girls," Ron muttered in disgust. Hermione's head whipped around so fast that Harry could've sworn he heard her neck snap.

"What exactly did you mean by that, Ronald Weas-"

"Hermione, shut up for a moment," Harry interrupted her, moving to the window and staring out curiously. Hermione looked slightly hurt, but she looked at the window nonetheless. "I think there's something out there," he explained, and then added as an afterthought , "and I'm sorry for being rude, Hermione." She seemed to think it was an adequate apology, judging by the pleased expression on her face.

"What do ya see, mate?" Ron inquired, "I don't see nothing."

"ANYTHING, Ron, not 'nothing', honestly," Hermione snapped. Harry suddenly lunged towards the catch, whispering, "there's something out there. Get down." Hermione and Ron drew their wands and fell flat on the ground as Harry wrenched open the window, and, lightning quick, lashed out and grabbed the small, feathered creature that had been flying beside their window for the past mile or so.

As Harry opened his hand to examine the creature he'd caught, Hermione and Ron dragged themselves to their feet, looking rather annoyed. They all reached forward tentatively towards the little owl, which was carrying an hourglass in it's claws. With a tiny hoot, it dropped the package, nipped at Harry's fingers in retaliation, and zipped out of the compartment. Harry watched it's departure darkly.

"It's a bloody owl, Harry! It's not trying to kill us!" said Ron, reaching towards the package. Both Harry and Hermione tried to grab his arms and stop him, but before they could, Ron had picked up the package.

A flash of light engulfed the trio, and suddenly the most peculiar feeling swept through them. It almost felt as if they were. . . going backwards, yet staying in the same place. Harry vaguely heard Hermione's gasp of understanding, before he realized that he'd felt this way once before: when Hermione had activated her time turner in their third year. Oh dear god.

All of a sudden the awkward feeling ended, and the three found themselves sprawled on their compartment floor, more than a little freaked out. Ron grimaced, and dropped the time turner onto one of the seats, vowing under his breath never to touch mysterious objects again.

Straightening their robes, the trio got to their feet and looked about. The compartment looked pretty much the same as it had before their little travel in time, much to Harry' relief. Ron looked very confused. "What just happened?" he asked shakily, collapsing onto one of the benches.

"We traveled backwards in time," Hermione informed him briskly, grabbing the time turner, which had been shattered sometime during the journey. "Dammit," she whispered, shocking both Harry and Ron. "This was a time turner. Note the 'was', because unless I'm much mistaken, this time turner is broken beyond repair."

Ron gaped at her. "So your saying that we traveled backwards in time? What time are we in?" Harry frowned in thought. "Obviously we're not too far back, because the style of the interior of the train hasn't changed at all."

The three looked around them. "Well," Hermione stated firmly, "we're not going to find out anything unless we ask. So let's get out of this compartment and go ask someone what year this is." They headed towards the door, but before they got there, they heard a window break behind them, as well as the now-familiar golden light surround the room.

Through the window crashed Harry, Hermione and Ron's trunks, bags, boxes, etc. Ron gaped at them in shock. "What. . . how. . ."

"Binding charm," Harry explained, glancing at a note Tonks had attached to one of his many bags. "Look, here's a note from Tonks. She says that she bound our trunks to us in case anything happened. We need to remember to thank her, if and when we get back to our time."

"Absolutely," Hermione agreed absently, checking over her bags to make sure everything was there. "What a stroke of luck. If Tonks hadn't done this, we wouldn't have any money or clothing whatsoever."

Harry grinned wryly. "I don't know why you're surprised, Hermione. I'm the boy-who-lived - my life is one lucky coincidence after another."

"I suppose," she replied, magicking the trio's trunks and baggage into an overhead compartment. "I wonder why this compartment isn't occupied?"

"There probably aren't as many students at Hogwarts in this time," Ron guessed. "I though you said we should ask someone where the hell we are?" With a nod, the trio exited the room in search of human life. It wasn't long until they found some, but when they saw said human life, Harry grabbed his friends and dragged them into a nearby empty compartment.

"What, Harry?" Ron asked in annoyance, "we need to go ask those kids what year it is."

Hermione looked just as shocked as Harry felt. "Ron, do you know who that was? That greasy haired kid was Professor Snape!"

"And he couldn't have been more than sixteen," Harry added grimly, "which means that we only went about twenty years into the past."

Ron gaped at the two in shock. "Snape's here? As a student? Oh god, we are so dead!"

Hermione nodded. "And that's not all. After all, have you forgotten who went to school with Professor Snape?" Ron looked clueless, but Harry's face lit up with the first true smile Hermione remembered seeing in a long time.

"We're going to meet the Marauders. I'm finally going to meet my dad!"

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