The following story grew out of a challenge issued by historygirl on the Official Highlander bulletin board. Namely:

Challenge # 1

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is as follows:

An immortal shows up in town, a friend of Methos but not one we've seen before. This immortal encounters MacLeod before being properly introduced. How does MacLeod deal with this unknown immortal and what is the fallout?

This story should be completed within twelve (12) posts.

I, elle-nora', answered the challenge with a title and Chapter 1. Bladelover answered with Chapter 2 and the two of us became so interested in where we were going with the story that although we were not in contact with one another, we kept adding until we got to Chapter 9. At that point we began corresponding as to what we needed to do next to bring the story to a satisfying conclusion.

Since I had written Chapter 9... I could not follow with Chapter 10... and we enlisted historygirl to write that chapter so that Bladelover could write Chapter 11 and I could finish the story with Chapter 12. Readers were pleased with the results.

Bladelover and historygirl were at the time co-writing their story The Contest, and I was working on other pieces. We recently decided to share this story with the readers here, and ask for comments.

We do not own any canon character mentioned in this story... but we do admit to being a little obsessed with them. Kendall Crane is entirely our creation... as is Johann Meinhoff.



Highlander: To Sow in Anger

Chapter 1 of 12


Paris was... as always... Paris. Smelly... brightly lit... and filled with Parisians.

Kendall Crane had seen it all before. "There really is nothing new under the sun any more... at least not for a six hundred and fifty seven year old immortal," he thought.

Kendall shifted his backpack and continued his saunter up the Avenue de Victor Hugo in search of the hostel he liked to use. For the last fifty-six years he had been backpacking across the world and avoiding challenges as his friend and teacher Adam Benjamin had once taught him.

"Keep a low profile, Kendall, if you wish to keep your head," Benjamin had told him long ago. So far... Kendall had managed. He looked to be about twenty, long brown hair... currently in a ponytail, and a bit of a beard... His brown eyes cautiously surveyed the landscape as he walked and shifted up and down the avenue as he watched people's faces as he passed them by.

Recently... a mortal had been paying far too much attention to him. Kendall had noted it... and left Italy behind in a hurry. Then the mortal had shown up in Spain. That had set alarms off and he knew that someone was following him, but as yet... he felt no immortal presence.

Obviously he'd gotten the attention of someone... and that someone had him watched. Kendall did not like being the object of anyone's watching. At least when he challenged someone...

He looked around startled. The buzz went off in his head with a sudden clang and clamor. Across the street he saw him... dark hair, tall man, muscular, and he was staring at Kendall darkly.

Kendall nodded and walked on... wondering if this was a coincidence and fearing it wasn't. A block later... he felt it again and looking up saw the other immortal... his arms around two large parcels... following him and making progress... growing closer and closer.

Kendall ducked into an alleyway and waited... his sword already in his hands. The other passed by the entrance and then backed up and stared in at him.

He slowly joined Kendall in the darkened alley, swiftly placing his packages on a nearby stack of crates. He drew his own sword... a katana Kendall noted and mentally shifted his planned attack to allow for the way that sword could be used. In reality he didn't move at all.

"I'm Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod!" the other immortal said evenly.

"I'm Kendall Crane..."

"This may not be a good place or good time for this."

Kendall snorted, "Never is MacLeod... Never is. But you follow me... and I respond."

"I wasn't following you... I was just..."

"Walking down the same street in the same direction?" Kendall's skepticism showed with his words.

MacLeod lowered his sword. "I have no quarrel with you if you have none with me. We can just... pass by."

Kendall nodded. "Sounds good to me. If... and that is a big if... If you are not the immortal who's had a certain mortal following me."

MacLeod's eyes widened. "You've noticed a mortal following you?"

Kendall nodded. "I feel like I'm being watched by someone. I don't like the feeling."

MacLeod sheathed his sword within his coat. "Tell me about it," he said lightly, with a small smile.

"You're being followed as well?"

MacLeod nodded and backed away. "These days... many of us are. Take care Kendall Crane!" MacLeod picked up his parcels and continued on his way.

Kendall breathed a sigh of relief. "Another challenge averted." But if a number of them were being followed... he needed to know more about this... Perhaps Benjamin might know if he were in Paris. Kendall hoped so... although he knew his teacher was often in other places.

The last time he'd seen him was a few years ago in Tibet. He'd said something then about Paris... something disparaging... something that had made Kendall think that his teacher had been here recently and might return.

Well... Kendall planned to leave a message at the tavern on Rue Lumiere. If Adam Benjamin was in Paris... he likely still frequented what he called "one of the best taverns in Paris." Kendall would leave a message... and then hope to hear from his mentor.

Perhaps together... they might solve the question of who was following him... who wanted him dead.

Kendall leaned over and picked up his backpack. As he exited the alley... he was immediately scanning the faces of the passers-by... wondering how soon before his mysterious mortal follower would show up once more.