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No matter how much people tried to cheer her up, Bulma Briefs always seemed to be in a miserable mood. Peers in her local high school blamed it on her recent break-up with long-term boyfriend Yamcha Yosano; her best friends Chi-Chi Mau and Krillin Roshi agreed, though thought there was something else on her mind that she purposely kept to herself. They didn't dare inquire about it, for they knew their friend all too well; no one purposely upset Bulma. No one in their right mind anyway.

For the months following her break-up, Bulma kept mostly to herself, rarely calling her friends; if they wanted to spend time with her, they called her. It wasn't that she didn't want to see them, she loved her friends dearly, but something was just missing in her life that she needed to find. It wasn't Yamcha, she found that out a week after he was out of the picture; so what was it? She was the richest, most popular girl in school, not to mention the smartest, she could get any guy she wanted or didn't want, but still something wasn't right, something crucial was missing. She hardly thought that sitting around and waiting for the missing piece was the right thing to do, but she had run out of ideas. Her calling wasn't in her lab work, her school work, or the few dates she'd had in the past months; it wasn't in her family, her friends, or the strangers she conversed with everyday when she worked the desk for Capsule Corp. All those things were great for her, and made her happy, but none of them was what was missing, because she had all those things. It drove her insane, night after night, trying to figure out what she, Bulma Briefs, didn't have in her life.

Chi-Chi suggested ambition, for Bulma really had none; everything she had had been handed to her on the silver platter, she really never worked hard at anything. Bulma shrugged the idea off though; she knew that if she needed ambition that it would be easy enough for her to obtain. There were many things that couldn't just be given to her, but she didn't want them, she was content with what she had.

Krillin suggested another boyfriend; Bulma immediately shot that idea out of her mind. She did not need a man to make her happy, she could find happiness on her own. Love, on the other hand was something that she knew she needed, but she always brushed that off; she was too young for love. It would come later when she was ready for it.

Her parents both thought she could use more time away from the lab, but she refused to abandon her refuge. Nothing would keep her from her projects; they were what kept her sane when nothing else could. That and her music; she loved classical, songs by Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, and all the other great composers. She listened to that when she wanted to think, but when it came to happiness, the music that she listened to when in the lab, it was her favorite bands; Budokai 20, The Dragon Kids, The Ginyu, Kamiwise, and most importantly, her ultimate favorite, Green Dragon. She could listen to them for days straight, though unfortunately she had other obligations: school, work, her friends.

School was too easy for her academic-wise. Socially, however, she was beginning to slip; no longer was she the happy-go-lucky heiress to Capsule Corp. who would help any one student no matter who they were. Now she simply glided through the halls, oblivious to any activity that didn't involve her; a freshman boy had been beaten-up and thrown against the locker next to hers and she didn't bat an eyelash; the old Bulma would have given the beater a beating tenfold. Girls who used to look up to her, now whispered about her behind her back, each having their own answer to her problems. She didn't think she had any problems, just that she was in a hard place that she needed to figure out how to get out of.

Work didn't seem to faze her at all anymore. She used to dread working the desk at Capsule Corp., but now she just nodded at her father and did her job, being as friendly with the customers as she could muster, which really wasn't much to speak of. She was put on desk less and less, until she was in the lab all the time, never having to converse with the customers, which was what she always wanted, but it didn't make her as happy as she thought. The work was too easy and she spent most of her time either repairing things other scientists messed up, or showing them how to do a certain thing. She wished her father would be more picky about who he did and did not hire.

Now, her friends were great, but even when she was with them, it was like they weren't even there. They would get into a conversation, and before long Bulma was starring off into space, nothing inparticular on her mind. She'd been yelled at many a time for doing just that. And they did try to help her, but when nothing seemed to work, they gave up and just tried to be there for her.

It seemed nothing could bring her back to her normal self.


"Bulma, dear!" came her father's voice, as he knocked on her bedroom door.

"Hmm?" was her reply; she'd just been sitting on her bed, listening to Tchaikovsky, and starring out the window at the rainstorm that reflected her mood perfectly, nothing crucial on her mind; nothing ever was these days.

"May I come in?"

"Yeah," she sighed. Even talking was exhausting for her now.

"I have something for you," he said, beaming with joy as he held her present behind his back.

"I don't need anything." She didn't even look up at him. She knew she was being rude, but somehow that didn't seem to bother her as it used to.

"I know you'll want these though." He tossed an unmarked envelope to her, which landed on the floor beside her bed. She didn't even glance at it. "Go on, pick it up." With a heavy sigh, she reached down and retrieved the envelope. "Open it." Another sigh, and she opened it.

"Holy kuso!" she swore, covering her hands over her mouth. "Dad, where did you get these!?"

"I called in some favors," he said happily, overjoyed to finally see that smile of hers he loved so much.

"Thank you so much!" Before he knew it, her arms were around his neck in the kind of hug he never thought she'd give again. "I love you daddy," she gasped, kissing his cheek, then diving for the phone. Quietly, as he tried to keep back tears, he exited the room; his wife would faint when she heard about this.


The rain pounded relentlessly on the windowpanes, drowning the freshly cut lawns at Capsule Corp. Inside, however, the mood was surprisingly quite contrasting to the outside conditions. In the warm living room, where the fireplace was ablaze, Bulma sat on the edge of her seat, playing anxiously with an envelope and looking at the clock every few seconds. She was almost too excited to sit, having to suppress several urges to pace the length of the room, or jump around in utter happiness. She couldn't remember the last time she was this happy.

The faint sound of a car pulling into the driveway was all she needed to set her off; she bolted for the door, swinging it open, and scaring the girl on the other side.

"Kuso!" the raven-haired girl on the other side swore, trying to free herself from her friend's powerful grip as she was pulled into the living room. "What's going on, Bulma? You sounded ready to explode on the phone."

"You won't believe what I just got, Chi!" she squealed, brandishing the envelope in her friend's face.

"Junk mail," she sighed, leaning back into the soft fluffy couch cushions; Bulma had seemed to bring her down in her mood over the past months, her happiness didn't seem to register quite yet.

"No!" She threw the envelope on her lap, barely able to keep from jumping around. "I got tickets for Green Dragon!"

"You're kidding!" Chi-Chi gasped, ripping open the envelope and practically drooling over the three tickets that were inside. "I thought they were all sold out!"

"Me too! But then my dad surprised me with these. I HAD to call you before I lost my mind." She flopped down on the couch next to her, snatching up the tickets. "Krillin's on his way too."

"You think he'll be able to go?"

"He's going whether he wants to or not."

"Where am I going?"

They turned their heads sharply towards the door, just as a short guy with a clean-shaven bald head entered, taking a seat in a chair opposite them.

"What's your favorite band, Krillin?" Bulma inquired, slipping the envelope behind her back.

"Green Dragon, without a doubt. Why?"

"You like her, don't you?"

"Why?" he repeated, ignoring her friendly jarring.

"Are you busy two weeks from Saturday?"

"Yeah…" He arched an eyebrow in confusion. "That's when Maron comes home, just before school starts."

"Kuso!" both girls swore in unison.

"You have to cancel your plans," Chi-Chi demanded, grabbing his wrists.

"Why?" They still hadn't told him what was going on.

"Because, Bulma's dad got us all tickets for Green Dragon two weeks from Saturday."

"Stop pulling my leg," Krillin spat, shrugging Chi-Chi's hands away. "Those tickets have been sold out since the first week they went on sale."

"See for yourself," Bulma said, rather angrily, jabbing the envelope at Krillin's chest; he was bringing her mood down quickly.

"How did he get these?" He looked to Bulma, then back to the envelope, eyes wide in surprise.

"He's the president of Capsule Corp., Krill. I think he can pull a few strings."

"Kami, I can't believe we're going to see Green Dragon," he sighed, starring at the tickets longingly.

"Correction," Chi-Chi said, ripping the tickets from his hand and handing them to Bulma. "You're going to meet your air-headed girlfriend at the airport. We're going to see Green Dragon."

"She's not an air-head!" He could barely convince himself with the statement.

"But you are going there instead, aren't you? You're going to miss pit tickets for Green Dragon to pick up your damn girlfriend who can barely remember your name!" Bulma roared, looming over him.

"Pit tickets?" Chi-Chi and Krillin asked in unison, both trying to grab for the tickets at the same time.

"Yes, pit tickets. Come on Chi, we need to go decide who we're bringing with us." She turned her nose up at him, stomping out of the living room.

"She'll calm down soon enough," Chi-Chi assured him, patting his back. "Just think this over, ok? You can see Maron anytime, Green Dragon is once in a lifetime."


Bulma was in a mix of emotions when the day for the concert finally came; she was excited and happy to see Green Dragon after loving them for so long, but since Krillin wouldn't be there, it brought her down to somewhere in the middle. She and Chi-Chi packed Bulma's car, trying to keep their spirits up; it was his own fault that he wasn't going. They hadn't been able to decide whom to bring with them either, for Bulma hadn't talked to anyone save Chi-Chi and Krillin all summer; her attitude drove them all away. So they decided that if they saw someone who needed a ticket outside the stadium, which there always was, they would give the extra ticket to them.

"Ready?" Bulma asked as she tossed her purse in the back seat on top of her suitcase; they were staying over night since the concert was over three hours away. Bulma's dad had made reservations for them already in a hotel a few blocks away from the stadium.

"Yeah," Chi-Chi sighed with a weak smile; she missed Krillin just as much as Bulma did.

"Me too." It hadn't been Bulma. They turned around slowly in the direction it had come from. "I hope I'm not too late."

"Krillin!" Bulma gasped, running over and hoisting him off the ground in a bear hug; he hated when she did that, but he let it slide this time. "You're really coming?"

"Sure am, if I still can that is."

"How did you ditch Maron?"

"Let's just say that she won't be a problem anymore." He smiled weakly at her; he didn't need to tell them what had happened.

"Well, we better get going before we miss the concert," Chi-Chi said excitedly, grabbing Krillin's suitcase and throwing it in the trunk.

Bulma didn't think she'd ever been this happy.


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The Dragon Kids (The Get Up Kids)

The Ginyu (The Ataris)

Kamiwise (Pennywise)

Green Dragon (Green Day)

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