Roses and Thorns

The famous Harry Potter's homosexuality is of no news to the Wizarding World, but when his one and only arch-rival from Hogwarts comes into his 21st birthday party and announces that Harry is his lover, how will the fans of our hero react? Better yet, how will Harry react when he had NO idea that his own rival is his lover? And when Harry asks the reason why, the answer is even more shocking...

Chapter 1 - The Masquerade

Today is a very special day - a very important day to the wizarding world. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the reason of this is because today is Harry Potter's 21st birthday.

Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived, has been renamed to The Boy Who Defeated The Dark Lord.

Just before his graduation, Harry once and for all brought down the feared man of all wizards and witches and was made even more famous than before.

All Voldemort's followers were captured, and to his friends' delights, the Malfoys went bankrupt. Narcissa Malfoy fled, afraid of being accused along with her husband, and their only heir, Draco Malfoy, mysteriously disappeared. Most people thought him to be dead, or was just afraid of being captured like his father. Whatever the reason was, it suited Harry fine, and he did not expect to see the blonde again for the rest of his life.

How very wrong he was.

Soon, or perhaps later, after Voldemort was gone, a very unexpected and shocking news reached the ears of the Daily Prophet, and of course, within one day the whole world had known that Harry Potter was gay. Yes, the boy had come to terms with his sexuality, and had made it public notice. Of course, all Harry's fan girls were very sad, although some boys were leaping in joy by this fact, and during the first few weeks Harry had to hide from all his male admirers, since they all seemed to be determined to jump on him whenever he least suspected. Poor boy.

Harry, strangely enough, became the wizarding world and Muggle world's number one best (and handsome) singer. It wasn't until later during seventh year that his friends realized his gifted voice and urged him into the singing world. It happened during the Leaving Ball, when everyone decided to vote for him to go and sing in front of the whole seventh years. He suspected it was because they wanted to humiliate him, especially the Slytherins. He had chosen the Graduation song by a Muggle band, Vitamin C. He remembered after finishing the song, most of everyone was dabbing their tear-stained eyes. And that was how he become a singer.

Time flied... literally, and now, 4 years later, on this very day, Harry Potter celebrates his twenty-first birthday.

Tuesday, July 31st, 2001...

"Harry! Are you done yet?" Hermione called out from the kitchen of Harry's house, turning off the stove and poured some coffee into a plastic cup.

Harry had a large house, which included a swimming pool and a work out place, along with a huge garden which was taken care of by a young house-elf, named Winelyn.

It was eight o'clock in the morning and Harry, like always, woke up late and therefore, caused Hermione to Apparate into his house and call him out of his sleep. Now, after taking a shower, Harry came into his bedroom to find clothes set out for him on the bed. Harry smiled. Hermione had never let him pick clothes for himself, especially during important events, and she was right, not that Harry ever admitted - he was not a clothing person.

Putting on a white, long sleeve button up shirt and a sleeveless, V-neck, dark green and very fashionable sweater, Harry proceeded to pull on his jeans when he noticed something. The jeans were...


Hermione smirked wickedly to herself, sipping her coffee.

Fifteen minutes later...

Harry was glaring at his best friend as they stood in the kitchen, breathing hard.

"Oh, Harry, you look so very gorgeous," Hermione beamed, looking him up and down.

"You hid all my other pants so I have to wear these," Harry growled.

"Shut up, Harry," said Hermione fondly, "These look good on you. And," she added, "I don't trust you with clothes."

"It took me exactly fifteen minutes to put on these jeans," Harry told her matter-of-factly. "And I don't seem to be able to breathe in these either."

The jeans were a faded blue, clinging tightly to Harry's slim hips and from the look of it, to Harry's long, firm legs also. With the jeans being so tight as it were, Harry couldn't stuff his shirt tails inside his jeans, so they were sticking out under his sweater, which didn't look so bad, either. In fact, they made Harry looked... kind of... stylish, and Harry was anything but.

"Don't worry, we have a Breathing Charm in case you pass out," Hermione assured him, who looked very dubious. "Anyway, I told Molly we'd meet her around eight, so we are very late, Harry!"

Harry gave her a look that said 'guess whose fault it is?' in which the witch pointedly ignored. "Let's go, gorgeous, the family is waiting!" With that, Hermione Disapparate-d.

With a cross 'hmph!', Harry also went after her, disappearing with a pop in the air.

A minute later Harry appeared at the Burrow, and before he could take in what was happening, somebody threw herself at him.

"Happy Birthday, Harry!" a redhead squealed, and with a grin, Harry embraced Ginny.

"Why, hello there, Gin, thanks for the greeting," Harry said heartily. "Knocked my breath away."

Ginny grinned sheepishly, letting go of Harry. Her eyes quickly looked over at Harry, then up to his face, then she froze, and slowly, looked down at his lower body again. Harry flushed pink when she looked back at him with that sly grin on her face.

"Very nice, Harry. If I'm still single I'll probably jump on you myself," Ginny said, feigning sadness. "Poor little me."

"Hey, is my girlfriend trying to cheat on me here?" a tall man came over. He has light brown hair and warm blue eyes. He wore blue robes, which fitted him rather well.

"Who, me?" Ginny said innocently, turning around and let her boyfriend pulled her into his arms.

"Hello, Neville," Harry greeted. "I see you two are still together, but how you're able handle her is beyond me."

This caused an indignant cry from Ginny and a laugh from Neville. "I manage, but just barely," Neville said with a mock sigh.

"Talk like that and don't you even think about sleeping in my room tonight, Neville Longbottom," Ginny huffed, crossing her arms.

Neville winked at Harry and proceeded to apologize to his girlfriend. Harry smiled as he walked out of the living room into the kitchen to find Mrs. Weasley making breakfast and a knife shooting through the air directly at him.

"WHOA!" Harry ducked, feeling the air rushing over his head.

Mrs. Weasley turned around, and, upon seeing him, beamed brightly. "Hello, Harry! Happy birthday! Ron is upstairs with Hermione, I think they're arguing again. Really, I'm impressed they haven't gotten divorced yet. Oh, sit down, sit down! Breakfast is in a moment. Mr. Weasley has some things to finish up at the Ministry of Magic, and Charlie and Bill will be home soon..." she kept on ranting, and Harry couldn't help but feel happier at her warm presence.

"OH FRED! GEORGE!" Mrs. Weasley shrieked, holding up a quacking chicken by the legs. "One of their tricks again! Honestly, and to think they'd be more responsible once they're adults!"

Right then the air shifted, and two redheads appeared in the kitchen. They were Charlie and Bill.

"Hey mom!" chorused Bill and Charlie together, then, seeing Harry, Bill grinned and said, "Well, well, look how you've grown, and I remember you were just a little kid once, flying around, nearly got bashed on the head by a Bludger..."

Charlie nudged Bill on the arm. "Stop teasing Harry, Bill." Turning to Harry, Charlie smiled. "Hey Harry, happy birthday!"

Harry grinned at Charlie. "Thanks Charlie." In truth, Harry and Charlie had been dating about a year ago, for a few months. Their relationship was going rather well, until they realized that they weren't meant to be, and had gently broke up. Harry hadn't seen Charlie much after that, with all his concerts and CDs he had to do, so now it was a bit awkward to be standing here talking to him.

As if sensing Harry's discomfort, Charlie looked over to Mrs. Weasley and said conversationally, "What's that about the twins I just heard?"

As Mrs. Weasley began to ramble on about Fred and George's behavior, they heard another two voices coming down from the stairs. Harry excused himself and went up to see what was going on, just to see Hermione and Ron standing at the foot of the stairs, arguing heatedly.

"... can find his own boyfriend! You don't need to stick your bossy nose into his business!" Ron was yelling.

"It's been a year, Ron! He needs someone to take care of him! He's been single for too long now. Mum thinks it's a good idea, too!" Hermione threw back.

"Um, guys?" Harry inquired. "Is this happened to be about my love life?"

Ron and Hermione were startled into silence, looking down at Harry guiltily and said in unison, "No!"

Harry gave them a look, and they both shuffled their feet. "Well?"

Sighing, Hermione beckoned him up into her room.

After closing the door and sitting down, Harry crossed his arms and looked at his friends expectantly.

Ron, uncomfortably, cleared his throat. "Hermione here thinks-"

"Everyone thinks," Hermione corrected him, earning herself a glare from her husband.

"... that you should get yourself someone," Ron continued.

"Because," Hermione put in, "you've been single for too long."

"But I'm perfectly fine being single!" Harry protested.

"No you're not!" Hermione snapped. "This is the year 2001, you are now twenty-one, a famous singer. The only person you've ever dated was Charlie, and Cho doesn't count because she didn't exactly go out with you," she added, as an afterthought. "You will need someone soon. You don't plan to live alone for the rest of your life, do you?"

"No, of course not!" Harry said quickly.

"Then there you go," Hermione nodded approvingly.

"So what are you planning?" Harry narrowed his eyes suspiciously.

Hermione blushed. "Er, well, that..."

"Oh, for fuck's sake!" Ron cried exaggeratedly. "She has this list of all the boys she thinks could go out with you!"

"What?" Harry gave a start. "How come I never knew anything about this?"

"Because I've just finished it, you idiot!" Hermione snapped moodily.

"You're not going to shove a bunch of fans into my face and make me pick, are you?"

"Well, not really," Hermione said matter-of-factly. "I'm having a masquerade tonight, and they'll all be men, so don't worry about the wrong sex."

"How come I'm having this feeling that you're not telling me everything?" Harry asked, doubts cleared in his voice.

Hermione smiled secretly. "Because I'm not." Harry opened his mouth, but Ron jumped in quickly.

"Don't bother, Harry. She won't even tell me, and I'm her husband."

Hermione grinned at Harry's downcast face. "You'll see tonight, sweet. Just trust me, if I'm right, you'll be fully satisfied and with a lover when the day is over." She winked at him when she said that, and Harry was very suspicious indeed.

"Now get down there and have some breakfast, we'll be right down with you," Hermione ushered him out of the room, and with a doubtful glance at them he reluctantly went. Hermione slammed the door closed and turned to Ron, hugging him tightly.

"You DO want him to have a date, too, Ron!" Hermione squealed in his ear.

"Yeah yeah," Ron muttered, a bit embarrassed, "he is my friend, you know."

"I do know!" Hermione said happily, pulling away slightly to look into his eyes. "That's why I love you so much!" Ron blushed to the root of his hair, and his mouth was soon occupied, and other parts of his body, too...

An hour later...

Everyone in the family had finished eating breakfast, and had gathered in front of the Burrow to get ready to go, when two certain twins noticed something.

"Where IS Ron?" Fred asked, to no one in particular.

"I heard some really loud moans and shuffling from Ronnie's room," George said, cackling gleefully. "I bet you anything they're having it on."

Fred gasped in mock horror. "On Harry's birthday! Now we can't have that! Come on, George, let's go and get 'em!" But before they could run five steps, a voice was heard.

"Petrificus Totalus!" Mrs. Weasley appeared behind Charlie, face red with anger. "You two will not be going anywhere until you tell me what you've done to the car!"

Fred and George looked at their mother, their faces were of pure innocence. "Why, whatever do you mean, mum?" Fred clasped his hands together, spell wearing off, blinking innocently. Mrs. Weasley was not fooled.

"The car, look!" Mrs. Weasley stood aside, revealing a black, very impressive limousine. If Harry had been drinking something, he would have choked on it.

There were wings on both sides of the car, flapping and refusing to let anyone come one foot near it. The car was honking noisily as it was picked up and down by the wings.

"Well?" Mrs. Weasley rounded on the twins, hands on her hips.

The twins' attempt at looking innocent failed, as they were too busy laughing their heads off. Harry had a mad urge to join them, but he suspected Mrs. Weasley would not be pleased if he did. From the look on Charlie and Bill's faces, Harry guessed they were holding their laughter, too.

As Mrs. Weasley began to yell at the twins, Harry looked around and saw Ron and Hermione coming out, hands joined and faces flushed. Without knowing why, a small ache formed in his heart, and he angrily pushed his feeling away. He didn't need to feel sorry for himself now because he was single. Besides, Harry thought spiritedly, today is my birthday, I need to enjoy it, not sulking around.

"What is all the fuss here?" Ron demanded, coming over to Fred.

Mrs. Weasley turned to him, and quickly, albeit angrily, told them what happened. Ron pretended to glare at his brothers, while Hermione rolled her eyes and swished out her wand exaggeratedly. She impatiently muttered a quick spell, and the wings disappeared, much to the poor car's relief. Mrs. Weasley smiled gratefully at her daughter-in-law before turned to Fred and George and gave them another of her fiercesome admonishment.

Rolling his eyes, Ron pulled Harry and Hermione toward the car. "C'mon, it'll take some time once mum has it going. If we don't get to the restaurant soon, you're sure to be late. Besides, we need to take care of the reporters."

"Where's Ginny and Neville? Aren't they coming?" Harry asked, looking around, searching for the couple.

"They're coming later," answered Hermione crisply. "They have something to do."

Ron leaned over and whispered to Harry, "They've forgotten to buy you a present."

Harry chuckled, while Hermione glared at Ron. "Honestly, Ron! Ginny told you not to tell!"

Ron looked hurt, while Harry just waved it off. "It's fine, Hermione. I'm not surprised if Neville forgets, but how could Ginny...?"

"Neville had damaged her brain with all the sex they have had," Ron said in a conspiratorial whisper, and Harry made a strangled, gagging noise at the back of his throat. That was one mental image he didn't need. Hermione whacked Ron on the head, and got an indignant yell from Ron. The two of them started arguing as they went into the car, and was still arguing as they drove to the restaurant, and only stopped when they had gotten down the car.

Immediately Harry's ears were filled with all his fans' screams. He thanked all gods existed that there were securities surrounding him, otherwise he might - would have been jumped on by those crazy fans.

This was a five-star restaurant, totally booked for today, courtesy to the handsome singer. Harry had said that they didn't need to make a great, big fuss over his party for his twenty first birthday, but everyone had went against him and set up everything weeks before this day, much to Harry's protest, but he was grateful, all the same. He was okay with everything, actually, until Hermione informed him to be ready for the media, because on that day at a certain time, he will have a small, which he doubted very much, interview with the reporters. Harry was totally against this, and had a huge argument with Hermione until she threatened with a murderous air to castrate him, and, concerned for his love life, Harry grudgingly dropped the subject.

So now, they stood in front of the huge, expensive restaurant as the car pulled away all by itself. The restaurant was, actually, located in Hogsmeade, owned by none other than Percy's soon to-be-wife, Penelope Clearwater. It was three stories high, with balconies and great decorations for all circumstances.

Harry gave the place a look, hesitated to go in. He sighed, looking over to Hermione with an are-you-sure expression. She nodded at him encouragingly, and with another sigh, he stepped inside...

And was greeted with flashes of lights and questions being shouted into his face. The reporters were practically on him in no time, making it impossible for the famous boy from moving more than an inch. Lucky for him, the guards appeared, after a few minutes, and Harry was safe once again. And I still don't know why people want to be famous, Harry thought sulkily.

"Mr. Potter! How do you feel about your career right now?"

"When will your next CD comes out?"

"Is it true that they said you've been with Matthew Mongorie?"

Harry tried to push his way through them, with the help of Charlie and Bill and Ron. Gosh, why do I have to get myself into this situation? Harry groaned. It was such a pain that he had to deal with all of this. Even though they weren't judgmental about his sexual preference, they were awfully nosy on who he was with, and that proved to be as annoying as hell.

"SILENCE!" a feminine roar filled their ears, and immediately all noises died down like a fire flickering out of life. Harry turned back, and surprised to see Hermione standing there, hands on her hips, glaring at all of them angrily. "I specifically stated that all questions will be answered after the party and that is around eleven o'clock tonight. Whoever dare to disturb Mr. Harry Potter here will have to answer with me, got that?"

The look Hermione gave them was enough to send even Voldemort off his rocket. The reporters automatically made way for Harry and his friends, much to his relief, but did not stop taking pictures. At least Harry was safe for now. He sent Hermione a thank you smile before walking over to Professor Snape.

It's been years, and after coming to terms with the moody professor, Harry found that, to his surprise, they had a lot in common.

"G' morning Professor Snape, so early?" Harry greeted, smiling warmly.

Professor Snape, unlike when he was still in school, was wearing something different than black robes for once. He was dressed in a tight-fitting dark blue shirt and deep brown pants with a black cloak draped over his shoulders casually. His appearance did change, too. His hair was no longer greasy and his nose was fixed, so now they didn't look so hooked anymore. Harry suspected that he had to thank Professor Lupin for all of this. If it wasn't because of the kind teacher, Snape wouldn't have ever change at all... in personality and in looks.

"Early, isn't it, Mr. Potter?" Snape said sarcastically. "And here I thought it was time for lunch."

Harry grinned sheepishly. "It wasn't my fault. I was delayed by... some business."

"Yours or the young Weasleys over there?" Snape nodded over to the direction of Hermione and Ron talking with some old friends from school.

Harry gave him a meaningful look and Snape just smiled, which did go rather well with his new face, after all.

"Where's Remus?" Harry asked, glancing around.

"He's still at home, checking over some paperwork from school," Snape replied, sounding slightly annoyed. Harry chuckled. Professor Lupin was a very organized man, as he always thought it was necessary to show it. "And to think he would come here a bit early today."

"Ah, don't try to make excuses, Severus," Harry laughed. "I know exactly why Remus is home right now. Probably catching up to some sleeping he missed last night." The shocked face was enough to confirm his suspicion. Harry shook his head, laughed some more, and slapped him on the shoulder before moving on.

During the war, Remus and Severus had gotten closer to each other, in more than just a friendly way. After Sirius's death, Remus basically had a mental breakdown, since they were lovers during school, and still were until that fateful day that separated them from each other. Severus, fortunately enough, was there for Remus to comfort him, faithfully doing his duty based on Sirius's last will, which he wrote whenever he did.

Harry was more than surprised when he found out that Remus and Severus were dating before he and Sirius did, and it was because of that reason that they became Severus' hated people. Harry was happy for Remus when he returned back to his healthy state, and that was when Severus revealed a better side of him to the world... well, just him, to be exact.

"Harry!" a feminine voice called out to him, and to his very own pleasant surprise, Cho was walking up to him, looking beautiful as she always did.

"Hello Cho. It's been a long time, hasn't it?" Harry smiled at her, giving his old crush a hug.

"Yes, it has," Cho returned his smile, letting go and took a good look at him. "You sure have grown since I'd last seen you."

"I'll take that as a good thing then," Harry laughed good-naturally. "So, how's your life?"

Cho blushed prettily. She got married, two years ago, to none other than... surprise, surprise.. Oliver Wood. "It's pretty good," she admitted, then, almost shyly, added. "I'm pregnant, by the way."

Harry gasped at the unexpected news. Well, that was... "My god, Cho! I guess congratulations are in order, then. How long have it been?"

"Erm, three months," Cho answered him, turning beef red. "And the doctor says it's a boy."

"Well well, that's quite amazing. Oliver must be really happy," Harry commented.

"He's ecstatic," Cho replied, smiling brightly. "So, enough 'bout me, how about you? Any guy you're interested in?"

Harry cracked a grin at her. "Not yet, but pretty soon I will though." Leaning closer so he could whisper to her, he revealed, "Hermione's set up a masquerade tonight for me to pick the 'dream man'."

Cho let out a peal of laughter. "Well, then, I shall have to bid you good luck, Mr. Potter," she said seriously.

"Aye, I shall take that to my heart, Mrs. Wood," Harry winked, and bowed down to kiss her hand. "Is there any chance at all I might find your husband company about?" Harry inquired formally.

"He's right there, and drop with the formality already," Cho thwacked him on the arm playfully and went away to Hermione, after saying happy birthday to Harry.

Grinning, Harry sneaked over to Oliver, who was talking to Bill about the fun of Quidditch.

"... especially when our team beat them so badly last season, I'm pretty confident that we will win against the Chudley Canons..."

"You better hope Ron didn't hear that," Harry whispered behind Oliver, and much to his amusement, the Quidditch player started and jumped nearly two feet up the air.

"Harry!" Oliver grinned, turning around and clapped Harry back. "Happy birthday kid, and you scared the hell out of me."

"That was my intention all along," Harry said innocently, and they fell into a fit of laughter.

"Everything's good, Harry?" Oliver asked, sipping his glass of wine.

"Pretty good, except that I'm still single," Harry sighed.

"Not for long, I believe?" Oliver raised an eyebrow.

"Not for long," Harry confirmed, grinning.

The party went quite well for the afternoon. Guests kept pouring in, and Harry found, much to his horror, that he had to talk to all of them, and even more terrible, was that half of them he did not know the name of.

By the time all the guests had arrived, the party pretty much went out of control. The twins spiked their drinks, and now singles were swaying with each other, talking like fools. Mrs. Weasley Sr. was just walking around, trying to find Fred and George and give them a beating of their lives!

Laughing, Harry went off to the bathroom to clear his head a bit. Entering one of the stalls, Harry closed the door right as the door into the restroom opened and someone else entered. This said person checked his reflection in the mirror before went off into another stall, and right at that moment when he locked the door, Harry got out and cleaned his hands. Sighing and muttering under his breath, about crazy Hermione and submissive Ron, Harry went out of the bathroom, and that was when the person came out, looking around in slight confusion. "Funny, I thought I heard something out here," he said, before shrugging it off and went to check his hair again.

Around eight o'clock, Harry was forced by Hermione to leave his friends. "Calm down, Herm, I'm not going anywhere!" Harry said, chuckling.

"I'm not saying you're going anywhere, but if those people know where you're going, there's no doubt they'll try and sneak in," Hermione said matter-of-factly.

That was when Harry snapped out of his drunken state and stared at Hermione, memory of the masquerade coming back to him. "The masquerade," he groaned.

"Yes, and don't you dare sneak away, because I will leave you to those crazy reporters if you dare break our promise," Hermione threatened. Then, when he didn't argue with her, she smiled and looked him over. His clothes were half-disarrayed, and his hair, if possible, was messier than usual.

Shaking her head, Hermione took out her wand and pointed at him. "I need to clean you up and summon you a formal suit. Honestly, Harry," Hermione scolded and with a swish of her wand, his mind was clear, another spell was put onto him, and his body didn't feel so tire and weak anymore. Then, with one last spell, Harry found himself in black suit with a plain, button-up shirt inside and a black tie.

Hermione fixed his tie while saying to him in her motherly way, "Now, get in there and dance. I will be watching over you so don't you dare standing there like a fool like I know you will."

Harry opened his mouth to protest, but before he could say anything, Hermione shut him up. "I know Ron taught you all about dancing, so don't you say that you don't know how to." Harry looked at her sheepishly. Hermione softened at him. "This mask will cover your face. In the crowd, you are nothing but one of those people. So don't worry about them gushing over you. They won't even know who you are." Kissing him on the cheek encouragingly, Hermione gave him one last smile. "Good luck Harry. I really want you to be able to find the right person tonight."

Harry found himself smiling back at her. "Thanks Hermione. I hope I will, too."

And with a deep breath, Harry pushed open the door.

All eyes turned to him, much to Harry's horror. Relief washed over him, however, when they did not seem to recognize him and continued with their chat with other people. Harry sighed deeply, thanking his mask.

He walked over to a corner, where there was a large window looking out into the night sky and the garden, and from there, he observed the others.

There are a lot of homosexuals in the wizarding world, Harry mused, listening to the soft background music. Pretty soon, Harry got bored and adverted his attention to the night garden outside.

The garden, against the dark sky, illuminated in the darkness beautifully. Someone had set up faeries around the places and the Night flowers, which only bloom when night comes, so now everything glowed in an ethereal air.

Harry felt himself drifting in and out of sleep, and once or twice had to use a Sleepless Charm to keep himself from going to sleep, which was what he wanted to do for a while.

Much to his annoyance, the Seeing Charm was wearing off also. Since he had to wear the mask, there was no way he could use his glasses, so Hermione suggested he used a Seeing Charm instead, in which he did.

As Harry was about to redo the charm on his eyes, he caught a glimpse of something out in the garden. Squinting his eyes and looking down, Harry was greeted by a blur sight of someone. That person, Harry noticed, was wearing a mask, which meant... he was here for the masquerade also! Even though covered by a mask, Harry could still see those eyes gleaming like silver stars. This person looked up, his light, silvery blond hair blew back along the wind, and their eyes locked.

Harry was totally breathless when he felt a spark in his heart, especially when the person down there smiled at him and slightly bowed. I must see his face, argh, stupid eyes, come on! Harry thought furiously as he did a Seeing Charm on his eyes.

But when he looked back again, there was no one there.

Disappointed - deeply disappointed, Harry plopped down on his seat and spent another half an hour sulking.

When he finally believed that this ball was useless, a glass of wine appeared in front of his face. Harry, grumpily, brushed it away, wishing to be alone, but it came back to him again. Harry, annoyed, turned around to snap at the intruder and when his breath, once again, was knocked away.

Harry nearly fell down in his haste to stand up, one hand immediately reached up to take the offered glass, but he didn't let go of that person's hand.

"It's you," Harry said breathlessly.

He smiled at Harry, and now that he could see clearly, the smile was ten times more beautiful than before.

"What's your name?" Harry asked, but the person just shook his head mysteriously, the smile brighter than before. "Was that you down there some time ago?"

The person smiled again, and took back his hand, but Harry unconsciously refused to let go. So, patiently, Harry's company used his other hand to take Harry's glass and put it down on the table, and pulled him toward the dance floor.

Harry went willingly, his heart, for the first time in nearly a year, beat like crazy. Those eyes... they looked so familiar, but so not, dancing with gentleness and warmth in their depths, and Harry was so drawn to it that he didn't realize the light in the room lowered, and the music became clearer and beat in a different tune. All he saw was the person in front of him, smiling, and Harry's arms went around this person, drawing him closer. His partner did not resist as he put his own arms around Harry's neck.

Well, they danced and Harry couldn't help himself from staring into those silver orbs like hypnotized. Suddenly this person, whoever he is, became precious to Harry, and he didn't want to let him go, ever. His grip tightened themselves around the blonde unconsciously, and the person smiled again.

Quite abruptly, the person pulled away and made to go, and that was when Harry decided.

Grabbing him by the arm, Harry spun him around. The person only had time to registered the shock when Harry's lips closed themselves on his.

His lips were so soft, just like the rose's petals, Harry thought as one hand rose to touch the back of his neck, playing with the hair, feeling just like the rain, falling through his fingers easily and almost unnoticeably. Harry's tongue flickered across his lower lip, asking for an entrance, which was oh so willingly given. Harry quickly sought out the other's tongue, which felt so velvety against his, hot, wet, and... and... arousing.

This is probably the moment I'll remember for the rest of my life, Harry thought through the haze of his mind, wish I had a camera. As if answering Harry's wish, flashes of lights brought them out of their kiss, much to Harry's disappointment.

Harry turned around, glaring at all of them, when he saw that Hermione was standing there, grinning from ear to ear. "Well, what did I tell ya, Harry?" she said triumphantly.

"You were... spying on me?" Harry asked, feeling a bit angry and grateful.

"Yes, well, if I didn't, then I would never have seen the look you... well, never mind," Hermione waved a hand, and then pointed to the reporters. "It's time for your interview, Harry."

"Mr. Potter! Who is this person next to you, is he your lover?" a recorder was thrust into his face.

"Well I just..." Harry began, but a drawl, very familiar, very annoying, very much like someone he didn't expect to see again in his life, spoke up.

"Yes, I am, and Harry decided to make it public announcement today."

Harry, with a sinking feeling forming in his stomach, turned around to look at his dancing partner just a moment ago, looking so gentle and sweet, was now looking at all of them with a smirk across his pale features.

"W-who are you?" Harry croaked, and amidst the loud questions by yelled by the people there, none heard him.

The smirk was wider, and with a painfully slow motion, he gracefully took of his mask. Harry nearly fainted at the sight of him.

"I'd never have thought you would forget me, Potter," he whispered, loud enough for only Harry to hear.

"Oh my god! That's Draco Malfoy, isn't it?" someone shouted, and more pictures were taken.

Hermione, too shocked to react, just stood there, staring at him.

Draco Malfoy, the boy who disappeared four years ago, bowed gracefully to all of them, an impish look on his face.