Disclaimer: I don't think I really need one, considering I haven't mentioned any characters names, but I thought of Jack a lot when I wrote these, so I don't own Captain Sparrow, okay? Well, not in reality, anyway. :D

Author's Note: A little gross, but humorous nonetheless. Have fun.


21 Pirate Pickup Lines


"Yer a good lookin' wench, want to get some rum?"

"Want to go back to me ship and rock the boat?"

"Wait 'til ye see what's underneath the hat!"

"Can I see if ye have a rudder and a lot o' sails hidden in that bodice?"

"Let's make like worms and go to the crow's nest!"

"Hey, seein' ye lookin' so nice, me glass eye must be doin' me good!"

"Don't worry, Milady. My cutlass is long and strong."

"I can do great things with my hook…"

"It's not the way yer boat floats, it's the way yer ship tips."

"Wanna go get wrapped up in some sails? Ye can use 'em as blankets, ye know."

"I'd love to have mutiny committed against me as long as I get stuck on a godforsaken island with you!"

"Let me be more than yer mate!"

"I'll name me ship after ye…"

"Wanna see my secret tattoo?"

"Scream me name, and make sure ye say 'Captain' first."

"Wanna see my bow?"

"Can I sail around yer coastline?"

"I want to plunder yer booty."

"I want to dock in yer harbor!"

"Wanna see my gun? It's a double barrel…"

"Come and see how Jolly my Roger is."


Warning: Caution when using these, might get slapped!