Summary: The Marauders have a little surprise in store for the WHOLE school.

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The surprise

A short story by: Josie Evans

Chapter 1

"I am told we will be having quite a treat at the end of the week," Dumbledore said smiling in the direction of the marauders. "James Potter, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, will be performing a little something, they haven't informed me of what it is, but I have agreed to let them this Friday, after supper at 7, in the great hall. That is all" he said taking his seat.

"I wonder if they suspect anything?"said Sirius Black, a charming black hair boy, a smirk slowly growing on his face. The busy chatter of the great hall was amidst them once more only it seemed more joyful and excited. "I doubt it." replied Remus Lupin, "They probably think this to be an other prank, which don't forget it is." he said smiling.

"Common, let's head up to the dorm, I'm bloody tired, what with quidditch practice and all, besides we need to let them become anticipated and I sure hope that Evans girl didn't put a hearing charm on us to find out what we were up to." said a very disgruntled James.

"Ya, guess your right." Sirius said while getting up on a table, "GOODNIGHT EVERYONE!" he yelled, cupping his hands to his mouth. "Always have to be the centre of attention, don't you Paddy ol' boy?" Remus said all the while chuckling.

"Of course, besides if I wasn't who would? Greasy ol' Snape? Ha! Ya right, now there's something that'll make you laugh your breeches off."

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