Writer Info - Okay guys and gals, this is my second story idea and hopefully you like just as good as the other. So here it is. Oh if you find any mistakes, just tell me and I'll try to correct them.

Hercule slowly stood up from the broken and beaten terran that surrounded him. He looked around and quickly smiled. He then threw his hands up towards the sky as a small wind blew his horribly kept fro around.
"I did it! I defeated Cell!" he yelled as he made a peace sign with his fingers. His students, their manager, and the reporters looked up at him in shock.
"That delivery boy beat Cell! Not you!" screamed the announcer guy. The small group shook their heads and then watched as the fighters slowly moved further and further away from their position. Hercule began to move away, and then quickly took off in a helicopter that had been hidden inside his gi in capsule form. He quickly landed in the nearest town and announced his victory. The world soon knew their hero. He was starting to roll in the dough when the small delivery boy showed up in his town, the great Satan City, a few months later.
Gohan slowly walked up the huge driveway of Hercule's mansion. The day was a very comfortable as a soft wind toyed with Gohan's spikes. He continued to walk to the security guards position before the young man tried to stop him.
"I'm sorry boy. The great Hercule can not be bothered with an autograph," said guard.
"I'm here to claim what is rightfully mine," said Gohan starting to walk towards the house again.
"I'm sorry, I can't let you in," he said trying to push the boy back. Gohan simply grabbed his arm and threw him back into his seat in the small guard house.
"I'm sorry myself," he said before blasting apart the gate with a ki blast. He continued to walk up to the mansion when an entire group of guards surrounded him.
"You'd better run boy!" said one of them as he removed a chain from his jacket and began swinging it menacingly. Gohan didn't even let it faze him and continued to stare at the house in front of him. The rest of the guards removed weapons of their own and stared at the unmoving Gohan.
"We got him scared stiff!" yelled one of them as he began to laugh. Gohan suddenly looked really pissed off and clenched his fists. He let off a scream as a golden aura surrounded his entire body. The sudden power up blew the guards away from him and implanted them into walls and the ground. Gohan started to walk towards the house again when a girl his age came out of the house and ducked down in a defensive stance.
"What business do you have with my father?" she asked.
"I came here to take my rightful place as the savior of the planet," he said letting himself fall out of Super Saiyan. The girl seemed shaken a bit by his show of power then quickly got a determined look on her face.
"My dad killed Cell, not you liar!" she yelled eyeing the boy in front of her.
"I killed Cell after my dad died for my cockiness. Your dad is a liar and has called my father, my friends, and me weak! I don't appreciate that in the least!" he yelled back staring the girl. She visibly started shaking as Gohan face her down. She suddenly threw a punch out at the boy and was shocked to find his hand close around her wrist and suddenly jerk up viciously and hold her above the ground. She looked at him and fear. Gohan saw the look and then gently set her down on the ground. He let go of her wrist and looked down at her as a small grin came to his face.
"Sorry if I hurt you. It's hard to control the power I have," he said before looking up at the door as a tall man with an afro came to the door. The girl looked up at him and started shooting knives into him.
"What's wrong Videl?" he asked her as he started to walk towards her.
"You lied to me and the entire world daddy," she said silently. Hercule's face exploded into anger as he went to slap his girl. Videl snapped her eyes shut waiting for the impact. It never came and she heard a grunt. She opened her eyes a little and looked up to find her father being held back by the boy. Her eyes exploded open in shock as she stared at the boy.
"Sorry, but I can't allow a weakling like you punish the strong for knowing the truth," said Gohan as he looked up into Hercule's sweating face. Gohan then let Hercule's hand drop down to his side before helping Videl up from the ground.
"Who are you?" she asked looking at Gohan with admiration in her eyes.
"The little delivery boy, Gohan," he said his gaze never leaving Hercule's. About that time a camera crew came running through the destroyed gate and gasped at the freighting battle like field. Bodies were sprawled all over the yard and there at the door to the Great Hercule's house was his daughter and a boy who looked very familiar. That was when the reporter at the Cell Games stepped forward and with his mike at the ready.
"I think I would like to see the real hero in a match with the fake one. Would you please do me that honor so I can bring the truth forward and give your dad the credit and morning that he deserves?" asked the reporter.
"I wouldn't have a problem with that. You up to it weakling?" he asked. Hercule's anger exploded and he quickly ordered a few servants to draw out a ring. When it was completed Hercule stepped into the ring and faced the small boy in front of him. Gohan smiled and continued to stare at him.
"I don't normally beat the fuck out of little kids, but for you I'll make an exception," he said getting into an offensive stance.
"I usually don't hold a grudge against weaklings, but for you I'll make an exception," said Gohan as he continued to stand like he was facing down an infant. The wind swept up some spar dust as the camera crews caught the action that was about to start.
"You'd better use your full power boy, I don't want to knock you out with the first hit," said Herclue watching Gohan carefully. Gohan just smiled and looked at Hercule as his grin turned evil.
"Are you sure?" he asked. Hercule just nodded his head. Gohan just continued to smile and then clenched his fists. He quickly powered up to Super Saiyan and felt that familiar rush of power and rage fill his veins as the golden aura rose from around his body. Hercule's jaw dropped as he recognized the boy.
"This isn't my full power. Should I use that?" he asked a smirk gracing his features. Hercule nodded dumbly as Gohan screamed in exertion. His hair exploded up into straight locks as one stray one fell into his face. Lightning flashed around his body as the air exploded out from his body. Hercule was quickly blown out of the little ring that was made. Everyone stared in shock as the small blonde haired boy walked over to Hercule and picked him up off the ground with ease.
"Now you know my true power. Let the entire world know that you are a liar," he said before shooting off into the sky and leaving. Hercule watched his fame fly away with the boy. He looked over at the news crews as they shook their heads in disgust.

*** A few months later ***

Hercule was walking along the brick path. He watched as his former fans moved along not even noticing the former hero. He continued to walk until he found what he was looking for. He slowly moved into the building and pushed back the cloth. He took a deep breath and regretted it. The place smelled highly of mold and sewage. Hercule about lost it, but suddenly stopped as he saw a small crippled man walk up to him.
"You come in search of the dragon balls," he said as he took Hercule's hand. He quickly set the four stared dragon ball in his hand. Hercule smiled with satisfaction. He finally had all seven, but before he left, the old man grabbed his hand once more.
"You should not make a wish that you will regret later," he said before he let go and turned to go back and sit down. Hercule stared at him for a second before he quickly left and ran for the outer edges of the city.
"Dragon I beg of you, come forward and make my wish come true!" he yelled. The sky suddenly darkened and the dragon burst forward. When he was finally ready, the dragon eyes glowed red and he began to speak.
"What are your wishes so I can make them come true?" he asked.
"I want all the news crews to be brought to this spot ready to film me in all my glory," he said. The dragons eyes glowed red again as they dulled he spoke again.
"Your wish has been granted. What is the next one?" he asked as reporters and camera crews began to pop into exsistence.
"I wish Cell was back alive and brought to this place so he can face the true champ!" yelled Hercule. Everyone gasped in shock as Cell appeared before them. He laughed insainly and before anyone knew what happened, the entire area was blown away. Cell then quickly took off towards the power levels he felt off in the distance.
'I'm back Gohan! And I will make you pay!' he screamed in his mind. Gohan snapped his head up to the sky as a huge power level continued to fly towards him. Trunks looked up as well in shock and looked back at Gohan.
"Is that who I think it is?" he asked. Gohan just shook his head before blasting off to meet the enemy. Trunks quickly followed and wondered what happened. He checked his pockets and found his time machine still safely in his pocket.
'How did he come back?' asked Trunks as he followed Gohan back to Capsule Corp. When they landed Vegeta was already fighting with Cell. He was losing horribly and soon Cell finally caught him. Vegeta stared at Cell's hand that was a few inches in front of his face.
"Good bye weakling," said Cell as he charged a blast and blew Vegeta to saiyan dust. Gohan exploded in anger and shot forward nailing Cell in the face and knocking him across the yard of Capsule Corp, threw four buildings and a highway. Cell landed in the parking lot in front of Orange Star High School. Cell slowly rose off the ground and spit out some purple blood.
"Good to see you too Gohan," he said as he crossed his arms over his chest. Gohan continued to pierce Cell's form with his green eyes as the lightning continued to flare across his small frame. Cell then quickly shot across the parking lot and slammed into Gohan's face sending him into a building. He let out a howl of pain as the building collapsed on him. Then there was a loud scream as Gohan screamed as his power level rose. The building remains blasted off him and he started to walk towards as the pavement beneath him started to crack and explode with each step around him. Cell then shot back at him again hit him the face then grabbed his leg, swung him around above his head and threw him into the ground creating a huge crater. Gohan slowly rose from the crater and then began to beat the living shit of Cell until he finally kicked him away into the building on the other side. Dust exploded out from everywhere and the landscape was covered in the ugly dust. Gohan simply smiled and walked up to Cell. Cell shot out of the remains and started to pummel Gohan. He then grabbed Gohan threw him up into the air. He fired six blasts into the boys body and let him fall to the ground. Another crater was created as Gohan's bloody form hit the ground. Gohan's smirk was gone and he held his arm tightly. The one that was injured previously in his last fight with Cell. Trunks watched the fight and began to worry that Gohan wouldn't be able to win this one. Then he saw Gohan preparing his ultimate move that killed Cell last time, a super Kamahamaha. Cell noticed it as well and began to prepare to block the blast. Gohan's hand came down to his side and he looked up at Cell as blood leaked from his eyes like tears.
"KA.MA.HA.MA." Gohan called as his power began to go towards to his hand. Cell laughed as Gohan called his pathetic power. He braced himself for the impact and began to charge his own energy.
"HAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!" he screamed at the top of his lungs as his hand shot forward and the blast shot towards the monster. Cell suddenly started to scream in fear as the blast became stronger than he thought it would be. As his body began to fade away in the beam he smiled. Gohan looked on in horror as Cell began to drive the beam into the ground.
"If I go, this planet goes with me!" he screamed as he faded away the Kamahamaha burrowed into the ground. Tears streamed down Gohan's face as his power cut out and he fell to the ground unconscious.
"I failed again," he whispered as the planet began to break apart. Trunks acted quickly and pulled out his Capsule pack. He quickly threw it on the ground and grabbed Gohan's limp body. He typed in commands to go back to his future when the planet exploded just as the time machine left. The scanners began to scream in protest as the time machine flipped through the river of time. Suddenly it all ended and the time machine collided with the ground in front of Capsule Corp. Trunks slowly rose from the ground and looked at the still perfect dome of Capsule Corp.
'This isn't my time,' he thought weakly. He reached down and picked up the bloody from of Gohan from the wreckage. Just as he threw Gohan over his shoulder Bulma, a smaller version of Trunks, and a mini-Goku lookalike ran out to meet them. The two boys quickly hid behind Bulma's legs as she looked at the two injuried boys in front of her.
"Trunks what are you doing?" she asked. "Is that Gohan?" she squealed in surprise.
"Yeah, got any senzu beans?" he asked.
"No, but I think we can get some. Trunks! Goten! Go find Piccolo and Dende and tell them to get down here now!" she screamed as she took Gohan's limp form from Future Trunks. The boys quickly shot off into the air. Bulma looked down at her hands in shock. They were a beat red and very warm and sticky.
"What the hell happened?" she asked looked up at Trunks.
"Long story," he said before finally dropping to the ground unconscious himself.
"Oh Kami! Vegeta get out here!" she screamed as she ran inside the house with Gohan.

By the way if you want to know how the attacks looked play Budokai 2. The attacks used were Lasso, Fierce Ranma, and Super Kamahamaha. Also, the surrounding terran is the City Street battle area.