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Ryoko was glancing out at the clouds that the Lookout seemed to just float upon. It was a little unsettling knowing that one little trip and she could fall forever until her death. Thank god for flight school. She smiles softly and blushes a little as the memories of flight school come back to her. Being with Gonin was made her feel strange. She didn't know if it was love them being so young and all. Hell they were still considered pre teens in the eyes of most people. She frowns a little when remembering that she had actually lied to Gonin once. It was when they first met and he asked her to stay with him and his family….


"Hi Ryoko," he said silently turning towards her.

"Hi gold fighter," she replied and giggled when he gave her a strange look.

"How did you..."

"Saw you transform and fly into the air to talk to your little brother. It must be great to fly," she said looking at the sky herself.

"I could probably teach you, if you've had some martial arts practice," he said looking over at the girl.

"I've been in and out of it sense I was five, would that be enough?" she asked.

"What do you mean by in and out?" he asked.

"Depended on how I was feeling. Sometimes I would go and train every night, while other times I would train once every week," she replied looking over at Gonin and piercing his eyes with her crystal blue eyes. Gonin smiled and shook his head.

"That's enough. Do you think you could come over during the weekend?" he asked.

"I don't see why sister Mary would disagree with it," she replied starting to stand up.

"Sister Mary?" he asked.

"I'm currently staying with a friend of the family in an orphanage so I could attend OSM. Actually, I pretty much got dumped off there. Lime has grandpa to watch over and doesn't have room for me. While my parents dropped me off and I haven't heard from them sense," she said looking down at Gonin again.

"Let me talk to my mom, I'm sure she wouldn't mind letting you stay with us," he said smiling.

"What do you mean?"

"I have to talk to mom first, but maybe you could come and live with us for awhile," he replied.

"I don't think that will work out," Ryoko replied.

"Why not?"

"Cause girls aren't suppose to stay with guys past the age seven," she said starting to walk away. Gonin quickly caught up with her and started to talk again.

"I'm not looking for that kind of relationship yet, I just want a good friend," he said slowly and looking down at the ground. Ryoko stopped and turned towards Gonin.

"Okay Gonin, talk to your mom and I'll think about it," she said smiling as he jumped up in the air in excitement.


She had lied about her parents. Lime had sent her with Sister Mary after she had practically thrown her cousins kindness back in her face. Her parents had died just recently of leukemia. Watching her parents fade into nothing had hurt her more then Lime realized at the time. Fighting between the two had been horrible. One night Ryoko couldn't handle her depression any more and tried to take her life. Thank Dende her grandfather had found her and held the chair in place not letting her hang herself. Lime had tried to help her out, but Ryoko had just fought back against the girl's love not accepting it in the least. Lime had then sent her away with Sister Mary where she could get the proper help. She had been free of suicidal tendencies for over a year now. She then suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to find Goku gazing out at the clouds as well. He seemed to have a pained expression but then suppressed it and gave the classic Son grin to Ryoko.

"You okay?"

"I'm just worried…"

"About what?"

"Gonin…" she whispers looking out the clouds again.

"I wouldn't worry bout him…he'll be fine."

"I just miss him is all…jez, listen to me…I've barely known him for over a month and I can't even go a day without missing him," she says in a low heartfelt laugh. Goku suddenly pulls her into a soft hug and smiles his son grin to her once again.

"You just love him is all," Goku says smiling more as Ryoko blushes.

"I guess…"

"Just wait til after marriage…unless you can't."

"GOKU!" she squeaks in mortification blushing as red as a tomato only giving him more of a reason to laugh.

Planet of the Kai's

"GAH!" SPLASH! "DAMN IT!" is heard in the distance as once again Chen had gotten the better of Gonin/Gohan. Piccolo sighs and glances over to where Gonin was currently trying to swim back to shore holding the Z sword, not having enough energy to fly at the moment. When he finally arrived on the beach he laid back and stared into the sky as his thoughts turned to Ryoko. A small blush colors his face before he quickly puts those thoughts aside. Training with the Z sword had made him stronger…a lot stronger. He could feel it in the way he moved. He was about equal to Super Saiyan in normal saiyan now. He looks up to Chen and sees the boy smiling wide before sitting down next to him.

"You're doing great Gohan."

"I know…but will it be enough?"

"We won't know til you fight now will we?" Chen replies smiling.

"I should be training…but I'm so tired…" Gohan whispers back laying the Z sword next to him. Chen stares at the blade and then smirks.

"You rest…I need to speak with the others okay?"

"Yeah…sure…" the boy whispers back his eyes shutting as his dreams turn to Ryoko making him smile. Chen ruffles his hair and stands up.

"You dream bout your mate Gohan…sleep peacefully," he says before softly before walking over to Piccolo and the others.

"How is the training going?" Shin asks suddenly smiling.

"Its going…but we gotta do something special to give him the power for Mystic."

"What's that?" asks Kibito staring at the saiyan in front of him.

"Break the Z sword of course," Chen replies happily.

"WHAT?!" all three yell loudly glancing over to Gohan's sleeping form and catching the shine from the sword in the sun.

"Can you not feel it…there is someone trapped in the sword…someone you know very well," Chen says pointing to Shin. Shin closes his eyes and then snaps them open staring at the blade.

"How in the…why is a Kai trapped in the blade?"

"I'm not sure how he got trapped…but we do need to free him…that is the only way to release Mystic…and then…my training will raise Mystic x2," Chen replies smiling wide.

"Do you have an idea on how to do that…the sword is unbreakable!"

"You only think its unbreakable…all we need is a big block of Chaching and someone tough to throw it…namely me," Chen replies smiling more.

"If….you say so…" Shin says softly.


Babidi was currently having trouble. His mind was constantly going over what had happened to the amazing killer his father had left behind. This Majin Buu was more like a child of two with an appetite of chocolate and sweets that would make a saiyan sick! He growls lowly and then screams in fear as they blast through a building destroying it and making dust fly into his eyes.

"Damn you, you fat piece of trash! Take it slower and quit going through buildings!" Babidi screeches clasping his hands in Buu's squishy hide.

"Lizard man mean to Buu!" the creature yells back in his sickly child sounding voice.

"Do you want to go back in your ball!"

"How about oblivion instead you fat stack of shit!" two voices yell at once from above them. Buu and Babidi quickly glance up to find a man wearing a black vest with fluffy orange cloth around the collar and sleeves. He had on large white kung fu pants with a blue sash tied off on the right side. His lower back, chest, and abs were visible because of the semi small vest he was wearing. His hair was up in straight golden locks with one flipping around his face as a golden aura forms around his body making the wind track away from him in a tornado of energy. His feet were adorned in black kung fu shoes with blue wrappings that lead up to the pants.

"Who the hell are you?" Babidi screams out in shock.

"Hmm…I'm neither Goku nor Vegeta any longer…you can call me Gogeta," the man replies smiling viciously as two voices spill from his throat.

Just before Gogeta's attack

Vegeta growls to himself staring at Goku with a look that could kill. They had just practiced it and then performed it and ended up about the size of Buu with a type of stamina that would have them killed faster then they could walk.

"Umm…I think…we should definitely try not to screw up this time…" Goku remarks lowly as Ryoko giggles off the side.

"Oh and what gave you that idea!" Vegeta snarls back. Goku laughs nervously only making a stress vein appear on the princes head.

"Come on Vegeta…lets try again with our powers equaled…in SSJ 2," Goku replies only blushing more. Vegeta snarls again and then powers up Goku quickly following as a hush comes upon the people of the Lookout. Both of them move a few paces apart and then start the dance.

"Fuuuuuuu….sion…..HAAAAAAAAA!" they scream as perfection comes in the form of their power exploding across the senses of everyone present. A light engulfs their bodies as an aura blows everyone back on their asses. When the light fades a man with golden hair standing in straight locks glances around smiling.

"I really like this look," he says in Goku and Vegeta's voices.

"D-dad?" Gohan asks looking at him strangely. The man smirks and then floats into the air.

"Hardly…get to training boys…we'll go perform the first distraction exercise," the man says before disappearing in a blaze of gold. He quickly moves to Buu and then sees the creature fly through a building followed by the outraged screams of Babidi. Upon the mention of Buu's ball, he decides to make his presence known.

"How about oblivion instead you fat stack of shit!" he yells out smirking as his arms cross his chest.

"Who the hell are you?" Babidi screams out in shock.

"Hmm…I'm neither Goku nor Vegeta any longer…you can call me Gogeta," he says smirking more.

"You look strong…want to play with Buu?" the creature shouts in his childlike voice making the fused warrior wince.

"Yeah sure," he calls back before disappearing and reappearing behind Buu smashing his form through six buildings. Babidi in the mean time was broadcasting the fight to the entire world, making the people yell out in shock. This monster had been terrorizing them for almost half a day and now a strange golden warrior was giving him his knocks. Buu screams in outrage and rushes at Gogeta only to find himself seeing nothing but the blue sky as he feels hands wrap around his antenna. He squeals in surprise and then grunts as a fist plows into his head over and over his antenna making him come back to the fist like a punching bag. Finally Gogeta gets tired of his new toy and spins him around before making the fat blob smash headfirst into the pavement of a road beneath him.

"Get up Buu! Don't let this weakling beat you!" Babidi screeches in rage.

"Hmph…guess this body is too much for the fat one," Gogeta comments crossing his arms in boredom and turning away from the creature. Buu suddenly rockets forward and stops just behind him breathing hard as something like a train whistle sounds and steam explodes form the holes on his head. Gogeta turns his head his sea green eyes gazing the creature before lifting his hand and holding his palm to the sky. Energy begins to form there seeming like the colors of a rainbow swirling into a single white point.

"Lets see how you handle this lardo!" he yells before spinning around and throwing the small ball of energy right into Buu's stomach. Buu sits there for a moment and then yelps in pain as his body explodes into tiny bits of a pink substance. Gogeta smirks evilly and looks to Babidi, who's mouth as drawn open in shock.

"Buu…No…" he whimpers. Before Gogeta can move towards him to finish him off, the pieces suddenly turn into small little Buu clones that yell out his name before running and smashing into each other creating the oversized gum blob renewed. Gogeta turns and growls as Buu rushes forward and smashes a fist into his mouth hard then performs a roundhouse kick to the man's ribs. Gogeta gives a wince in pain when he felt something pop and then smashes Buu away with a boot to the face. He grabs his side and starts to breath hard as his golden aura disappears.

"Damn…your pretty tough Buu…I'll give you that," he says between gasps before placing his hand to his head and disappearing. Babidi looks around for him as well as Buu.

"Damn you lard ass! You could have killed him!" Babidi yells his voice like fingernails on a chalkboard. Buu turns to his master and glares at him, his friendly looking eyes opening to show small pupils. His face drawn into an evil little smirk.

"Buu no like you anymore," he says happily.

"Do what?" Babidi yells before the large hand wraps around his throat and squeezes. Babidi starts to cough and then sags in Buu's hand before the creature throws him away and blasts his body into tiny pieces.

"Buu free Buu free Buu free!" he sings dancing a strange little dance before spinning around and blowing up the city just behind him laughing in pure joy "Pow pow pow! Ow ow ow!"

The Lookout

Vegeta and Goku suddenly appear at in front of everyone looking a little worse for wear. They Goku smiles to everyone as Vegeta just glares at the ground.

"Well…I can safely say…he's strong," Goku says before collapsing and falling asleep. Vegeta glares at him and then falls over as well, going into a blissful sleep.

"Ummm…well…hmmmm…at least they lived…right?" Ryoko replies. The other simply nod before feeling Buu blow up the city.

Planet of the Kai's

"You ready Gohan?" Chen shouts holding a huge piece of black metal above his head.

"As ready as I'll ever be!" the boy quickly responds before getting ready for a swing with the Z sword. Chen nods and then throws the block at him. Gohan smirks and performs a baseball swing with the sword. The sword tip catches the metal hard and then snaps in half as the metal sails overhead and lands on the ground hard. Everyone stares in shock at the sword before Gohan drops it to the ground.

"Was that suppose too…" he is suddenly cut off by an older wheezy voice.

"Happen…why yes…it was," the voice says as everyone spins around and looks at an elderly version of Shin staring at them with a crooked little smile.

"Who…who are you?" asks Gohan.

"I am Elder Kai! Give me some props people! Get on your knees and show some respect!" he yells in his wheezy little voice. Everyone quickly face faults as the older Kai performs a perfect Roshi laugh.

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