"The Crow: Dark Game" Chapter 6: "Release the Night"

Disclaimer: Teen Titans, The Crow, and Yu-Gi-Oh do not belong to me. They belong to DC Comics/Warner Brothers, James O'Barr, and Kazuki Takahashi.

Author's note: This is it for "The Crow: Dark Game." However, it isn't quite the end of Robin's alliance with Yami Yugi.

"Let's fight!

"We're face to face

Loyalty is what I need to see from you

You're insecure

I can see the fear that breeds in your heart

Where will you run? Where will you hide?

I see the look drift from your eyes

Who will survive? Let's get it on

And we'll fight!

"I know who you are

The leader of lost souls

You can't kill me

I'm immortal

I'm not afraid to die

My soul will travel on

You can't kill me

I'm immortal




"I need the rush

There's nowhere you could hide before you die

Why won't you face me?

I can see the fear that's in your eyes

Where will you run? Where will you hide?

I see the look drift from your eyes

Who will survive? Let's get it on

And we'll fight!

"I know who you are

The leader of lost souls

You can't kill me

I'm immortal

I'm not afraid to die

My soul will travel on

You can't kill me

I'm immortal!

"I know who you are

The leader of lost souls

You can't kill me

I'm immortal

I'm not afraid to die

My soul will travel on

You can't kill me

I'm immortal!

"Where will you run?

Where will you hide?

Let's fight!

"I know who you are

The leader of lost souls

You can't kill me

I'm immortal

I'm not afraid to die

My soul will travel on

You can't kill me

I'm immortal!

"You can't kill me


You can't kill me


You can't kill me


You can't kill me."

Adema – "Immortal"

The Titans, Robin, and Yami Yugi stood face to face with their new foe. He was tall and deathly pale, with satanic markings on his face. An inverted pentagram marked his bare chest. He had long crimson hair and ochre eyes that burned with evil fire.

"Thartoc," Robin said.

"Yes," the demon said. "I am Thartoc." He smirked cruelly. "I'm impressed with all of you, especially you, Robin. Your bloodlust and cruelty to your enemies nearly equals my own."

"I'm nothing like you," Robin spat.

Thartoc looked at the eight young heroes, and then gasped when he saw the Millennium Puzzle around Yugi's neck.

"Haniah!" he spat, as if the name was the vilest of curses. "Even in death, that bitch torments me! I will kill you, Yugi Muto, and shatter your Millennium Puzzle forever!"

"In your dreams, Thartoc," Yugi replied. He reached inside his trench coat and drew his Desert Eagle handguns. Then he opened fire on Thartoc.

Unfortunately for him, Thartoc was more elusive a target than he had anticipated. He swayed around rapidly, moving so fast that there seemed to be many of him instead of just one.

"Fuck!" Yami cursed.

"My turn," Thartoc said. Black fireballs formed in his hands. "Black Spheres of Inferno!" He threw the fireballs at Yami, who dodged with incredible speed. For him, time seemed to slow down when he made his move. Then he leaped into the air and kicked his legs through it as his leap carried him to Thartoc and his front leg made brutal contact with Thartoc's face.

"Take that, you foul demon," Yami snarled.

"You're good, Yugi," Thartoc said. "But I'm better." He vanished, only to reappear where Yugi had been just before he was sent flying into a wall.

"What the hell was that?" Yugi asked.

"You have no idea who you're trifling with," Thartoc replied. He smirked. "But you'll become very aware soon enough."

"Titans, go!" Superboy and Robin shouted at the same time. That said, the seven teen heroes ran or flew at the arch-demon. Raven and Starfire fired bolts of black energy and starbolts at him. Cyborg shifted his arm into its cannon mode and blasted Thartoc. Beast Boy turned into a gorilla and tried to bash Thartoc with a two-handed slam. However, Thartoc jumped out of the way and sprouted black bat wings.

"Oh, a flyer," Wonder Girl said, flying up to join him. She aimed a fast right cross for his head, but Thartoc simply moved out of the way. She attempted a quick left jab but Thartoc moved out of the way of that attack as well. Then he was gone. "Where'd he go?"

"I'm right here," a sinister voice said. Wonder Girl turned around, only to end up face-to-face with Thartoc, who knocked her down to the ground with a backhanded strike.

"Wonder Girl!" Superboy shouted, flying up to catch her. "Are you all right?"

"Yeah, I'm all right," Wonder Girl replied. "Now let me at him!"

"Just save a piece for me, alright?" Superboy requested, letting go of her. They flew into the air and attacked Thartoc together. However, Thartoc was evading all of their attacks.

"Damn, this isn't good," Wonder Girl said.

"I know," Superboy said. "He's quicker than the Flash!"

"Insipid children," Thartoc sneered. "Time to put an end to you. Thousand Arrows!" Suddenly, arrows made of black energy were flying at them. Wonder Girl used her bracelets to block as many as she could.

"Oh, crap," Superboy said as he dodged. "When he said 'Thousand Arrows,' I didn't think he actually meant a thousand!"

"So many," Wonder Girl said. "It'll be impossible to block them all."

"Then we'll simply have to charge through them!" Superboy decided, flying through the arrows. Wonder Girl followed his lead and together, they weaved past the arrows as they flew. Just as it seemed they would make it to Thartoc, he vanished.

"Where the hell did he go?" Wonder Girl asked.

Her answer came in the form of two black energy arrows that pierced her and Superboy.

"Aaaahhhh!" they screamed, in pain. They plummeted, their descent stopped only by a platform of black energy made by Raven.

"Superboy! Wonder Girl!" Robin exclaimed, running to them.

"Are you all right?" Starfire asked.

"Hurts . . ." Wonder Girl moaned, the black energy crackling painfully in her blood.

Robin whirled to face Thartoc. "Time to die." He leaped up at Thartoc and drew his katana, cutting an arc through the air where Thartoc had once been. "Where'd you go?"

"Right here, Robin," Thartoc replied, landing behind him for a vicious kick to the head. However, the crow's-eye view warned him of Thartoc's attack and he raised his arm to block. Thartoc then aimed a fast left jab at him, but Robin caught it and flipped into the air while holding Thartoc. However, Thartoc twisted out of Robin's grip and slammed him to the ground.

Robin got up, feeling no pain from Thartoc's assault. "Is that the best you got, Thartoc? I didn't feel a thing."

"Of course you didn't," Thartoc replied. He landed in front of Robin. "Would you care to try again, little dead boy?"

Robin's response was to draw his katana again and make a fast downward slash. However, Thartoc just moved out of the way of that attack like he had the one before.

"Is this the best you can muster?" Thartoc asked. "Truly, Robin, I expected more from you."

"Azarath . . . Metrion . . . Zinthos!" Raven chanted, and the remaining glass from the dome roof shattered. Then all the shards came down at Thartoc, funneled into a single point.

"Aaaahhhhh!!" Thartoc screamed as the shards all pierced him at once, creating a giant hole in his body. He growled in pain and anger. "Nice try, witch. Nice try!" Black energy surged around him and then the shards came out of his body and went flying at Raven.

"No, Raven!" Yami shouted, tackling her out of the way of the shards.

"Thanks," Raven said.

"No problem," Yami replied as they got up.

"You'll still die," Thartoc said. "This world will be mine, and I will not brook any interference, especially from insignificant brats like you."

"You're still going down," Robin said. He leaped into the air and delivered a flying spin-kick that knocked Thartoc off-balance. He followed up with a roundhouse punch, but Thartoc caught his fist and tossed him. Robin turned his unwilling flight into a somersault and landed in a graceful crouch. Then he rose and spun into the air, landing a tornado kick on Thartoc.

"Much better," Thartoc said. "You're putting more effort into it." He smiled cruelly. "Now it's my turn."

Suddenly, he vanished from sight. Robin looked around, his senses alert for any sign of an impending attack. He got no warning when a sudden impact struck him in his abdomen, leaving him sprawled on the ground. Undaunted, Robin did a sideways spin into the air and delivered a vicious kick that left Thartoc with a bloody lip. He spun and kicked him again, this time in the chest.

"Come on, Thartoc," Robin said. "You really must try harder."

"Would you believe that I've been holding back?" Thartoc asked. He caught the shocked expression in the Titans' eyes and the eyes of Robin and Yami Yugi. "Yes, I have been holding back. I just wanted to see how good you were as warriors. And now that I have taken the measure of your skills . . . the kid gloves are off."

He vanished again, as if he'd never been there. Then, Robin was viciously punched and then kicked into a wall. Thartoc flew at him, following up with rapid punches and kicks that not even Robin could block entirely.

Thartoc charged up a ball of black fire. "And now it's time to put an end to you. Good-bye, Timothy Drake." However, a ball of green energy knocked the black fireball out of his hand. He whirled to see who had done it and his eyes landed upon Starfire.

"Leave . . . him . . . ALONE!" she yelled, firing a devastating starbolt that slammed Thartoc into a wall. She then flew to Robin. "Are you all right, beloved?"

"I'm fine, Star," Robin replied. "This is one of those times I'm really grateful that I can't feel pain anymore."

An evil chuckle could be heard from where Starfire's blast had thrown Thartoc. Speaking of that devil, he got up and flexed his wings. "Ah, I see now. You're strong, and even stronger when your love is threatened." He smiled. "Care to try me?"

Starfire flew at Thartoc, firing a barrage of starbolts. Thartoc dodged them all with ease and when she got close, he seized her in a death grip.

"I should warn you, Thartoc, I am stronger than I look," Starfire said. Then she slammed her elbow into his abdomen and stomped on his foot, the unexpected pain and force compelling him to release his grip on her. She whirled around and kicked him in the solar plexus, sending him flying.

Thartoc opened his wings, using them to stop himself in midair.

"I like this," he said. "I like it a lot. Purity and power combined are so sweet."

Starfire flew at Thartoc, assaulting him with fast punches and kicks up close and starbolts from a distance. Finally, Thartoc grew bored and slammed the heel of his hand into Starfire's chest, knocking her into a wall.

"Starfire!" Robin shouted. He ran to her. "Are you ok?"

"I shall live," Starfire replied.

"Yo, freak-face!" Cyborg shouted. "I got something for your punk ass!" He shifted his arm into cannon mode and fired a plasma bolt at the arch-demon. However, Thartoc came out of it mostly unscathed. Mostly.

"I barely felt a thing," he sneered.

Cyborg ran at him and jumped into the air. "How about point-blank?!" he shouted as he descended toward Thartoc, the cannon pointed straight at Thartoc's face. He fired again. "Ha! Don't feel too bad. Headless is the new look this year."

"Insolent machine-brat," Thartoc sneered as the smoke cleared. When it did, everyone could see that his head was still firmly attached to his shoulders.

"Shit!" Cyborg exclaimed.

Thartoc chuckled. "I admire your efforts." Then he grabbed Cyborg by the throat and lifted him clear off his feet. After that, he threw the half-machine teen into the wall.

"Cyborg!" Beast Boy shouted. Then he turned to Thartoc. "You monster!" He turned into a tyrannosaurus and lumbered toward the crimson-haired fiend.

"The dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years," Thartoc said. He smiled cruelly, exposing his fangs. "You want to see why?" In a blur of speed, he slid under Beast Boy and lifted him over his head. "Should I try to press you?" He pretended to be in deep thought. "No problem." He lifted Beast Boy like he was pumping weights and then threw him at the other Titans. "Catch!"

Beast Boy managed to change back to human form as he landed on Yami Yugi.

"Are you all right, Beast Boy?" he asked.

"Yeah," Beast Boy replied. "Dude. That guy's strong. He lifted me like he was just lifting weights and I was a tyrannosaurus! That's gotta weigh at least a few tons!"

"We can still beat him!" Cyborg declared.

"How?" Superboy asked. "He's strong enough to lift a tyrannosaurus over his head. He's faster than the Flash and Impulse put together. And he's got a shitload of dark magic to fall back on. I don't know how we're supposed to do it."

Robin scoffed. "I can't believe my team's in the hands of a quitter."

"What the fuck was that, Dead Boy Wonder?" Superboy asked.

"He may be powerful, but he's not invincible," Robin replied. "He was defeated before."

"Yes, and the power that defeated him lives on," Yami Yugi said. "In the Millennium Puzzle."

"Then you might want to try tapping into that power," Wonder Girl suggested. "Because I don't know what else is powerful enough to stop him."

"She's right," Skull Cowboy said, appearing.

"Skull Cowboy," Yami said.

"Yes, Yugi, it's time to call forth Haniah's power," Skull Cowboy said. "Hear this: 'When the never-resting souls join together, they shall become a creature of incarnate dark fire.'"

"What does that mean?" Robin asked.

"To tell it to you straight, you and Yugi must join your powers," Skull Cowboy explained. "You must merge your bodies and souls to defeat him."

"How do we do that?" Yugi asked.

"You figure it out," Skull Cowboy replied.

Merge ourselves? Robin thought. Is it possible? Can we do it? Then he heard Yugi's voice in his mind.

Yes, we can, Robin, Yugi replied. If our souls . . .

Are as one, Robin finished. That's it! Then out loud, "Thartoc! Your reign of terror ends here!"

"Really?" Thartoc asked. "And what do you intend to do that's going to stop me."

Robin's pale indigo eyes glowed crimson, and Yami Yugi's violet eyes glowed blood red. Then their bodies disintegrated, leaving behind blobs of different-shaded red light. The blobs intertwined in a DNA double helix pattern and wove themselves into a tight cord. Bright light exploded forth from them, causing everyone to shield their eyes. When they dared to look again, there was a black void hovering in the air.

"Something is coming from that black hole," Starfire said.

Indeed something was. A pair of legs encased in black leather and red belts emerged first from the void. As the legs emerged more and more, they could see a leather-clad torso and arms attached to the legs. Finally, the whole body of the new entity emerged from the void.

He was garbed in a tight black leather suit with red belts adorning the arms and legs. A ring was attached to the torso, with six leather straps extending from it. He had messy black hair with spiky blond bangs and icy lavender eyes, and he was carrying a black staff with a teardrop-shaped end and a blue orb attached. He wore both the Millennium Puzzle and the Tamaranian good-luck charm and his face was painted deathly white with black makeup accenting the eyes and lips in the exact same manner as Robin's and Yugi's.

In fact, the Titans couldn't help but notice that this new being was similar to Robin and Yugi in other ways.

"He looks like Robin," Starfire observed.

"But with Yugi's eyes," Raven added. "Look, he's wearing the Millennium Puzzle and the Tamaranian good-luck charm you gave Yugi."

"He's taller than either of them," Cyborg noticed.

Indeed he was. Where Yugi was 5'6" and Robin only an inch or two shorter, this new entity was 5'10" or 5'11".

"Who are you?" Thartoc asked.

"Good question," the new entity replied in a blend of Robin's and Yugi's voices.

"Holy shit!" Superboy exclaimed. "He has Robin's voice and Yugi's voice!"

"Call me . . . Yami Robin," the entity said.

"Yami Robin," Thartoc echoed. He smiled. "Finally, a warrior who can actually give me a workout."

"You will pay for your evil deeds, Thartoc," Yami Robin said, pointing his staff at him.

"Really?" Thartoc asked. "I don't think so. Thousand Arrows!" Again, he fired the wave of dark energy arrows.

Yami Robin's blackened lips curled into a sneer. "Please." He spun his staff and the spinning of the staff deflected all of the arrows.

"What?!" Thartoc shouted, surprised. "How did you do that?"

Yami Robin just chuckled. "My turn." Then he vanished.

"Where did he go?" Thartoc asked.

"I'm right here," Yami Robin replied from behind him. Thartoc turned and threw a black fireball at him. Yami Robin merely stepped out of the way. Thartoc threw another black fireball and again Yami Robin sidestepped it.

"Dude!" Beast Boy exclaimed. "Tattoo-face can't even touch him!"

With a scream of rage, Thartoc flew at Yami Robin, pursuing him with vicious punches and chops. However, Yami Robin was evading all of them with ridiculous ease. Then he vanished and reappeared behind Thartoc.

"Looking for me?" he asked.

Thartoc whirled around to see Yami Robin, jumped back, and fired a barrage of black fireballs. "Die!!"

"I'm already dead, fool," Yami Robin replied as he evaded the fireballs with incredible speed and liquid grace. "What the hell are you aiming at?"

"Aarrggghhh!" Thartoc screamed and moved behind Yami Robin, charging up a large dark fireball.

"Yami Robin, look out!" Cyborg shouted.

Thartoc hurled the dark fireball at Yami Robin's seemingly unprotected back. However, his separate selves' crows' eyes had warned him of the attack and he turned around to knock the fireball aside. Then he leaped at Thartoc and delivered a vicious crescent kick that sent him colliding with the wall.

"I'll give you one chance, Thartoc, and one chance only," Yami Robin said, stalking toward Thartoc. "Give up."

Dark energy flared around Thartoc and he removed himself from the wall. "Never!"

"Then prepare to die," Yami Robin said.

"You incense me," Thartoc said. "And it is not a wise idea to incense me."

Yami Robin chuckled. "You don't scare me, Thartoc. You know as well as I do that your powers are nothing compared to mine. So again, prepare to die."

" 'Prepare to die'?" Thartoc echoed. "Me? Perhaps it is you who should prepare to die."

"Come on, then," Yami Robin said. "Kill me. If you can."

Thartoc lunged at Yami Robin, assaulting him with vicious punches, chops, and kicks. However, Yami Robin was just moving out of the way. "You're nothing!" Thartoc screamed. "Nothing! Without Haniah's power, I could rip you both apart!"

"Says you, bitch," Yami Robin spat. Then he caught Thartoc's fist and started to squeeze. Fighting the pain, Thartoc shifted his weight to his other foot to spin-kick Yami Robin, who simply caught his ankle. He slammed his knee into Thartoc's belly, eliciting a choking gasp of pain from the arch-demon.

Yami Robin released Thartoc, only to jump behind him and tear his wings off his back, eliciting a roar of pain from him.

"I do not feel sorry for Thartoc, but that sight was simply brutal," Starfire said.

"I'm with you there," Superboy said.

"And now to finish you off," Yami Robin said. He lifted his staff into the air and twirled it, the orb on the end glowing. Crackling black energy emanated from the orb. "Chaos Scepter Blast!" He slammed the staff onto the ground and the energy was released in an orb of crackling light that traveled across the ground and shot up at Thartoc, seemingly consuming him upon impact.

"Yeah!" Beast Boy cheered.

"He did it!" Cyborg shouted. "Booya!"

"It's over," Superboy said.

"And it couldn't have ended better," Wonder Girl said.

"Shall we celebrate Yami Robin's victory?" Starfire asked.

Raven was the only one not joining in. "It's not over yet."

"What the hell do you mean, Raven?" Cyborg asked. "Yami Robin smoked that freak! There's no coming back from an attack like that!"

"Quite the contrary, my metal friend," the dreaded voice spoke. When the smoke from Yami Robin's attack cleared, Thartoc could be seen. Wingless and burned, but alive --- and angry.

"I warned you," he snarled. "I warned you not to make me angry!!!" He let out a roar of unholy rage and the domed chamber began to shake. Black-and-red electricity crackled around him and extended to encompass the entire room.

"What the hell is happening here?" Wonder Girl asked.

"You drove me to this, you undead freak!" Thartoc screamed. "It's all your fault!"

Thartoc was glowing with black light, and the light soon grew bright enough to obscure him. Then the light exploded, in a wave of sound and fire that consumed everyone present. Everyone screamed and yelled.

"What is happening?!" Starfire asked.

"It's not good, whatever it is," Yami Robin replied.

When the explosion of dark light stopped, the Titans, Yami Robin, and Skull Cowboy looked around, seeing darkness everywhere.

"It's so dark," Superboy said.

"Thank you, O master of the obvious," Beast Boy said sarcastically.

Starfire's hand glowed, creating a makeshift flashlight. Suddenly, more light came, as crimson fire exploded in front of them.

"Ahhh!" Beast Boy shouted and jumped back. The others jumped back as well. Crimson cracks formed in the ground beneath them and the black rock under their feet collapsed.

"Where are we?" Wonder Girl asked.

"You're in my world," Thartoc's voice replied. The Titans, Yami Robin, and Skull Cowboy looked down to see a pool of red lava separating their side from the far side. In between the two sides of ground were flat-topped pillars, scattered all over the lava pool.

A dragon arose from the lava, but it was no dragon as they had ever seen. It was a sickly dark green color with dark gray skeletal armor plating on its torso, arms, legs, and head.

"This is my true form," the dragon snarled with Thartoc's voice. "This is my world, and I have brought you here so that you may die."

To everyone's surprise, Yami Robin began to laugh.

"What do you find so funny?" Thartoc asked.

"I hate to play devil's advocate, but he does have a point," Raven said.

"You think they've flipped their combined lid?" Cyborg asked.

"You're a fool, Thartoc," Yami Robin declared. "I'm going to crush you, and scatter your ashes through this place."

"You think you can stop me, Yami Robin?" Thartoc asked.

"I can, and I will," Yami Robin replied. Purple/red/blue/black light surrounded him, enveloping him in its dark embrace. It shaped itself into wings as it hovered into the air. When the wings unfurled, a giant black crow made of light was revealed.

"They are . . . beautiful," Starfire said, awed at the sight of the luminous crow.

"Amazing," Raven said.

"They're the Celestial Crow," Skull Cowboy said. "This would be their version of your soul-self, Raven."

"It doesn't matter," Thartoc said. "I will defeat you! Black Meteor Fire!" He shot balls of molten black light at Yami Robin, who folded his wings around himself to block.

"Black Celestial Flame!" Yami Robin shouted, opening his wings to shoot black fireballs at Thartoc.

"Arrrhhh!" the demonic dragon screamed. "You'll pay for that!" He flew at Yami Robin and slashed him, eliciting a screech of pain from him. Yami Robin extended his talons and gripped Thartoc's head. "Release me now, you stupid bird!"

"I think not," Yami Robin replied. He began to squeeze Thartoc's head with his talons. "Prepare to die." He wrapped his wings around Thartoc, even as he struggled against him. "Crow Implosion!" Bright light exploded from Yami Robin as he held Thartoc in his embrace of death, causing everyone to shield their eyes. When it faded, Yami Robin opened his wings to reveal that it was just him left. "Now let us return home."

The world around them began to shift and distort, until they were back in the domed chamber. Also, they noticed that Yami Robin was back in his human form.

"You did it!" Beast Boy exclaimed.

"Yeah!" Cyborg agreed. "Booya!"

"You are victorious, Yugi and Robin," Starfire declared.

"You're the men!" Superboy exclaimed.

Raven and Wonder Girl just smiled. "Good job," Raven said.

Yami Robin turned to face them, and then fell down to one knee. Starfire and Raven ran to him. "Has the fight damaged you in some way, Yami Robin?" Starfire asked.

Yami Robin said nothing, but he glowed and then the glow separated into two blobs of light, which grew into Robin and Yami Yugi.

"What happened to them?" Starfire asked.

"They're not hurt, Star," Raven replied. "Just tired."

"She's right," Skull Cowboy said. "They used up a lot of energy fighting Thartoc, especially when they transformed into the Celestial Crow."

[Rooftop of Titans Tower]

"So this is it, huh?" Superboy said. "Nice working with ya, Yugi."

"It was nice for me as well," Yugi replied. "Beast Boy, keep practicing with your cards and you'll be a master duelist in no time."

"Thanks," Beast Boy said.

"You're free to help me tune up the T-Car whenever you visit," Cyborg said. "I mean, nobody makes her shine the way you do."

Yugi chuckled. "Thanks."

"Anytime you feel like sharpening your fighting skills, look me up," Wonder Girl said.

"I'll do that," Yami Yugi said, smiling.

Starfire and Raven both hugged him. "Take care of yourself," Raven said.

"I will . . . sister," Yami replied.

"Sister?" Raven echoed.

"Yes," Yami replied. "I love you, Raven, like you were my sister. So, I will be your brother and you will be my sister."

"I never had a brother before," Raven said. She smiled. "I think I'll like it . . . brother."

"Thank you," Starfire said. "For bringing Robin back to me."

"You're welcome," Yami replied.

Starfire and Raven finally released Yami from their joint embrace and Superboy stepped forward with a T-com. "From now on, consider yourself an honorary Titan."

"Thanks," Yugi said, taking the T-com. He looked at Robin. "Take care of yourself, Robin, and those you love. You never know how long you'll have with them."

"I know," Robin said. He smiled softly.

"We will meet again one day, Titans," Yugi said. "For now, farewell." Then he jumped off the roof, with his crow soaring overhead. Skull Cowboy vanished into thin air.

"So what about you, Robin?" Starfire asked. "Will you stay this time?"

"Our paths are different, Star," Robin replied. "Yours is with the Titans. Mine is in another direction." He smiled. "But I will be there when you need me." He kissed her once, and then leaped off the roof with his crow flying overhead.

[Domino Airport]

Yugi got off his returning flight and exited the airport. No sooner had he stepped outside than he got a welcome surprise.

It was Téa, who had spotted him and was now running toward him. "Yugi!" she shouted.

"Téa," Yugi said, embracing her.

"I'm so glad you came back all right," she said. "Where did you go?" She looked at his face. "And where did your makeup go?"

"I'll explain on the way home, and glamour spell," Yugi replied. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and Téa rested her head on his shoulders as they walked home together.

"I feel so alone again

I know that I need you

To help me make it through the night

And I pray

That you believe in me

You gave me strength

To face another day alone.

"I need you now, my friend

More than you know

When will we meet again?

'Cuz I can't let go of you.

"This world brings me down again

I know that I need you

To help me make it through the night

And I know that you're the one for me

You gave me my strength

To face another day

And I know . . .

"I need you now, my friend

More than you know

When will we meet again?

'Cuz I can't let go

I can't let go.

"As time passes by, I find

Things never seem to change

When I feel alone

You bring me back to you.

"And I need you now, my friend

More than you know

When will we meet again?

'Cuz I can't let go of you

No, I can't let go."

12 Stones – "Let Go"

End Notes: All right, that is the end for "The Crow: Dark Game." However, it is not even close to the end for Robin or Yami Yugi. They will meet again in my and Wolf God's second Crow venture: "The Crow: Black Fire," which we will alternate chapters on.

As for this story, it's set two months after "Yu-Gi-Crow: Devil's Night," written by The Wolf God. Also, he helped me plot the story. The fusion between Yami Yugi and Robin was inspired by the fusion in Dragon Ball Z, except it'll last as long as the users want it to instead of only being for thirty minutes or being permanent. However, in this fusion, they will separate if their energies are exhausted. Until next time, and check out "The Crow: Black Fire" when it comes out.