The Return Of Agent Finn

Buffy sat on the pleather bus seat tired and exhausted. They were about twenty miles away from LA and she didn't want to leave the bus. She didn't want to see her dad or most of all, Angel. It was her first plan to talk to Angel, but, she felt wrong and ugly. Her dad would guilt her because she hadn't come in oh years. Angel would guilt her because she didn't call. It was all a mess.

"Buffy, what's with the sad? You get to see your dad and the ex, what's the deal?" Xander asked, his regular grin didn't appear, just a imitation of the real Xander smile which hadn't shown in days. His sole eye was naked and told of all his pain, Anya. She had died within the school during "The Big Showdown" as the slayerettes called it. Andrew proud and sad over Anya, his best friend's death.

"Xander, quit faking for my own sake! Cry if you want, nobody but us'll know!" Buffy yelled.

Willow cut in. "Buffy, who rubbed you the wrong way? Xander's just trying to be nice! And I'd put on a happy face before you go see Angel, not to forget your dad! And I for one think you are acting REALLY Bitchy, okay?" Willow kind of froze as if Buffy was going to slap her.

"You're right, Will. I'll be Miss Perky Buffy and say hi to my ex and try to forget about my exploding boyfriend!" Buffy teared up. Willow looked at her with pity and touched her shoulder.

" Buffy, don't be selfish, you are not the only one who's lost someone in the last two years." Willow looked at her with a look in her eye that told Buffy everything she needed to know.

"I forgot Will, sorry, I just remembered that and I just really hate myself for forgetting." Buffy said simply and truly meant. Tara's face flashed in Buffy's mind and it clicked.

"KIDS! Keep it down! We are about to enter LA, we'll go to a gas station and you can tidy yourselves up! You got me?" Wood yelled from the driver's seat, Faith laughed-giggled at him.

It's nice Faith has someone to care about, she's needed one for a long time.Buffy thought smiling.

The bus stopped at Candy's Car Stop and Buffy got off the bus to go to the payphone. The massive yellow book showed Buffy every name she knew from high school before Sunnydale, every club she'd been to, Hemery High School, still standing which amazed Buffy because she used to think everyone was lucky enough to have their very own apocolypse on graduation day. She finally found what she was looking for, Angel Investigations, but something else, the words read Angel Investigations and Wolfram and Hart. Buffy dialed the numberand a bubbly voiced secretary answered. "Hi, this is Harmony! Who would you like to speak with?"

"Harmony? Hmmm... Why are you working at Angel Investigations?"

"Oh, hi slayer, uh, I mean Buffy, did you call to trash me or do you want to speak with someone?"

"I want to speak with Angel, tell him I'm coming, you know don't want to be an inconvenience."

"Okay, I'll click you in."

Beep, beep, beep..

"Hello, this is Angel. How may I help you?"


"Buffy, I'd know that voice anywhere. You in Sunnydale?"

"Uh, you mean Sunnyhell Canyon? That amulet of yours completely totaled Sunnydale."

"It did more than that." Angel muttered. "Oh, I forgot about the news reports, they've been all over tv, so where are you unless you jumped in the hole and scavenged a phone?"

"Surprise! I'm in LA!"


"Yea, me and the slayerettes used an old Sunnydale High School bus and motored on out here. Don't worry, we'll bunk at my dad's house if he lets us."

"Buffy, don't come to my office. Please! There's something here you probably will not want to see."

"Well, I'll find out when I'm there, Ciao!" She was almost going to hang the phone up.

"Buuhhtt....." He pleaded. Too late, he got the beep,beep,beep tone. He wrinkled his forehead.

Next, Buffy searched for Hank Summers, she found his name and dialed the familiar number which got a rriiinnggg, and quickly her dad's voice took over.

"Hank Summers here, who is it?"

"Erm," Buffy gulped." Buffy and Dawn." "Buffy? Dawn? How? Why? What?" he seemed to be speechless."How'd you survive? The Sunnydale fall in and all. I thought for sure... Oh, my, I forgot some one's here, for you, Buffy. He wants to talk to you badly. Where are you?"

"Payphone, in LA. I need a place to bunk with twelve friends, don't worry, just a few sheets and a basement and we're fine."

"Okay, I'll put some sheets down there. No problem."

"I should be there in about ten minutes, but it may take awhile, we're in a bus."

"A bus? Where are you going to put it?"

"Probably hoodwinks field, we can walk awhile, should be there soon, bye."

Buffy jumped into the bus and and stopped at the driver's seat. She had a brief word with Wood.

"Wood, we are going to hoodwinks field, which is on MacAlister Rd. same as my dad's house, we've reserved the basement."

"Okay, Buffy, you're gonna have to help me find it, I don't know much about LA."

"Just drive carefully, this is a big bus, and LA can get nasty."

Buffy sat in the seat behind Wood's and waited for everyone else. Five minutes and they were on the road, five more and they were on MacAlister Rd.

"Okay, see that huge field, we're parking in the parking lot, turn now."

He did and he found a large spot, the bus halted, the doors opened and everybody hopped out.

"Dawn, guide the slayerettes, I'll guide Wood, Will, Faith, and Xander."

"Got the order." Dawn motioned and the slayers followed.

They crossed the street and ended up at the familiar house.Ding dong!

"Dad, it's us, open up."

The door unlocked her dad's face greeted her and he opened the door. Buffy walked in with her friends and apprentices, she looked around and saw the form of.....

"Riley?!?" Buffy, Willow, and Xander said in unison.