It was morning, Buffy was dressed in her gown, which the tail of it went into the next room, her hair was curled and soft, it was magnificent. She wore her pearl engagement present earrings, and she wore a nice gold amethyst chain.Willow did her make-up. Dawn primped in front of the wall mirror in the house. Buffy glanced outside, she saw Xander, Riley, and his brothers set up the backyard. Roses were twined around the arch over the wedding area. A nice wine colored carpet was laid down as an aisle. It was her dream wedding, and it was that day she had been dreaming and waiting for for months. She noticed something, Riley's chest was bare, she had almost forgotten how good a chest it was, nice, fit, and carved to perfection, only a few scars courtesy of Adam, and a piece of glass he had used to remove his behavior modification chip.
She smiled, Willow noticed the pleasure on her face.

"Buffy, are you going to let him know you're there?" Willow asked meekly.

"Are you kidding me? A good stare is what I need now, and if he saw me, the wedding charm would be gone. 22nd rule in the wedding rule book is NEVER let the groom see the brides wedding dress before the ceremony. It's a simple rule." Buffy shrugged.

"Okay, I just know how he is, sneaky and alert, he'll notice you staring at him. Or he'll send a messenger like..."

"Hey all." Xander came through the door, his eye patch matched his tux perfectly, it looked nice. He had a white rose tucked in one of the front pockets. He looked nice.

"Xander, you finally found something that matches the patch, formal wear!" Buffy joked, Willow giggled.

"Hehe, haha, harhar. They're almost finished with the back." Xander replied.

"I noticed, it's beautiful, you did great. Is my groom getting ready?" Buffy asked.

"Just went to change, and Buffy, you look, a-, amazing, stunning, god, you look beautiful. Buffy, just want you to know, if Riley, if he..." Xander smiled reassuringly.

"...hurts me? You'll kick his ass, right? You'll kick his donkey? And thanks, Xand, I was going for stunning. Thanks, Xand, I love you." She smiled.

"I love you too." He smield and came to hug her.

"Eh-hemm?" Willow coughed.

"C'mon, Will, you get to join the group hug, you know that." Xander laughed. Willow came running. She grinned and joined in, she exerted a squeal of delight.

"Xand, did Rye send you up here? You know as a messenger, to at the last moment take a polaroid picture, and run downstairs with it, like a spy? Saying 'look what I got'?" Buffy whispered. "You think I'm that sneaky? Knowing me, I'll trip over the stairs and fall trying to run away." Xander laughed.

"Knowing Xander is hazardous." Willow joked.

"HEY!" Xander playfully hit Willow's head.

"Xand, you know I love you." Willow said.

"My inner tenth grader thanks you." He said oddly.

"My inner tenth grader says 'SNAP OUT OF IT'!" Buffy joked.

"Ah, the almost popular Buffster has resurfaced." Xander said quietly.

"No, she hasn't, she's buried in this big wedding dress." She smiled, her honey blonde hair pulled in a bun had not been hairsprayed, so when she laughed a strand fell out of it.

"Oh, news for you, wedding starts in thirty minutes, so be ready." He said and then left the room.

"Don't worry, I'll be ready, I always am." She grinned and waved him out the door.

Twenty-eight minutes later Buffy was rushing down the stairs, she had one second to lose so she peeked out one little porthole like window, almost everyone was there, Riley was up front and looked at his watch impatiently, Buffy smiled. She ran again and finally ended up at the back door where her bridesmaids, the flower girl Olivia, and the ring boy Mark, Giles, and Hank were. They saw her and smiled, she went to the back of the line and linked arms with her father and her former Watcher. The wedding march began.
One by one the bridesmaids went down the aisle in their spring pastel gowns, Faith, Willow, Dawn, and Luann, Buffy's friend since kindergarten all strolled down it proudly, youthfully, happily. Then, Buffy's cue came, she took a baby step, then two, and she was gone, down the aisle. The spring breeze hit her back in soft waves. The decorations were magnificent, tears slowly beaded down her face, her veil hung in her face, a white soft, thin, transculent veil. The flowers from Olivia's basket flew in the air by every wave of the wind.
She walked more, quietly, but majestically down it, she looked up front, Riley's eyes were full of emotion, admiration, and love, he smiled when he saw her. In the last verses of the age old tune, Buffy found her spot, she gazed into his eyes, she quietly put her hand forward, he took it and grinned tenderly. Her pinky finger curled around his, it was nice. He gazed in her eyes once more, and she knew it, she knew he loved her.

~ The End ~