Chapter 1

~ Angel ~

I stared up at the millions of stars in the night sky as I wondered I thought about who else but Buffy. She phoned me from Sunnydale to tell me she was coming to L.A. to tell me some big news. She sounded really happy. I smiled, when she is happy I feel like I am living again.

Cordy called me from inside the hotel to come down. I left the balcony that I was brooding on and went downstairs to the lobby.

"Brooding again?" she inquired with a smirk.

"I don't brood, I.. ponder" I answered.

"Sure, anyway Wes and Gunn decided to make the patrol tonight so I'm going home. Alright?" she asked

"See you tomorrow" I absently answered as my thoughts were still on Buffy, wondering what the exciting news was.

The next day, I woke up at ten o clock in the morning to get ready for her. I slipped into my black, leather overcoat (I thought I looked quite sexy in it) and her favorite wine-colored shirt that was tight in all the right places as well as my black pants. I went to the sink and turned on the cold water tap, placed my hands under it and ran them through my hair. I hoped it gave me a "I'm-doing-well-in-L.A-and-don't-care-that-you-are-here". I really wished I had a reflection because I wanted to see myself how Buffy would see me. Ever since I left Buffy, my pain and love for her has increased with each passing day. I went back to Sunnydale to see her and to be with her but I saw her with Riley. She looked so happy. Almost like an angel.

When she came, I decided I was going to act all cool, calm and collected. I hoped that would be possible because when I see her, I just want to hold her and kiss her forever. I was going to show her that her new life was fine with me and it didn't bother me that much.

I went downstairs to find that Buffy was already there. She was having an animated discussion with Cordelia about The Dingoes (Oz's band) and how they were going to make it big. I tried to restrain myself from running to her and hugging her as hard as I could. Instead I glided down the stairs looking composed. But unfortunatly that didn't last long when I tripped. I looked up embarrassed into Buffy's concerned but laughing eyes.

"Angel! I missed you! Are you okay? I thought vampires were graceful." she asked laughing.

"I'm fine" I answered 'How have you been?"

"Great! Okay, two things. Firstly, the big bad is back and I need your help. Second, Willow found . . . "

"Cordy, why didn't you call me when Buffy arrived?" I asked Cordelia, cutting Buffy off.

"I knew you wanted to take your time to look good for her, you have been getting ready for like an hour!" she answered cunningly.

Buffy was still looking at me. I looked into her eyes and saw question and hope.

* Buffy *

Why is Angel being like this? I thought he would be happy to see me. What did I do? I wanted to tell him that when he came to Sunnydale, I felt him even though I never saw him. I wanted him to know that it was over with Riley and I wanted to be with him again. Angel was still arguing with Cordelia and I decided that I should just leave.

As I was walking out of the door, Angel noticed me and asked, "Buffy are you leaving already?"

I turned around, hurt that he didn't care. I just wished he would come over to me and hug me and tell me that he was happy to see me. "I'm leaving, but I just came here to tell you that I miss you and I want you and Willow invited both of us on vacation. But I see you're busy." And with that I turned around and stalked out of the hotel wanting him to follow me but knowing he couldn't since it was 80 degrees and the sun was shining to its full strength.

~ Angel ~

I really hated to hurt Buffy like that but I thought I was just trying to keep her happy. She didn't know how painful it was to talk to her like I didn't care and love for her.

"How rude" Cordelia stated as she started flipping through a fashion magazine. "Well, that's Buffy for you" she said in the way she talked about Sunnydale people.

As I went back up the stairs, it struck me what she said. She loved me to! She wanted me! Probably not after how I treated her. As I got to my room I realized one more thing.. VACATION?