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~ Angel ~

What am I doing here? I wondered as Buffy dragged me throughout the Sunnydale Mall. It was nine o' clock and it was dark out. I thought the mall was closed and my mall misadventure was over, but no. Buffy happily and excitedly informed me that tonight it was Midnight Madness and the mall was open till 4 am.

"Buffy, let's go home. Please?" I pleaded with her.

"No way! We've only been shopping for an hour! We have so much to do. Starting with shoes." Buffy looked down at my feet and contemplated my shoe destiny. "You look like you could wear ... loafers." She pulled me into Feet First and continued pulling down various styles of loafers. Ugh. I hate loafers with a passion. They are all ugly and not me.

I decided to protest. "Nope, not trying them on. They are so old-mannish."

Buffy looked at me with that mysterious sparkle in her eye. "You are an old man. Now sit down and try them on." She pushed me down playfully.

After the third pair, she wrinkled her nose in disgust. "You're right. My fashion sense is telling me this is not the direction to be going." I sighed in relief. "What was I thinking, you're all Abercrombie and Fitch, not all business typey. Come on, we have soooo much work to do."

I sighed and followed her in exhaustion into the Aber-something store. She tossed me a bunch of swimming trunks and directed me towards the changeroom. I stared down at myself in amazement. They're so bright! My god, fashion these days. In my days, we didn't go swimming in special pieces of material. We would just ... swim. Not caring about what we looked like.

* Buffy *.

Ohhh...... he is soo yummy in Abercrombie. How did I not see it? Angel, with his hot body and spiky hair. I can't wait until he comes out of the changeroom!

Angel came out, slowly. Like he was unsure of himself. I couldn't say anything. I just stared. I was speechless. Angel in swimming trunks, with his six-pack showing. Aww and he looked adorable with his expression of uncertainty.

After several more seconds of stunned silence, Angel timidly asked, "So I look okay?" "How can you even ask that? You are going to be the hottest vampire there! Just look at yourself." I exclaimed.

"Um. Remember... vampire... reflection... not happening anytime soon." Angel teased me.

I blushed. Of course, it's just that going to vacation is so normal. I always forget that he is a vampire. "There is one thing that needs to be fixed, though."

I walked over the Angel and pulled his trunks down just so they were at his hipbone. He was wearing them all the way up to his bellybutton! "This is not the 90's ... now it's low or no go." I lectured him. Honestly, he is so behind fashion. I guess two hundred years without going to a mall or seeing a reflection can do that to a man.

Angel just looked at me and started laughing. God I love it when he laughs. He needs to do it more often. His face just lights up and the smile reaches his eyes. Angel is not like those people that smile and don't mean it. When Angel smiles, he means it and the whole world smiles with him.

"Now come on! All we have to do is shorts, shirts and shoes." I called to Angel in the change room as I urged him to hurry up. He just responded with a long, tired groan. I smiled. I knew that deep down he was enjoying this. I mean, how could anyone not like shopping?