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Episode 158!


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Notes: indicates telepathy, ** indicates thoughts, italics indicates translated pokemon speech!

Episode 158: Finally! We've reached Cianwood!

            Ash cheered as they landed on the surface of the island. "YAY! I'm so happy! We're finally here!"

            Pika-chan and Luna were silent.

            Lance smiled and stroked Darkstar's head. Those two are still mad at each other, so they're using the silent treatment.

            Oh well. Ash sent back. At least they're not fighting.

            You've got that right.

            Now let's go get the medicine for Jasmine!

            Ash and Lance quickly located the pharmacy.

            "What are you doing here?" The blue-haired owner asked. "Your pokemon are fine."

            "The lighthouse pokemon is sick." Ash explained. "Jasmine sent us to get medicine for it."

            "Oh, Amphy? All right then." The man said. He opened a little cabinet under his table and took out a red bottle. "This is my Secret Potion. It's very strong, but this sounds like an emergency. Please take this back to Jasmine."

            "Okay." Ash said, putting the Secret Potion in his backpack.

            They left the man's house.

            "So, what do we do now?" Ash asked.

            Lance shrugged elegantly. "Well, the Cianwood gym is right over there…"

            Ash's eyes lit up. "Okay! I'll go challenge the leader for a badge!"

            "Then you'll be able to fly back to Olivine." Lance said. "Because the Storm Badge let's you use Fly."


            Ash quickly dashed into the gym. To his surprise, it was empty, except for the gym leader.

            "Oh well. No underlings to fight." Ash said happily.

            Chuck woke up.

            "Are you battling me? I'm warning you, I'm strong!" And with that, he picked up a boulder in each hand.

            Ash slowly blinked.

            Lance rolled her eyes in the background.

            "Who cares if you're a muscleman? It has nothing to do with pokemon battling!" Ash said.

            The man blinked, before laughing. "Hahahahahaha! You have spirit! So be it! This will be a 3x3 battle for the Storm Badge! Go, Primeape!"

            Ash pulled out a poke ball. "Okay, Pidgey, you're up!"

            Pidgey popped out and chirped happily in a singsong tone.

            "Primeape, Karate Chop now!"

            Pidgey dived in and pecked it on the head, before weaving out again.

            "Darn! Primeape, use Low Kick!"

            "Pidgey, Agility." Ash said. Pidgey nodded and increased her speed so the Primeape's frantic kicks didn't hit her at all.

            "Now use Wing Attack!"

            Pidgey arched her wings, and then slammed them into Primeape's head.

            Primeape fainted.

            "Fine, try this! Poliwrath, go!"

            "Oh, water/fighting." Ash said. "Pidgey won't be that good against her. So I can use grass, electric, or psychic."

            He smiled and drew out a pokemon card.

            "Xatu, I choose you."

            The psychic bird flapped out, with unreadable features. I am ready.

            Future Sight.
            Xatu nodded and foresaw Poliwrath's attack.

            Chuck blinked. "Okay, Poliwrath, use Dynamic Punch!"

            Poliwrath nodded and charged up energy in its fist. It nailed Xatu, but the bird did not faint.

            Ash sprayed Full Restore on Xatu.

            "Dynamic Punch again!"

            This time, the attack missed.

            Xatu's eyes flashed, and a Psychic attack plowed into Poliwrath. It fainted also. Chuck started to sweat. * Good pokemon. But the kid's stupid. He should have used psychic from the start. Oh well. I still have a chance to win then. *

            "Hitmonchan, go! Use Thunderpunch!"

            "Xatu, Protect now." Ash said. Xatu nodded and protected itself. Hitmonchan's electric punch simply bounced off.

            Hitmonchan was about to use Ice Punch when a horde of blue psychic spears crashed into it. The future sight had finally kicked in.

            Chuck gasped as his Hitmonchan fainted.

            "I win." Ash said, smiling cheerfully.

            "I-I can't believe it!" Chuck stuttered. * Oh no! Now my wife is going to make me exercise! *

            He looked unhappy, but surrendered the Storm Badge.

            Ash smiled. "Great! Now I can Fly!"

            "Cool battle, Ash." Lance said. "A bit too easy though…"

            Ash sighed. "Well, I have magic and he doesn't." They were walking out of the gym, talking quietly.

            "It's an unfair advantage?"

            "Actually, considering the price you pay for using magic, I think it balances out." Ash said.

            "Wow! That sounded wise." Pika-chan said.

            Ash whapped her on the head. * Pika-chan… *

            They were heading towards the mart to pick up some Soda Pop and Lemonade when Ash suddenly found himself levitating in the air.

            "What's going on?!"

            "Wild pokemon card, of course." Luna said, licking a paw. "Psychic-type, obviously, or you wouldn't be floating."

            Pika-chan snarled at Luna, who smiled primly.

            Ash groaned. * Well, I hope nobody sees me… *

            Lance pulled a piece of paper out of her jacket pockets, wrote two words on it, and blew on it. Instantly, a cloak of black energy draped itself over Ash's shoulders.

            "A specter cloak. I'm cloaking you in darkness so nobody can see you."

            Ash gratefully nodded his thanks and pulled out his wand. "Key that hides the power of the stars, reveal your true form before me! Your master under the seal of contract Ashura commands you, Release!"

            The air filled with pretty blue sparkles and Ash's wand appeared.

            Ash grabbed it. "Psychic, so I'll use dark. Sneasal, go!"

            The Sneasal card popped out and yawned.

            "Sneasal, use Faint Attack."

            Sneasal nodded and vanished from view. It bumped into something, which gave it a Bite on the ear.

            Ow! That hurt! Sneasal complained.

            Did you get a good look at it? Ash asked.

            Yes. I think it's a wild Espeon.

            Great. Ash said. "Okay, Sneasal, use Screech!"

            Sneasal let off an ear-piercing cry. The invisible pokemon shuddered, and became visible. It was a cringing Espeon.

            "Now use Ice Beam!"

            Sneasal formed a ball of blue energy in its paws and shot it at Espeon. Espeon found itself frozen to the floor.

            Espeon's eyes glowed and it Teleported.

            "Darn." Ash said. "Sneasal, use Faint Attack again."

            Sneasal vanished and crashed into Espeon yet again. And again… after four hits, Espeon was clinging onto consciousness by a mere thread.

            "Under a new seal of contract, your master commands you, return to your true form, pokemon card!" Ash proclaimed.

            Espeon shuddered and turned into an Ash card.

            Pika-chan put down her camera. "I got some pretty good shots of you, Ash."


            Pika-chan nodded. "So let's head back to Olivine!"

            "Wait! I still need to buy Lemonade and Soda Pop!"

            "Oops, I forgot…"

            Ash lightly pinched Pika-chan. "I know, little guardian." He took off the Specter Cloak and headed into the Mart. A few minutes later, he came out with his arms full of cold drinks. "Let's go."

            "Aerodactyl, let's Fly." Lance said, releasing her pokemon.

            "Skymew, I choose you." Ash said. Skymew appeared, but she looked tired. Ash quickly gave her some Full Restore.

            "What's wrong, Skymew?"

            Just kind of drowsy… Skymew said.

            Ash sighed and recalled her. Then, he pulled out the Pidgeot card, summoned the bird, and the two flew back to Olivine.

End Episode 158!

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