Naked Robber

Disclaimer: I do not own Steve Dave, Walt, Mountain Dew, nor Kevin Smith... unfortunately...

Steve Dave stretched with a little noise as the morning sunlight shone, gliding gently over the soft, pale curves of Walt's ass.

"Ah!" Walt stirred as Steve Dave jumped up and away from him in a scream. "Walt! Get your pants back on!"

"What?" Walt questioned sleepily as he yawned innocently.

"Walt! My mom is going to have a cow if she sees you in here... nude..." Steve Dave shuddered slightly at the thoughts of the previous night. He mumbled to himself softly, "That's the last time I chug 37 cans of Mountain Dew in one night during a Twilight Zone marathon."

"Steve Dave, what are you talking about? What's wrong with two men in their mid-twenties sleeping naked with each other?" Walt tilted his head a bit as he scratched his ass. The sunlight shone nearly through the lightly matted hairs on his bare legs, giving a golden brown glow to each strand. Steve Dave was silent in thought and confusion for a while. Then he opened his mouth... was said nothing for a few minutes.

"Um, Walt... I guess there's nothing wrong with that... but mothers don't like to see naked men... in each other's rooms..."

"Okay, Steve Dave. You're so smart. You're a genius."

"Damn right, Walt, my man." Steve Dave took his proud of himself stance and patted Walt on the back lightly.

"... Now put on some clothes."

"But why!?"

"Put on some clothes"

"I don't want to!"

"Put on clothes"

"But it's too hot in your room!"

"Get clothing on your body!"

"But I-"


"But- "

"Cover yours!"


"Get dressed, dammit!"


Steve Dave sighed and rolled his eyes. Then a brilliant idea struck him.

"Oh! Walt. I'm gonna go to Dave's Comic's. As soon as you put on clothes, you can come with me." Before he finished what he was saying, Walt was standing right next to him with a robe flung loosely around his body.

"A robe is clothing, right?"

"Not really."

They both stood there for a moment.

"So... I guess you don't want to come with me, do you, Walt?"

"No! No! I wanna!" He pouted and bounced up and down like a child. The robe fell down and he continued to bounce... in all sense of the word. Steve Dave's eyes followed the bouncing movements of Walt's... anatomy.

"Ah! Stop it! Walt!" Walt stopped suddenly, now on his knees, looking up at Steve Dave with tiny, puppy dog eyes. He batted his eyelashes childishly. "Puhleeezzzzz, take me with you, Steve Dave!"

"Puhleeezzzzz, put on clothes!!!"

"Okay!!! But I'm wearing my Spider man underroos on the outside!"

"Um... okay."

So after a long fight... SPIDEY was again on top... of Walt's pants...