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Notes: This is a prequel to Eyes but, since it's a prequel you don't have to have read Eyes to understand anything. Naruto and Sasuke are 16-ish. So this is 2-3 years ahead of Eyes.

Dedication: For Pinky-cat cause she got me thinking about how these two crazy bastards got together! ARGH, sorry hon, it's angsty in the beginning, but I swear they'll both be happy in the end!


Pleasure and enjoyment should have come from this sign of affection, yet it was anything but pleasant.

His shorter height forced him to stand on his toes creating a crick in his neck and what for? The taller one's teeth clacked painfully against his, biting at his lips while foreheads and noses bumped clumsily. Was this what a kiss was?

Suddenly, vanilla hands shoved, causing him to sprawl into a heap a few feet away. Knocked askew, there he remained, crumpled and still like a discarded doll, broken and alone.

"The hell?!"

Black eyes pinned blue, eyes that danced with astonishment and pain and something unknown even to himself, eyes that asked and demanded an answer.


A statement, not a question.

Poker face back on, eyes a careful blank slate, but they still held blue's.

The small one glanced downward, flushed and flustered, knew what to say but couldn't get it out of his mouth.


He looked up. There were tears in his eyes, but defiance still shone in his baby blues. Finally, that small pink mouth opened-

"How can you ask?"

Blond eyebrows furrowed, mouth turned down, but were in no way angry, simply sad, saddened beyond belief, that the one who he thought cared truly didn't.

"How? HOW?!"

Gone was the poker face, back was the anger, flaring to life in a lethal dance in his ebony eyes.

"How can I _not_ after you went and—and did…_that_!"

That famed self-control of the last Uchiha vanished like a wisp of smoke blown away by the wind, his anger permeated the very air while his arms flailed about madly, as if seeking a piece of sanity in the ocean of emotions that was drowning him.

"You have the Sharingan, that advanced bloodline trait, so why is it that you still refuse to see what's right in front of you?"

Azure eyes looked up beseechingly, searching for a glimmer of hope, feeling, something, anything!

Something flashed brilliantly, replacing the anger in those black eyes briefly, but the mask slid on once more.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, dobe."

The taller one turned to leave—

"Running away?"

The tears had disappeared but left in their place was misery and bitterness, two who had often accompanied the light one, especially in his childhood. Lately, they were nowhere to be seen, for he who was finally accepted, for who he was and what he carried, had no reason to feel such things.

But now, those two came rushing back with a vengeance, burrowing into the small one's soul, chilling that warm heart of his back to what it had once been. Rejection…hurt.

"A genius like you?" a fell smile. "Running from the number one loser in Konoha?" a short bark of laughter. "Coward."

Feet slid to a stop, raven eyes narrowed but refused to acknowledge the other's insult.

"Running away now, just like you did then." The smaller one finally stood, scorned eyes slowly turning a dangerous crimson, "Maybe that's why your brother thinks so little of you…"

Pale hands clenched into fists while night eyes were gradually being stained by blood.


"And what of your parents? You didn't even have the guts to go in and defend them. Just left them hanging and 'Whoops! Too late!' Itachi went and killed them!"


Sasuke whirled about, Sharingan eyes crying for Naruto's blood, white hand already glowing with the power of the Chidori.

 He smirked, a feral look crossing his face, "Welcome to my parlor," said the spider to the fly. We're gonna have ourselves some fun now, Sasuke.


AN: Argh, I am in NO way doing a battle scene cause I am in NO way a good enough author to do one. So, please be content with this people. I've already pretty much planned this out to a T, (it's gonna be a trilogy, as in three chapters) I'll be posting again soon. R&R please!