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Sometimes, a kiss is worth a thousand words, it could change everything or do nothing. Sometimes, a kiss revealed unexpressed emotions, feelings that were repressed or pushed away for fear of rejection.


So this is what it felt like.

He moved his hand dully to his chest, right above his heart.

There it was, that black cloud of anger, sadness, and self-hate, clouding his heart and hanging above his head to forever darken his days.

I was such an _idiot_!

His fist clenched momentarily, nails digging into the palm of his hand, blocking out the sadness with pain, before he relaxed and let his arm slid down to rest beside him on the pure white sheets.

No, there's nothing wrong with me, it's that asshole's fault!

Blue eyes shimmered painfully, before blond lashes furiously batted away the bothersome little things irritating his eyes.

He knows and he feels it, I know he does! So why? Why won't he…

"Good morning, Naruto!"

"Heh heh, Iruka-sensei! Did you bring me any food?"

The eyes that looked upward had changed, the fox's mask was back on.

"Here, some whole grain wheat cereal—"

"WHAAA?! I meant _real_ food, like, like," Naruto moved the one hand he had full access to, cupping it about his mouth before whispering conspiratorially, "You know, _ramen_"

"Naruto! You are in a _hospital_, obviously you need treatment to fully recover and to fully recover you need proper nutrients! Ramen is not healthy and it most definitely is NOT something you would eat for breakfast!"

"Awww, but, but—"



Iruka slid Naruto's door shut, unconsciously releasing a breath of relief before smiling quietly to himself.

"He alright?"

Iruka's head whipped upward, while hand darted downward, half pulling out a kunai before he realized who it was.

"Better than I thought."

Iruka, surprised by the sudden appearance of the Copy ninja, nevertheless kept his cool, even when his face was only inches away from a certain upside down Hatake Kakashi's.

"Good to hear," replied Kakashi before he jumped back down to earth, "Guess I don't have to go check up on him after all."

"What?!" yelped Iruka. "He is your student, your responsibility, you should see him no matter what! Especially since he was injured fighting Sasuke, _another_ one of _your_ students!" Indignant, he had unknowingly crept closer and closer to Kakashi during his tirade until he was yet again mere inches away.

"Hmm?" Bemused, Kakashi gave Iruka a sleepy eyed glance. "There's no need, you do enough mothering for the both of us."

"But—WHAT!" sputtered Iruka, "Are you calling me a woman?!"

"Hmm, guess so. Maa, don't worry, between the two of us, Daddy Kakashi and Mommy Iruka, Naruto will be just fine." Kakashi patted Iruka solemnly on the back before he began walking away.

"Wha—Hey! Get back here! I'm not through with you yet!" cried Iruka while he hurriedly ran after Kakashi, itching to give the one eyed man a piece of his mind.


Naruto wasn't dreadfully smart, like Shikamaru or Sakura, but he wasn't as stupid as people assumed him to be.

So even though he wasn't any good with any strenuous mind-bending tasks, he was greatly in tune with his emotions, his and the Nine-tails'.

He could tell whenever the Nine-tails really lusted for blood and mayhem and destruction or when he was edgy because there was something in the woods that _just_ wasn't right.

So while Naruto was crap at reading others, he knew himself, inside and out.

And he knew that, somewhere along the line, he had fallen for Uchiha Sasuke.

Not fallen for, like in those trashy romance novels that Sakura and Ino read, day in and day out, where the heroine confessed to the hero her undying love and affections for him, the one fate claimed was for her and she for him, and they fell together in a passionate embrace sealing the love declaration with a heartfelt kiss. Yeah-fucking-right!

But fallen for, like a rose needed water, needed sun and air and earth. It wasn't desire, sure that was there too, but a need, something that had to be there, had to be fulfilled and couldn't be ignored. Something that made him feel light and fluffy (Fluffy?! Since when did Uzumaki Naruto feel _fluffy_?!) whenever Sasuke acknowledged him, truly seeing him for what he was and had become. Something that made him dizzy with anger and spite whenever he left on a mission without him, something that made even the most hyperactive ninja in Konoha feel fear, the fear and pain of loss.

Once, he had wanted to be him, Sasuke the perfect-one-who-could-do-no-wrong, worshipped by all the villagers, but now Naruto just damn wanted him.

Yet even with all the signs pointing to one obvious answer, Naruto still liked to think otherwise.

That all those feelings were just annoyance and hate, that there was No fucking way in hell! that Uzumaki Naruto could possibly feel that way about Uchiha Sasuke.

Because with love, rejection always followed.


And so Naruto said nothing, did nothing.

He who had always known the pain of loneliness, the life of an outcast, a reject, didn't want to feel that, especially from Sasuke.

So…life continued.

They still fought like the twelve year old boys they once were, they fought and cursed with explosions of black and red, heated and tense, a façade of hate to mask the truth in their minds.

A lethal dance of courtship, hot and dangerous, yet so perfect for the two.

But such a delicate art can only be sustained for a certain amount of time, one misplaced step and everything would come tumbling down.


"Come on dobe!" Sasuke's eyes gleamed with the heat of battle, his pale face was flushed for once. He had never looked more beautiful. "Is that the best you can do?"

"Taunting me won't do you any good," smirked Naruto, calm-headed but deadly, "In fact, you're only helping me!" His wrist flicked upwards to where Sasuke hid, a flash of blue and the kunai hit a tree branch instead.

"Is that so?" The voice came from behind.

"Fuck!" Blond head whirled about, hands swung around, poised to strike the throat and heart—

"Tsk, tsk…Too slow…" Pale hands caught the smaller wrists before they could complete their swing and hit their target.

The fox was trapped.

"And you were going to do what today?" Sasuke's breath burned a path up to Naruto's ear, where his lips pressed against the shell of Naruto's ear, his soft murmurs caressing, sending chills down Naruto's back.

His defenses were beginning to crumble.

Sasuke's vanilla hands pulled Naruto closer, pressing him up against his own body. Naruto was surprised to learn that such a cold and detached man could burn with such intensity. His heat soon encompassed Naruto, who could do no more than burn along with him.

"Weren't you going to defeat me?" Again, with the lazy breaths that were driving Naruto dizzy with desire. He could hear that smug Uchiha smirk deep within that voice, that smooth and velvet like voice that promised of death and destruction, of pain and pleasure…

"Stop!" He broke free and spun around but only moved away a few paces. The heat from the Uchiha, his scent, his touch was all too intoxicating to leave.

"Stop what?" Sasuke seemed genuinely confused, but Naruto knew better. His eyes were smoldering just like Naruto knew his own were, calling him to the other.

"Too late…"a soft murmur before Naruto pressed his lips against the Uchiha's. "Too late…"


And so here he was, stuck in a hospital with a broken arm, a sprained ankle and a couple of bruised and broken ribs. Sadness weighed heavily in his heart, but his mind stirred with anger.

Dammit Sasuke! All your fault!

He could still remember the feel of that hard body aligned just right against his own, those fingers that imprisoned yet embraced him, caressing that sensitive spot right over his pulse point in the wrist…


His cheeks burned, he could feel it. Naruto shook his head angrily, attempting to clear it of all thoughts. But the memories refused to fade.

Fucking tease!

Lips that had gently pressed against his ear, taunting and teasing all while slowly pushing him over the edge.

Fucking manipulative bastard!

He leaned forward, golden head bowed down, locks of sunlight obscuring his eyes; the image of a broken man.

You know…

His eyes unexpectedly flashed open, brows furrowed with mouth set in a straight line.

Naruto was no such thing.

Fucking play with me, huh?

Cobalt eyes burned, red had seeped through, staining them only slightly.

A fox's smile crossed his lips, before the teen slowly settled back into the hospital bed.

Two can play that game!