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It was 3:45 PM, and Sakura Kinomoto was the only kid in school. She had forgotten her homework again. And today was the day all the students got out for a week's vacation! She had to wait till 4:00 PM until she too could enjoy freedom. Her teacher, Mister Terada, was downstairs in the teacher's lounge with the door wide open, to make sure Sakura didn't escape detention before 4 o'clock. Sakura sat at her desk in her classroom and Kero roosted on top of a pile of notebooks. They were both staring hard at ten Sakura Cards arranged neatly on the table top. Sakura frowned.

"Why am I doing this?"

"It's a game," Kero explained, "The Cards love to play games. Go Fish, Blackjack…anything will make them happy."

"So, how do I play this game?"

Kero crossed his arms over his teddy bear chest. "It's really easy. Well, learning it, anyway. Just say 'It's time to play!', and they'll start racing all over the desk. The point of the game is to catch them."

Sakura raised an eyebrow. "It's THAT easy?"

"Well……why don't you just try it?"

Sakura leaned forward over the ten cards. "It's time to play!"

As if filled with incredible joy, Shot, Create, Flower, Windy, Fiery, Arrow, Wood, Thunder, Shadow, and Little darted all over the desk. Sakura reached out and tried to grab one. She held an empty fist. Again and again, she snatched at the cards, but with no results. You could almost hear their playful laughter.

"Ha ha!" Kero chuckled, "Not so confident now, are you? Here, let a master show you!" He studied the situation, pursed his lips, and threw his whole body onto the desk. "Oof!" he got up, and found he hadn't caught a single one. Sakura giggled.

"You were saying, Kero?"

"I'm just getting warmed up!" the little plushie exclaimed. Again, he pounced and pounced, but all ten cards remained zipping across the desk long after he tuckered out. Observing them carefully, Sakura found that they were racing in a pattern. She kept track of one, positioned her hand and WHAM! She caught one.

"Yay!" she cheered, and she threw her arms into the air. However, they did not come down. Puzzled, she looked up and saw her arms had been stiffened with tree bark and little leaves were protruding from her palms.

"Hoooeee!" she said, panicky. Kero laughed.

"That's one of the fun parts of the game! When you catch one, they'll put a little spell on you! Ha ha! I decided to leave it out just to see your face, and it was SO WORTH IT!" He fell on his back and kicked his little legs in the air, tears forming in his eyes as a fern sprouted from the top of her head.

"Kerooooo!" Sakura whined, "How do I make it stop?! I don't like this very much!"

Kero took one look at her and doubled over again, roaring with laughter. Sakura glared at him indignantly, then noticed moss growing on her barky arm.


It took Kero about five minutes to calm down. After his laughter had died to exhausted panting, he said, "Okay, now hold out the Wood Card."

"Wait, it's gone!"

"Exactly. It's being used on you, so it's not in Card Form. Just hold out the rest of the deck and it'll jump back."

Sakura followed the directions and the healthy fern on her head wilted and disappeared. Wood, now a Card, zipped back to the top of the deck to join the rest of its brothers and sisters.

"I'll have to say: You looked so much more attractive with that plant coming out of your head." Kero remarked.

"Ke-RO!" she yelled.

The door to the classroom opened, and Yukito peeked inside just as Kero hid in Sakura's backpack.


"Oh, it's just you, Yuki. Hi!"

"Hi to you too. What are you doing in detention? And what was with the screaming?"

"Mister Terada is punishing me for forgetting my homework. It's alright . Kero's teaching me a game to play with the Cards! He played a trick on me though, and I turned into a plant, so I was angry."

Kero poked his head out of the bag. "Hey there!"

"Hi, Kerberos!" He paused for a while, his head slightly tilted, as if trying to hear something. "Yue wishes to see Kerberos. I'm going to transform now, okay?"

"Sure!" Sakura agreed. Yukito closed his eyes and soon a pair of beautiful, feathery wings encircled him, then opened up to reveal the majestic form of Yue.

"Wow, you actually want to TALK to me?" Kero asked.

Yue ignored the question and asked one of his own. "Which game did you teach her?"

Sakura looked surprised. "Yue! You like to play games?"

"Yue here might look like an ice pole, but he actually liked Clow Card Games," Kero replied, then smirking, added, "I always beat him though!"

The moon guardian frowned. "You're mistaken AGAIN, Kerberos. I was always the winner."

Sakura held back a giggle. She'd never seen Yue like this before. He was stubborn, but not very competitive. Well, there's always a side to someone you didn't know about before, she thought, dismissing the matter.

"What game did you teach her?"

"Catch Ten."

"Yes, that was the one I always beat you in."

Kero growled. "Hey, I'll bet that you've lost your touch after all these years!"

"We'll see," Yue said, and he waited until Sakura had set ten cards face down on the desk. They zoomed across the table top and Yue held his hand steadily above them. Without the loud slapping sound Sakura had made, he touched one. Instantly, everything around him loomed ten times bigger. "What the-?"

"Bwuahahaha!" Kero laughed from above. The plushie was now the size of a sheep compared to him.

"What? What happened?" he asked, craning his neck to see Sakura's giant figure next to the desk. "Did I touch the Big Card and affect you all?"

Sakura stared down at tiny Yue and listened to his squeakier voice. He looked just the same, except…cuter!

[A/N: Just imagine Chibi Yue. Instead of great beautiful wings, he now as playful looking ones like Kero's!]

"Sorry, but you're wrong," Kero said, landing beside him on the desk. Yue could feel the rumbling impact as the slim, yellow paws alighted. "You touched Little. You might have had a lot of luck back then, but you never touched the good cards!"

Yue made a pouting face and mumbled, "Well, the point is, I proved you wrong. I was ALWAYS the best."

Kero had a mischievous look on his face, and he walked over to Yue. "Well, I've mastered everything you can do at this size, and I'll bet you can't win against me in a flying race!"

"I've already proven myself better."

"Oh, come on, Yue!" Sakura encouraged, "You two can fly outside! It'll be so much fun!"

He didn't respond, though there was a bit of hesitation in his expression. He crossed his arms and looked away.

"Aw, please, Yue?"


"Well, I guess it's safe to say that I, at least, don't chicken out." Kero stated. Yue snapped around, a fierce look glancing his face. "I won't agree with you there."

"Alright!" Sakura said happily. "Okay, out the window and around the campus three times! Three, two, one, GO!"

Yue and Kero sped out the window as fast as swallows, and were lost from Sakura's sight. Noticing it was already four o'clock, she excused herself from the detention room and ran downstairs and outside, resolving to come back for her things after the race. Ooh, this would be so cool!

As she sped out the door, she saw the almost microscopic specks that were Kero and Yue.

"You'll never win!" Kero yelled as he flapped harder. Yue only sneered and pulled up a head farther than his brother. The blue sky, their racetrack, held no limits, which thrilled Kero to the depths of his soul. He was used to the confines of a room and Yue to the boring existence hiding in Yuki's mind. The love of flying was one of the only things the two really had in common.

Kero spotted Sakura standing in front of the school.

"There's our finish point!" he said to Yue. Yue nodded in agreement and raced down. They were head to head, until Kero tried a trick of his. He pulled in his wings till they almost touched his back. This increased his speed, and he was the first to land on Sakura's shoulder.

"Alright! I did it!" he cried triumphantly. Yue scowled and didn't say anything.

"Did you see, Sakura? Did you see? Did you see??" Kero chattered. Sakura nodded and looked up at Yue, who hovered in the air.

"Don't be mad, Yue!" she said.

"Do you really think that a child's game would upset me?"

Sakura smiled. "Alright, Yue. We've tormented you enough. I'll go get the cards and change you back, okay?"

"You do that."

Looking over her shoulder to take a last glance at Yue, she ran to the front doors of the school and tried to open them.


"HOOOEEE!" she shrieked. Kero and Yue fluttered over to see what was wrong.

"They're locked! They're locked!"

She looked up despairingly at Yue, whose expression was one of pure horror. Kero was laughing hysterically in the background.

"Oh, this is great!" he said, "You're stuck like this until next week!!"

Yue eyed him suspiciously. "You're lying, aren't you? Students are only out of school until Monday."

"No, no no!" Kero said between laughs, "They've got extended vacation! Hahahahaaa!"

Yue looked to Sakura for a confirmation on it. She slowly nodded. He hovered for a moment, his face blank. Sakura blushed, embarrassed that it was her fault that Yue would feel so degraded for the rest of the week.

"Hey!" she said suddenly. "Try turning back into Yukito! Maybe you'll become your original size!"

"I will try," he responded. He glowed brilliantly, but to their dismay, a six inch tall Yuki stood before them.

"What? What happened? Oh, Sakura! You have gotten so much…taller…"

"HOOOEEE!" Sakura cried once more, "Yue, I'm sorry! You got shrunk!"

"Shrunk?" he asked thoughtfully. He tilted his head to listen to Yue's explanation, but when it didn't come, he shrugged. "My, Yue does many strange things when he comes around, huh? It's alright. We've got an extended vacation anyway. I'll just transform back into Yue so we can get around--" He stopped, and heard Yue speaking in his head.

Yuki, I do not wish to transform. Don't make me.

Why not, Yue?

I…don't want to be seen like this.

No one will laugh at you.

Yukito, look above you.

Kero was rolling around in the air, hugging himself and still finding the situation hilarious.

I see.

Yes, so please do not make me transform.

I'm sorry, Yue, but if we stay like this the entire time without wings, we'll be squished! I'm VERY sorry about this…

Yue was forced out into Kero's view. Sakura, wishing to spare him some embarrassment, opened her pocket for him to climb into. He shook his head.

"Yue, people aren't supposed to see you. I have to hide you."

He sighed, hovered, and landed snugly into her pocket. He could feel the heat from her skin warming his back. It felt so soothing that he relaxed. Slightly. One can't help feel a little tense when a yellow teddy bear is laughing at him.

"That's enough, Kero," Sakura reprimanded. She opened her other pocket for him to snuggle into. Very carefully, she tiptoed down the street to make as little turbulence as possible for the two passengers. Fujitaka had asked her to pick up a few things at the grocery store, so she quickly passed by to find eggs, flour, and sugar.

At the checkout line, Yue shifted uncomfortably, attracting the sales clerk's attention. Realizing his mistake, he stiffened and didn't move.

"Nice doll," the clerk remarked, "But why do you have a doll with white hair?"

"Er…" Sakura said, "It's supposed to look my grandfather. It's a present."

"Oh. It looks pretty young to me."

Sakura put on an insulted face. "I can't make perfect dolls!"

"Sorry, sweetie." Sakura grabbed the groceries from her and marched out the door with a fake anger.

"Grandfather?" Yue echoed when they stepped out into the darkened streets (Night was coming earlier now), "Do I honestly look old?"

"No," Sakura said, sweat dropping, "You really look more like a sixteen year old. It's just that you have white hair--"


"Okay, silver hair. She wouldn't have been as convinced if I said you were supposed to be my older brother in doll form."

He didn't say anything else. Aside from Kero's meaningless chatter, the travel home was quiet. Sakura opened her front door.

"I'm home!" she called, running upstairs.

"Where were you?" Fujitaka responded.


"What?! Why?"

Her door slammed. Assuming she was upset by her punishment, he let her alone.

"Alright!" Sakura said, leaning against her door and sighing, "You two can come out now." Kero darted out from his hiding spot, but Yue slowly wriggled out.

"Aw, don't be so gloomy!" Kero said, turning around to look at his brother. The addressee was soundless.

"I should be getting home."

"But Yue," Sakura protested, "You're too little to [Yue winced] even open the refrigerator by yourself! You won't be able to eat or do anything!"

"I don't need to eat."

"But Yuki does."

Yue thought it over, and nodded. "Alright, then."

"Um, I'm gonna go to bed now, Sakura." the plushie finally announced after a silence.

"Me too," was her reply. She opened a drawer and removed her pajamas. She would have normally changed right there, for she was used to Kero being there with her. But, since Yue was here, she'd change in the bathroom. After she shut her bathroom door, Kero spoke again.

"Yue, find a place to sleep."

"I don't need to sleep." he said. He actually felt quite drained, but he didn't want to ask Sakura for a bed. Kero, however, sat on the little bed Sakura had crafted for him inside one of her drawers.

"Long day," he yawned as Sakura bounced back into the room. "Sakura!" he called, "Could you tuck me in?" Lovingly, Sakura laid the covers on Kero's body and slightly tucked the covers under his sides. She gave him a kiss between the ears, and he received it willingly.

He's grown so soft hearted, Yue commented in his mind.

She jumped on her bed, closed her eyes, and folded her hands to pray.

"Thank you for a good day. I'm glad we have a week off Please bless everyone, and thank you very much for Yue coming to my house tonight. Amen."

Yue too had closed his eyes and listened. He even added his own silent intention: And please don't make this week a total agony.

Sakura pulled the covers to her chin but realized that Yue was still up.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Yue! I'll make you a bed too!" she scrambled in her bedside drawer for a handkerchief.

"Please don't trouble yourself, Mistress," he said. "I shall sleep in a drawer as well." He found a very small drawer close to Kero's. From the lamplight, he could make out that it was full of many cloths.

"This will do nicely," he told her, pulling one of the cloths over him as a blanket, "Good night, Mistress." He laid his head down.

Sakura was about to offer him her sock drawer instead, but by the way he was settled down and looked cozy there, she decided not to tell him that that was her underwear drawer.

(Tsumina: How was that, everyone? I myself thought it was lightly humorous. I thought about while I was at a sea food restaurant, and I blurted out to my sister: "What if Yue was a chibi character like Kero?" She giggled at the idea, and because of that, I thought it would make a good fic. Please review!)