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"Yes, Mister Kinomoto," Tomoyo replied, holding an old style telephone to her ear, "Sakura came over for the day, but she fell asleep. Yes, you can come and pick her up. Of course. Yes. Yes. Alright, I'll see you then. Goodbye."

She hung up and watched Sakura tenderly as she slumbered on the bed. Kero too was asleep, Yue stared at the ceiling.

Eriolshe thought, It would have been less painful if only you hadn't known. If Sakura hadn't told you about my feelings, only one of us would be feeling bad right now.

Her eyes watered again and she attempted to hold back a sob. But no, she failed. Yue came out of his trance as he heard a choked sound come from Tomoyo. She was crying. Tears streamed down her face. Hearing her sobs and seeing her crying tore Yue up inside.

Don't cry, Miss Daidouji…please don't cry…he begged her, but it was a plea only he could hear. Why should the request remain silent?

"T-Tears are unfitting for you, Miss Daidouji." he said.

She wiped her eyes and looked up at him, "The same goes for you."

He touched his cheek. Moist. And a stream of wetness trailed from the sides of his eyes. Crying. He was crying. For her.

"I-I'm going to make cookies," she whispered, and she ran out of the room. Yue listened after her. She had bumped into someone.

"Miss Tomoyo! Are you alright?" It was one of the butlers.

"Yes…I'm fine. If you'll excuse me…" she whispered.

"Where are you going?"

"Out…I'm going out. Tell Mother, if she comes home, that I'll be back in time for dinner."

"Miss Sonomi will not be back till midnight tonight, Miss Daidouji."

"All the better," she said bitterly as she exited.

"I love you," Eriol tried again at suppertime. Kaho looked up from her rice balls and gave him a hesitant smile. "You haven't touched your supper."

"Is it not proper etiquette for you to answer 'I love you too'?" he said, completely ignoring her comment.

She bit her lip. Nakuru and Suppi looked on curiously. "Uh…Nakuru, get the dishes, will you, dear? Suppi, help her out, if you don't mind."

"Of course I'll do the dishes for yooooou!!" Nakuru squealed, grabbing all the plates at once and rushing off to the sink, two or three forks clanking on the ground. Suppi grimaced and picked them up, following closely behind her.

"Eriol, there's something I need to tell you," Kaho said, and she put her hand on his. He watched her expectantly.

"I love being with you. I love the fun we have together, even the serious moments we share. And I love you…but not in the way you love me."

His heart fell. "I see…so…in what way do you love me?"

Tomoyo had known all along that Kaho held no passion in her heart for him. There had been sarcasm in her voice. It was so slight- only a drop. But he had sensed it, and overlooked it. Dear, intelligent Tomoyo…

You say it like you've never heard it before. Hasn't she ever mentioned she loves you?

"I love you as a little brother." she said, looking into his eyes, but he would not return the gaze.

"I understand."

She got up out of her seat and bent over to kiss him, but as he shifted his head to evade the kiss, she understood it was best to leave him alone. He was grateful, at least, for that.

Nakuru and Suppi listened in from the other part of the kitchen.

"So Kaho doesn't like Eriol in a lovey-dovey way, Suppi?"

"It appears to be that way."

Eriol had noticed the cease in running water from the sink. He closed his eyes and said with a little difficulty, "Nakuru, I don't believe you finished those dishes."

Tomoyo sat despondently in a nearby café. A cup of coffee was held tenderly in her hands. The rain was downward slanting, pattering against the window.


She jumped slightly. But it was only thunder. She laughed bitterly and took another sip of the coffee.

"Miss Daidouji," the café manager said, "We'll be closing up in a while."

"Thank you for the coffee, Keiichiro." Leaving much more money than was necessary, she set the cup on the table and walked out into the rain. Her hair soon stuck to her neck and clothes. Water dripped from the hem of her dress.

"Tomoyo Daidouji," she addressed herself, "It has always been your number one priority to make everyone around you happy. How can you do that when you're not happy yourself?"

She tried to smile. But it was empty and did not belong on her face right now. She walked on the streets, checking her watch. 8:00. She'd been out for two hours. Yue and Kero would still need some medical attention. She needed to get home. To just forget her sadness and bring joy and healing to those who needed it. She only wished she had someone to bring joy and healing to her.

She turned a corner and stopped. Someone was following her. She could hear their footsteps behind her, trailing behind her. She walked a little faster. The footsteps did the same. She began sprinting. So did the steps. She broke into a full run, and someone grabbed her around the waist.

"Miss Daidouji, you're coming with me."

"It has begun to rain," Yue commented. He sat beside the window, his back propped up against a pillow. "She has not come back yet."

He never stopped to think about how oddly he was acting.

"I shall go look for her." he mumbled, "But where should I look first?"

Kero stood up and joined him at the window. "Well, I dunno. She could be anywhere in Tomoeda. At Sakura's house, at the mall, in a restaurant. Girls can find five thousand places to go."

"We'd better get started." Yue took to the air and Kero followed closely behind.





Their voices were lost in the storm's. They were two discreet squeaks in the middle of nature's percussion concert. The wind had picked up, growing stronger and stronger. Their wings no longer looked elegantly pure and fluffy, but matted, and dirty. Kero shielded his eyes with his teddy bear paws.

"The rain's getting harder! I can't see too good." He beat his wings harder, resisting the gusts that opposed his flight. "I don't think we'll find her outside, Yue!"

"Well, we'll have to search indoors then!" he yelled back, "Search every shop, every mall, house and--"

"Get a grip! Even if Tomoeda is a small town, there's still too many places to check!"

Yue wanted to hit him. Kero was already giving up on her. But no, he wouldn't. If Kero wouldn't help him, he'd still check every nook and cranny on his own.

"Then go home already! Go back to Sakura's house, play your video games, gorge yourself on pancakes! If you're going to weigh me down in my search, then perhaps you needn't search at all!"

Kero held back, quite hurt by the angry insults Yue had pitched at him. "I'm just as concerned as you are, Yue--"

"That could never be, Keroberos."

"I'm just as concerned as you are, Yue, but I'm only pointing out the obvious. How are you going to search everywhere in this town?"

"I'll…I'll find a way…" he hesitantly replied, but he too began to realize how desperate he sounded. He sighed, his heart still pounding but his mind made up. "We shall have to search when weather conditions can provide a better visibility. For now, we wait at Sakura's house."

After half an hour of standing outside, Eriol finally realized it was severely storming. Kaho had said her piece, he did not cry. No, that was unbecoming of a powerful magician such as himself. He only stood there, his mind blank, his eyes lacking their usual attentive gleam.


Even he, one of the most powerful sorcerers in the world, had failed to have what he wanted the most, and that was love. He'd turned down Tomoyo, and in turn, was so utterly …rejected.

"Fate…has a funny way of toying with us…" he whispered, an empty grin across his face. "A funny, silly way. Isn't that right… Spinel?"

He'd sensed the little black cat hovering there but never acknowledged him. He'd been beside him for about fifteen minutes now. No reply was given.

Eriol chuckled. "I-It makes us think one thing will happen, then it throws us something else. Wouldn't you say?"


"And sometimes we think that when we catch it, we know how heavy it'll be. But no…sometimes it's lighter than we thought…and sometimes…heavier."

"Yes, Fate certainly is strange."

"Indeed. But, you know--" he stopped. Alertness returned to his eyes once more and he spun around, looking about him. "Spinel, do you sense it?"

"A strong magical presence…I do sense it…and it is not yours, either."

"Neither is it white magic. It's very dark. Completely evil."

"ERIOOOL!!! SUPPI!!!! You do you feel it? Do you feel it?" Nakuru came running outside, her open umbrella dragging on the ground behind her. "A presence! A presence! I sense a presence!"

Suppi sighed as his favorite person in the whole wide world came running and screaming in the rain. "Nakuru, you're supposed to put the umbrella above your head…"

"No time, no time! A presence! There's a presence!"

Tomoyo's eyes fluttered open. Her hands were tied behind her back and ropes bound her to a chair. She looked around the dark room she was in. It was a large room lit by a blazing fire in the fireplace. Two armchairs warmed their red cushions about three feet from the flames, and both sat on a large, round carpet displaying interesting embroideries and designs.

"Awake, are you?"

She could not turn her head enough to see who was behind her. "I apologize for the actions I took earlier. You see, I'm used to using magic for everything, but after watching villains on the television, I decided that it would be more devious to knock you out with chloroform. You are Miss Daidouji, am I correct?"

She frowned. "Perhaps I am, perhaps I'm not."

"No, I do not think you are. I heard that Tomoyo had a sweet and gentle tongue, even towards those who insult and hurt her. Yours is forked and coated with spite."

"Anyone would be angry about being kidnapped."

"So you ARE her?"

She did not reply.

"There's a chance I'll let you go. After all, I wouldn't dream of harming such a pretty face." A soft hand brushed her cheek, but she jerked away.

"Don't touch me."

"Were you not Miss Daidouji, you would certainly be telling me so, hoping I'd let you go. But no, I believe I have my target right here. Allow me to introduce myself."

He stepped from behind her. A boy, only five or six years older than she. Fair skin. Shrewd, blue eyes peering out from bangs as amber as a wheat field. Tall. He seemed tall for his age. His clothing was strange, just as Eriol's had been when he'd revealed that he was Clow Reed. A silk tunic and cloak with pictures of the galaxy pressed into their folds. Nebulas, stars, planets, moons…it was like looking out from a space ship.

"Conan. My name is Conan. Best sorcerer in the world. And you, ma'am, are the richest child in Tomoeda. Daughter of Sonomi, owner of my favorite toy company, though of course I don't play with toys anymore. That's not the point. I've sent a ransom note to your home, you see."

"A ransom note? You beast! How much did you ask her for?!"

"Tah…don't put a frown on that pretty face. It's only about ten million dollars."

"T-Ten million--?!"

"A small sum of money for the great Sonomi, isn't it?"

"It'll hurt her business horridly!"

"She'll live."

"You're a coward and a good for nothing bum! If you have to resort to kidnapping for money, then you've hit rock bottom!"

He sharply slapped her across the face. "Never insult sorcerers as great as myself. No others will be as generous as I am, allowing you to live while addressing me in such a manner."

She recovered quickly from the slap. "You are not the greatest sorcerer."

He narrowed his eyes. "Then, you've met Clow, I presume?"

She bit her lip. It didn't seem right giving out this sort of information. Clow Reed was most likely stronger than this 'Conan'. But the most powerful magic holder on this earth now was Sakura.

"Clow was one of my main reasons for coming here. I tracked his magical aura all the way to Tomoeda. We were rivals, Miss Daidouji. Rival magicians. He studied creating arts and I studied the dark arts. However, humans can only live so long. We both died. But we both learned a very powerful magic: reincarnation. I became eighteen year old Conan Black while he…well, that's actually where the story ends. I've yet to find him but when I see him, I'll know who he is."

"And he'll recognize you," she growled, and finished off, "And he'll take care of you once and for all."

Dear Miss Sonomi:

I have Tomoyo with me and she is alive. I will give her back to you for ten million dollars. Bring the money to the base of TokyoTower tonight at eight, and don't bring the cops. Keep in mind that I can so easily wring your daughter's neck.

Sincerely Yours,


The paper was wet but the writing still readable. Yue clutched the paper in his tiny hands and gritted his teeth. Kero studied the note, frowning. "So what do we do now?"

"We're going to Tokyo Tower. Tonight. Eight o'clock."

"Yue, you're not thinking again. Remember, you're only half a foot tall. And you can't grow."

"No, but you can."

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