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Magus sat in the shadows around the campfire as he watched the rest of the group laugh and talk.

Stupid fools, how can they be so happy when the most important battle of the ages hangs over us?

Marle cuddled up the Chrono while softly saying "Oh Chrono I'm so happy that we were able to bring you back to life!" He smiled at her and gently kissed her on the forehead. "I know honey, and I never want to leave you again."

Lucca rolled her eyes and with a smirk said, "So are we going to get some rest or are you going to watch you two lovebirds all night."

Marle slightly blushed. "Well which one would you prefer?" Lucca laughed and just shook her head. "Come on we've got to get equipped tomorrow for the big battle."

Ayla yawned and said, "Me get rest so me ready for big battle!"

Frog nodded, "Thine statement summons up thine own feelings.

So everyone went to bed except Magus who sat and stared at the fire.

In the middle of the night Lucca woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. She slowly got up and sat next to Magus who hadn't moved from his spot. For awhile it was quiet until finally Magus turned towards her.

"So aren't you the four-eyed nerd who is mechanical over everything." She flushed and quickly replied, "No! I just have a great knowledge over mechanics and such."

Magus smirked. "Fine say whatever you want but you looked like a nerd to me." "Oh don't be such an Asshole!"

"Oh it seems that I've reached a sensitive spot haven't I? But I won't pry anymore to I won't hurt the little girls feelings."

Lucca slowly took a deep breath and stood up. "It seems that I'm not welcomed here. I will go back to the tent." She started to go back when she heard him softly say, "You are the only one who seems to have any intelligence whatsoever."

A small smile spread across her face. "Is that a compliment? If so I thank you so." And she went back into her tent leaving him muttering under his breath.

The next morning everyone gathered around while Chrono made an announcement. "I've decided to take, Magus, and Lucca with me to get the Sun Stone." Lucca smiled while Magus said, "Oh this sucks! We are wasting time going on silly like quests!" Lucca glared at him and hauntingly said, "Guru said that this will empower us and he hasn't been wrong before! So lets go!"

They all leaped into the Epoch and as it picked up speed they headed to 2300 A.D

Slowly they crept into the dark room and as they approached the Stone a boss appeared! It seems liked a large Sun and little things of fire surrounded it.

"Get in position!" Chrono yelled and the team prepared for the fight. It seemed like the fight would never end because only one fire ball was the correct choice but after a long battle of Ice 2 and healing they managed to defeat the boss. "Yay!" Lucca cried as they got the stone. "Now we can create great items combining this with the rainbow shell!"

Chrono smiled. "Yes this is great! Hey look there's a treasure up there!"

"I'll get it!" Lucca said as she climbed up the cliff. "It's a Hyper Ether!" She said and turned around. Suddenly she slipped and with a scream fell from the cliff. Magus quickly glided under her and caught her in his strong arms. "Are you all right?" He asked with an almost gentle tone.

Lucca shook as he helped her get back on her feet again. "I,I think so. It's like the ground turned to ice under me."

"Well," Magus said, going back to his usual haughty tone. "You shouldn't have been going up there alone anyway! Kids." He grumbled with heading toward to exit. "Well come on you slowpokes! We've got to get out of this place!" So the team headed out the door and boarded the Epoch.

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