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Lucca opened her eyes and winced as the sunlight came through the window. "What in the world?" She muttered as she tried to sit up. Then a strong arm helped her and she looked into Magus' eyes. "Magus." She cried as they embraced. "I thought that we were going to lose you." He said tears in his eyes. "Lucca, I'm so..." "Enough." Lucca said. "You don't need to say you're sorry. Everything is forgotten in my eyes."

Marle bounced in and squealed, "You're alive!" "Yes." Lucca sighed. She wasn't much in the mood for the blonde's perkiness. Chrono walked in and smiled at Lucca. "Everyone is going to have to go home soon. The gates are weakening." Lucca gasped and saw Magus smile sadly at her "W-wait! You're going to leave?" Lucca cried as Chrono and Marle quietly snuck out of the room. "I have to go look for my sister." "But once the gates close you won't be able to look for her anymore!" Magus' eyes widened as he realized what she was saying. "You mean if I take the wrong gate..." "You'll be stuck there forever." Lucca finished.

"I have to try." Was all Magus said and walked out of her room. Lucca began to sob as the door slammed shut.

A couple days later everyone stood at the end of the fair saying goodbye. Ayla and Kino waved. "Bye!" They called and stepped through the gate. Robo went next and Lucca cried softly. "Do not worry Lucca. I will be fine. I know that I will have a place in this new future." "He's right!" Marle said patting her shoulder. Robo then stepped through the gate. Glenn went next and kissed Lucca's hand. "I wish..." He trailed off. "I know. But it can't be. But you will always be my friend." Lucca said and Glenn nodded and went into the gate.

Magus without saying a word to them began to walk towards the gate. "I love you." Lucca whispered as he went away. Magus paused and turned to her. "What?" He said and because he had wasted time, the gate disappeared. Magus looked horrified and Lucca walked over to him. "I said that I love you." Magus looked at her and leaned down and kissed her.

"I love you too four-eyes." He said grinning. "I guess that it was FATE that it closed before I could leave.

2 days later.

Magus held Lucca close as they sat on a hill and looked at the ocean. "But what about Schala?" Lucca asked. Magus sighed. "I know that she would have wanted me to be happy. I would have not known where too look. But I feel that someday I will find her." Lucca looked at him. "Maybe. Or maybe it will always be a mystery. But I don't know if I will every be able to forgive my mom." "Lavos practically controlled her. You have to forgive her." "You're right." Magus said sighing. "I forgive her."

"I can't believe that you talked me into this." Magus groaned as they walked home with a couple kids following them. "Magus since we can't have kids we should start an orphanage! Just a few kids and we can call them our own." The young girl named Kid grinned at Magus. "You're strong!" She said. Magus' eyes softened as he looked at the girl. He picked her up. "You remind me of someone." He told her. "Who?" She asked her big blue eyes widening. "My sister." Lucca looked at her husband in surprise and looked at the girl.

"You're right!" She said. "The resemblance is amazing." Kid asked to be put down and she ran after her friend. "I have a feeling that there are surprises to be waiting." Magus said. Lucca answered by pulling him down and kissing him. "And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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