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Chapter One: Crimson Snow


I didn't want to be there. I was sitting in Hatori's frigid makeshift hospital with a thermometer poking out of my mouth. Hatori had left me waiting while he performed some indiscernible action on the other side of the cloth curtain. 'This is silly,' I thought. Hatori had always tried to make this one room office seem like something more. He tried to build himself up as someone more important than he actually felt he was. Being Doctor Sohma had never been enough for Hatori, and I supposed that I really couldn't blame him. He had gotten stuck with being the caregiver, as he certainly didn't choose such a life.  I, at least, was able to escape. I was even able to find a strange semblance of normalcy. Sadly, Hatori was one of Akito's personal slaves, and he would remain as such until the day of Akito's inevitable demise.

Feeling utterly bored, I gazed out the window, my eyes flooded with an ocean of white. It was snowing heavily. What initially appeared to be a brief flurry had started immediately after I arrived, but the snowfall didn't appear that it would ever let up.

Aside from the boredom, I was also pissed off. That damn dog had left me stranded here over three hours ago, saying "Don't worry, Yuki. I'll be back to pick you up in just a couple of hours. I'm going to pop into town to visit Aya for a bit." Now the snow was falling hard, and I would probably be forced to spend the night at the main house. "Fuck." I whispered, and leaned back into the hospital bed.

"HATORI!!! HELP US! HURRY! PLEASE!" A frantic cry pierced the blanketing silence.

Startled, I bolted up from the hospital bed. The scream had come from outside, from the snow covered garden of the main house. 'That was Haru!' I realized, spitting the thermometer from shaky lips. It dropped upon the wooden floor with a shatter, glass and droplets of mercury scattering across the tile. I hardly noticed. I could only hear the sound of pain in Haru's voice, an overwhelming black pain, coupled with fear. I flew through the cloth curtain, rushing towards the door, barely avoiding a collision with Hatori. The doctor cut me off, sliding the door open with trembling fingers, and rushing out into the icy cold.

I rushed toward the main house, my feet sinking into the frozen crystal slush. I was blinded at first. The wind battered my face with its icy fingers, causing my eyes to water and then to freeze. 'Where were they?' I was about to call out, when I found what I was looking for.

Haru was on his knees in the snow.  He had fallen, dropping a bloody bundle from his arms, and now he was staring at it.  There was so much blood, it mixed with the fresh white snow, and spread outwards like a blossoming rose. There at the center he lay, his tiny effeminate body broken and barely breathing, his blond hair fluttering in the wind. Momiji.

"No." The words fell from my lips as my feet rushed forward. "Not him."

Instantly, Hatori lifted Momiji's limp form in his arms, and he passed me, issuing a command. "Bring Haru inside, and hurry."

Haru hadn't moved. He was lost within a deep state of shock. He just sat there in a daze, shivering, and staring at the empty patch of crimson snow. As I drew closer to him, I noticed that much of the blood appeared to be his. One side of his white hair and his clothes were drenched with it. A large purple bruise was darkening beneath his right eye. 'Who did this?' I wanted to ask, although the answer was whispering icily at my brain. I kept silent, because I didn't want to force him to talk. Haru didn't look like he should be speaking, walking, or moving at all. I gathered him to me, wrapping my arms carefully around his waist. I half carried, half pulled him slowly towards the hospital. Just as we made it to the door, Shigure's car pulled into the drive.

"Yuki." Haru whispered, as I helped him into an empty bed. On the other side of the room, Hatori was seeing to Momiji. The petite blond lay face down. His eyes closed, unconscious. Hatori cut open his shirt and began examining the wounds on his back.

"Fucking Akito!" Hatori whispered, as he used a large piece of dampened gauze to clean away the congealing blood, revealing the numerous lash marks that marred the porcelain skin of Momiji's tiny back.

"My God, what happened?" Shigure asked, as he entered the room.

"Get over here, Shigure. I need you to bandage these wounds."

Shigure hurried to Hatori's side. He assumed the task issued to him, allowing Hatori to come to Haru's aid.

"Yuki, is Haru all right?" Hatori asked, as if I were the doctor and not he. The look on his face surprised me. I had never once seen Hatori look that way. His visage showed a mixture of anger and pain. He looked almost human.

"I'm fine." Haru whispered, holding tightly to the sleeve of my shirt. He looked away so that I wouldn't notice the tears in his eyes.

"He's not fine, Hatori. You need to look at the wound on his head. It looks bad." I said, moving my arm, so that Haru would release my sleeve and take my hand instead. I gave him what I hoped was a reassuring smile.

"Ha'ri," Haru cried. "Will Momiji… will he be okay?"

"Don't worry Haru," I said reassuringly. "He'll be okay." I worriedly looked over at Momiji. I didn't know if I was lying.

"Momiji will heal." Hatori informed us, and I breathed a sigh of relief. He was at our side now, examining the cut on Haru's head. He pressed a swathe of white gauze over the wound, and placed my hand upon it. "This cut looks worse than it is. Yuki, hold your hand right here."

Hatori used a pair of sharp scissors to cut open Haru's blood soaked shirt, so that he could examine Haru's ivory skin. There were a number of bruises forming, but no cuts.

"There's too much blood. Where did all this blood come from?" Hatori wondered, the perplexed look upon his face swiftly followed by the dawning of realization.

"Akito." Haru whispered, bleakly answering the question. "Hatori, I'm not sure, but think that I may have killed him."


End of Chapter One.