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Chapter 16: The Demon Dragon. Black Demon Dragon

"Trap card, 'Mirror Force'." Yami Yuugi activated his card. "The 'Flame Swordsman' is protected with this."

"'Gate Guardian Reflection'!" Mei countered. "'Storm Barricade'!"

"But is your other card in play protected from attacks?" Yami Yuugi smirked. "'Monster Tamer' has been defeated."

"My turn," Jonouchi took his turn. "'Flame Swordsman', attack the 'Wind Guardian' with 'Salamander's flame."

"There's no way to hit the Gate Guardian." Kyū declared, the Water Guardian shooting out a sport of water to block out the fire. "My turn, I'll drown the 'Flame Swordsman'. 'Tidal Water Blast'! The 'Flame Swordsman' has been defeated."

"My turn." Yami Yuugi took his turn. "I will place a card. And with the 'Summoned Skull', I will pick up where the 'Flame Swordsman' left off. Here it goes, 'Lightning Strike'!"

"What happened?" Kyū gasped when the Water Guardian's barrier was not activated.

"I had already activated my Trap card." Yami Yuugi revealed his card. "The 'Spell-binding Circle' was attached to the 'Black Magician'. The Water piece has been annihilated."

"My turn," Mei drew his card. "I'll play the 'Remove Trap' to destroy the 'Spell-binding Circle'."

"My turn," Jonouchi drew his card. "This is my card, 'Red Eyes Black Dragon'."

"And now, I will use my placed 'Polymerisation' card." Yami Yuugi followed up. "I will fused it with 'Summoned Skull'. The demon dragon…"

"'Black Skull Dragon'." Jonouchi grinned.

"You fools." Kyū mocked. "That monster can't do anything. "Flying units like 'Black Skull Dragon', can't enter the labyrinth. The only way through the 'Labyrinth Field' is to walk. My turn. The Magic card, 'Riryoku'. With this card, the opposing players' 'Life Points' are reduced by half and those points are given to one of our monsters. And now, the 'Gate Guardian's attack strength has been increased."

"It's my turn." Yami Yuugi drew his card. "I will move 'Black Magician' to the end of the labyrinth. And I will put this card into play. 'Monster Reborn'."

"My turn." Mei declared. "'Gate Guardian', attack the 'Black Magician'."

"Water Guardian, 'Reflection'!" Yami Yuugi countered.

"With this card, I'll throw the 'Riryoku' card right back atcha." Jonouchi summoned his 'Copycat'."

"My turn," Kyū declared. "Wind Guardian will destroy Water Guardian with a simple attack."

"Water Guardian', 'Reflection'." Yami Yuugi countered, the Water Guardian was then defeated by the Lightning Guardian's follow-up attack. "'Monster Replace'." He activated his magic card, swapping 'Black Magician' with 'Black Skull Dragon'. "Meteor Flare!"

"Take that." Jonouchi grinned, the brothers' 'Life Points' now reduced to zero.

"You can get all the 'Star Chips' you want." Mei snorted. "But have you forgotten? The true prize for exiting the Labyrinth is choosing the right door."

"I hadn't forgotten." Yami Yuugi assured. "So, you won't tell us the true gate now, will you?"

"You may choose whichever you want." Mei taunted.

"You know, I thought it might come down to this." Ami shook her head. "These will decide." She held out two coins.

"You're going to decide on a coin toss in the end?" the brothers laughed, seeing the 'Mei' and 'Kyū' letterings on the coins.

"I'll open one of my hands to show a coin." Ami concealed the coin in her fists. "The one that's still in my closed hand will be the gate that we've chosen." A tense moment later, she opened her left hand to reveal the 'Kyū' coin.

"You have chosen the 'Mei', correct?" the brothers inquired.

"The exit is…" Mei grinned.

"The 'Kyū' gate." Kyū declared.

"I thought as much." Ami stated. "There is no true exit to this place. If we've chosen 'Mei', you've chosen 'Kyū'."

"Whichever it is, the fact is you have chosen." The brothers announced. "We win the game."

"Too bad for you," Ami grinned, opening her other hand. "I chose 'Kyū'. The coin in my hand doesn't have 'Mei' written on it and on the other side is 'Kyū'."

"But the first coin had 'Mei' and 'Kyū' written on it." Yami Yuugi realized. "Always knew you had a devious streak." He smirked.

And with the 'Kyū' gate opened, the group exited the duelling ring.

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