Tacking Into the Bleed …

By Adrian Tullberg.


"Thanks for stopping by Mr. Hawksmoor."

"Jack, please. Well, when I see pretty girls assaulted by multiple post-human lifeforms, I tend to lend a hand. Apollo was surprised - most men he saves don't run out and kiss him though ..."

"Xander surprised us as well, didn't you?"

"Look, when you're surrounded by twenty vamps, and some guy drops out of the sky firing pure sunlight from his freakin' eyes, you tend to get a little affectionate, okay?"

"Sure peaches. Does this mean I can't bend over to get the soap then, eh?"

"Shut up bleach boy. Where's that silver chick? I can prove my hetrosexuality, right here, right now!"

"Talking to that guy ... Jonathan?"


"Can I serve your every desire?"

"Shut up. So you developed the knowledge to design and build perfectly lifelike android duplicates ..."

"Can I give you a sponge bath?"

"No, but I think I'll need a shower soon. You only used these androids to what ... harass some kids on the other side of town? Didn't it occur to you to sell them to military companies? The Secret Service?

"Can I bend down and clean your shoes with my tongue?"

"I'm naked under this stuff, remember?"


"If you touch me before changing your pants, you're a dead man ..."


"Great view from ... EEEEP!"

"Dawnie, you're absolutely right."

"Xander, stop contributing to my sister's corruption!"

"Swift ..."


"Hi B!"

"What the hell ... are you ..."

"Look B, when two hot chicks, one just released from prison, are very hot for each other ..."

"Shen ... what did we say about seducing young women?"

"Always turn the camcorder on first?"

"Mmm-hmm ..."


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