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"Y'sure 'bout this Chuck?" Logan growled as the rented vehicle pulled up to the cookie cutter house. Charles Xavier gave him a look.

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"It could be Mystique."

"And it could actually be a mutant who may need our help. I checked with Cerebro before we left. There is a mutant with emerging powers residing here. I'll take the chance." Logan grunted in response. Xavier rolled up to the door, and rang the doorbell. The door opened a crack, and a man peeked out.


"Professor Charles Xavier. Are you Martin Hadyn?" The man opened the door fully.

"Yes, of course, c'mon in, please!"

"When you called me earlier, you sounded very concerned about your daughter."

"Yeah…I think she's a mutant…"

"What makes you so sure?" Xavier asked. Martin rubbed the back of his neck.

"Well…Just today…she had this rash, see? And well…I took her to the clinic about it…I mean, it seems kinda silly I guess…getting that worried about a rash and whatnot…but I mean…y' had to see this thing! It was…well…it looked real bad…"

"Get on with the story bub." Logan, still not entirely trusting, was losing his patience.

"Right…well…I take her to the doctor's, and he runs some tests, and they all come up negative…so I mean…well…the thing was…while he was off doing that…well…the rash? It kinda spread…it went from a little spot on the side of 'er arm, to cover her shoulder and most of 'er forearm…not many rashes do that. The doctor…he looked real surprised, ,and asked me if I remembered that deal with the sentinel and whatnot…said he might think that Jess was one of them…"

"Mutant." Xavier supplied. Martin nodded nervously.

"Yeah…he gave me your number…said you'd be more help than he would…and so…well…here you are!" Martin finished in a rush, after catching Logan's eye.

"Where is Jess?" Xavier asked calmly.

"Probably in 'er room…She's not exactly a people person…"

"Neither am I." Logan mumbled under his breath.

"Jess!" Martin shouted down a short hallway. The young girl came out slowly, and stopped when she spotted Logan and the Professor. She began to try and go back the way she came, without taking her eyes off of either the two mutants. She ran straight into her father.

"I'm not showing it to them…" She directed the statement to Martin, never taking her eyes off of Xavier or Logan.

"Jess…" Xavier began, but Martin cut him off.

"They only wan' t' help, just like Dr. Greene, they're not gonna hurt y'." Jess didn't reply, she just continued to try and back away.

"Jess, are you aware of what is happening?" Jess looked back at the Professor, not with fear, not with curiosity, and not with hostility. Just…blankness.

"I'm a mutant." she finally answered, breaking eye contact. She moved her eyes down toward the ground. In the moment of silence that followed, Jess bolted back down the hallway. Stumbling along, she dashed back into a room, closing the door behind her.

Martin stared into the hallway. "She's never acted like this before…"

"So yer kid ain't as happy-go-lucky as she was before. Guess what bub, it's called hormones."

"Logan, please, Martin, I can appreciate your situation, but-"

"You run a school…right? Can I enroll Jess there? I mean…I don't want to get rid of her…I just want her to get some help…and if you guys can do that…then…"

"Mr. Hadyn! Slow down, please, yes, I do run a school for young mutants, to help them to learn to control their abilities and use them properly, but, if Jess can hardly talk to us, then we can hardly be expected to…"

"You want to send me away?" Jess poked her head around a corner. There was another moment of silence.

"Your father wants to help you." Professor Xavier offered, seeing Martin once again stumbling for words. Jess turned again, walking slowly this time.

"At least that's better than mom…" she murmured.

"Will you take her?" Martin asked, looking rather shaken.

"If she wants to go…"

"Y' want t' send yer kid away…" Logan began, but Martin seemed to have a habit of interrupting people.

"I don' want to send her away…I just think it'll be for the best…it's so hard to explain…"

"I'm ready." Jess reappeared, hefting an old hockey bag on one shoulder.

"This ain't exactly an overnight kid…shouldn't it have taken a leetle longer to pack?"

"Throw stuff in, close it up, not much to it." Jess said in an offhand manner.

Xavier examined Jess closely, the sudden switch from frightened and scared to carefree and apathetic…

"Are we leavin' yet? Y' know, motion, one foot in front of the other…keep things going…"

"Ain'tcha gonna say good-bye?" Logan growled.

"Why bother? I'll just be sayin' hello to him again later…"

"Jess…" Martin began. She darted out of the door.

"Mr. Hadyn, I assure you, we will do our best to keep Jess safe, and teach her."

"That's why she's goin', isn't it?"

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