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Kitty phased backwards through three corridors and Logan before finally stopping. Kurt stood with a slice of his leftover pizza that no one else would touch due to the wide array of toppings that included, among other things, peanut butter.

"EEEWW!" Kitty finally shrieked. Kurt jumped onto the overhead chandelier, gripping pizza in his mouth.

"Ew ew ew ew EW!" Kitty continued as Kurt dropped.

"Vas?" He asked as she stopped for a breath.

"It's a lizard!" Kitty replied, only slightly hysterical. Kurt looked at his pizza questioningly. "She keeps lizards in her pockets!"


"Yes! Jess! It escaped and she chased after it!" Kurt said nothing and munched on his pizza. "Well? Don't you think that's totally disgusting?" Kitty demanded.

"Umm…well," Kurt mumbled around half a mouthful of pizza. "I used to keep small animals in mein pockets too…" He said, swallowing. Kitty stared. "I stopped when I was about seven though…" he added quickly.

"Ew!" Kitty replied, throwing her hands up and phasing through the door, in search of someone who agreed with her on the issue of keeping reptiles in ones pockets.

"Wha' happened?" Rahne asked after Jess slumped over into a small heap on the floor.

"Her mind seems to be extremely susceptible to mental probes." Xavier said, dealing with a minor headache of his own but concerned over the newest recruit.

"It's okay, she seems to have just fainted." Hank said, after having tested for vital signs. "Did you find anything?"

"Just an incredible lack of resistance." The Professor said, steepling his hands, beginning to think about what had just occurred now that he knew his young charge was not suffering any adverse effects.. "I'll be in my study if I am needed Hank." Xavier turned, and left Hank to continue his examination of Jess.

"She's gonna be okay?" Rahne asked. Hank reached down and gently picked Jess up and placed her on the table.

"Yes, once she wakes up she'll be fine." And as if by magic, Jess's head flew up, eyes wide open.

"Wha' happened?" She began to writhe, and nearly fell of the table.

"Jess! Calm down, please! Can you explain the reasoning behind your sudden bout of unconsciousness?"

"Wha? Wha' d'ye mean sir?" Jess asked, only slightly dazed.

"Ye mean ye dinnae remember bein' unconscious?"

"Seein' as I was unconscious at th' time, nae, I dinnae remember bein' unconscious." Jess retorted. "All I remember is chasin' after Saundr, and then pain. Which reminds me, where did tha' gecko run to?"

"I have your small herp right here." Hank said, revealing the gecko hidden in his hand. Jess picked Saundr up, and he crawled up the sleeve of her sweater. "Jess,"


"Where did you pick up the particular idioms of Scottish speech? I'd say you were attempting to mock your most esteemed roommate, except that it is near identical to her own." Rahne cocked her head at the statement made by the most observant Dr. McCoy, not having noticed before.

"I dinnea ken, are ye daft? I have nae accent! Waitaminnit…"

"I would say that you most certainly do. And I'd like a small sampling of your epidermal layer that appears to be deviating from natural development."

"My wha?"

"Skin sample from your rash. Blood samples as well."

"Wha' for?"

"Testing purposes, we can assume that your rash is related in some manner to your mutation, and having observed the company you seem to enjoy, I have a thought…"

Jess shrugged, and allowed the samples to be taken. Hank immediately became absorbed in his work, so Rahne and Jess wandered off.

"So…ye dinnae ken y' mutation?"

"Nae, if I did, would he still 'ave taken those sample fer testin'?"

"Aye, probably, Dr McCoy likes his lab, an' anything of interest he likes t'check out fer himself."

"Umm…where's our room?"

"Follow me, ye dinnae snore, do ye?"

"I dinnae think so…"

"Ye ken, hearing me accent like that could get annoying after a time."

"Aye, 'cept I nae tryin' t' imitate ye…"

"Can ye jus' talk normal?"

"I am…"

"Are ye sure?"

"Aye, an' I think I best be quiet naow…" Jess trailed off.

"Aww, c'mon, I said twas annoyin', nae unbearable, mebbe ye'd like t'tell me somethin'…like why'd ye kiss Kurt?" Jess raised her head, Rahne opened the door to let the pair of them into the room.

"I dinnae know, one minute I was standin' t' the side, watchin' ye all enjoyin' the party, then somethin' exploded, and I found m'self kissin' him. And I lit outta there."

"Ye have nae reason?"


"Nae even a crush?" Jess shook her head. "So…ye have nae reason whatsoever to kiss Kurt, and ye did?"

"Pretty much." Rahne shook her head, and curled up underneath her covers, leaving Jess almost alone in the dark to ponder.

Saundr crawled up and down Jess's arm, and finally settled on her shoulder.

"What's going on with me Saundr?" Jess whispered to the little lizard. "I mean…I've never felt so confused in my life…not even when mom and dad split…I just don't know what to think anymore…" Saundr responded by crawling on top of Jess's head. "Maybe some sleep will help me…" Jess put her head on the pillow, and drifted off.

"She won't wake up!" Jess grumbled and pulled the pillow over her head.

"She seems to be movin' now." A large amount of murmurings managed to reach Jess's shielded ears. She sat up and threw the pillow in the direction they were coming from. A short snikt later, the air was filled with the innards of the pillow.

"Yeah, I'd say she's definitely not dead." Logan withdrew his claws and stalked off. "And by the way, most of you have a training session with me right now." He called over his shoulder.

"Jess! Your alive!"

"Aye, why wouldn't I be?" Jess looked quizzically at the large number of mutants staring at her.

As the large group of mutants continued to stare, Jess jumped up and started batting away at the pillow fluff that now filled the air.

"EWWW! See what happens when you keep lizards in your pockets?" Kitty shouted and phased away. Jess didn't give her a moments notice. What she did notice was the fairly lengthy tail that kept getting in her way. For a quarter of a moment, she thought that maybe she might pay some attention to it. Then she returned to her amusement.

"Alright, you all have places to be right now, and I need to talk to Jess alone. All of you, begone now before Logan comes looking for you." The gathering of mutants dispersed, leaving Jess to wonder why pillow fluff was so engrossing, and Hank to observe and confirm what he had observed earlier. "Ah, Jess, I believe I have discovered your power." Jess stood up, fell over, and caught a glimpse of herself in Rahne's mirror. She stared. Her skin was entirely scaly, and had turned black of all colours. Strangest of all was the long whippy tail that was now flicking by her feet as if it had a mind of it's own.

"Please tell me that I am dreaming a very weird dream…" Jess murmured.

"Ah, no, I'm afraid not. Jess, your mutation is one of imitation, on a genetic level. When your cells, any cells of your body, come in contact with foreign cells, they begin to alter themselves. They take on the DNA of the foreign cells and imitate to a degree, well, you could become a clone of just about anyone."

"I'm a mimic…then what am I mimicking?" Jess continued to stare as she slowly gained command over her new tail.

"I believe that should be obvious enough. Your small reptilian friend on your head is responsible for you appearance. Once the mimicking genes hit an major artery or vein, the transformation speeded up. The cells could be carried almost everywhere in your body in a much shorter time."

"Umm…so why do I have a tail then? And why am I not an exact clone of Saundr?"

"I believe that may be because reptilian DNA and mammalian genetics are not a perfect match. You're still retaining a number of your traits, plus decreasing your mass significantly enough to make an exact duplicate of Saundr is, unrealistic."

"Said the blue gorilla to the giant lizard lady." Jess murmured. "So, what? Now I'm going to be an overgrown gecko?"

"You can probably refine your control over your genes with some time and experience. Your original DNA still exists inside you, you just can't quite recognize it."

"Oookay. So, that's it?"

"I believe your mimicry extends beyond physical, and possibly even into mental."

"And why does the scientist believe that?"

"Your personality shifts. Everyone who has spoken to you has picked up a different impression. And you keep picking up the manner of speaking of the people around you." Hank grinned.

"Maybe I am just trying to be an annoyance."

"I think I'll entertain the Professor with my explanation first." Hank turned and left, leaving Jess even more confused then she had been first.

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