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Supply Closet, G&T Room-

I am going to kill Lilly, that's all there is to say... KILL HER! Why, do you

ask, I would kill my best friend since Kindergarten??? Why would I do such a

horrible thing??


Trapped... in the smallest supply closet in the whole entire world...

I am beginning to feel a little guilty about being in on keeping Boris in here

so many times, but you know what? He totally deserves this cruel and unusual

punishment for subjecting us to old whiny Bach music... But ME? What did I

ever do??? Sure I am a freak and everything, and I could totally see how

someone like Lana would trick me to come in here and then lock the door just for

laughs or whatever... but my BEST FRIEND??? I have never done anything to


Ok, maybe that isn't the complete truth... There is the time that I kicked her

in eigth grade, but I was COMPLETELY provoked. And then when I found out I was

a Princess I didn't exactly run and tell her. And there is also that time I

told her to shut up. And how I sometimes write about how I think she looks like

a Pug. And the fact that I am in love with her brother...

So I am not the greatest friend in the world, but have I ever told Lilly to get

something out of a supply closet and then locked the door on her???? Hmmm... let

me think about that... NO!

Not only am I starting to get scared about the possibility of a phsyco-killer

coming in here and dismembering me, but there is also the fact that I am really

creeped out by the dark. I'm serious, sometimes I sleep with a night-light on.

I live in NEW YORK for crying out loud, you cannot live here and develop some

sort of paranoia!!!

And what about me missing the Cultural Diversity Dance, huh? I mean, yeah, I

wasn't having the greatest time ever with Kenny, but at least I could see more

than just that of the light attatched to my pen...

And so what that I saw Michael standing by the punch bowl with Judith Gershner.

I mean yeah I felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest and when I

asked Lilly if they were there together I kind of could barely get the words

out. And when she said she was not her brothers keeper and I should just go

over and ask him myself, I wanted the floor to open up and just suck me in.

It was still better than the possiblity of the phsyco-killer.

WHY DID I TELL LARS TO STAY HOME???? He could have had the door off in like

five seconds.

OH MY GOD! I think I just knocked over the glue can! I am going to die from

GLUE FUMES... Just in case I do, and all they find Monday when they are trying

to stick Boris in here is my body and my journal I will make out a will.

I, Princess Amelia (Mia) Mignoette Thermopolis Renaldo leave all my shiny

belongings that can be found behind the toilet to Fat Louie.

Everything else can go to charity unless Mom or Lilly or anyone wants to keep

anything for some sort of sentimental reason...

What a way for a Princess to die, Grandmere will be totally dissapointed in

me... I could so see her not coming to my funeral over this, plus the fact that

there won't be any heir to inheret the thrown. Well at least I will be dead and

I won't have to hear it.

Perks of being Dead:

No Princess Lessons

A bunch of people saying nice things about me at my funeral.

Disadvantages of being Dead:


Wait, what was that??? Oh my GOD!!! There is a phsyco killer on the loose!!