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Mia's POV:

Why is it that the best moments of your life is usually followed by the worst? I mean, that seems to be totally unfair. It doesn't happen to everyone, but it seems to happen to a lot.

It's a good thing that I am not like a lot of other people. The best moment of my life, you know, the whole having Michael sing me to sleep thing. It was followed up by an even better moment.

So we hear someone knocking at the door and unfortunatly Michael starts to move. But before we could fully stand up, the door opens and there stands Lilly, Boris, Tina, Tina's boyfriend Dave, and ... Kenny.

The reaction on everyone's face to seeing Michael and I alone in a supply closet scrambling to stand up was different.

Lilly had this calm look of satisfaction on her face. Tina's was similar except she had a big smile on her face and she would not stop winking at me. Dave looked.. well, bored. And between Kenny and Boris I could not tell who looked more horified.

Of course they had this look for completely different reasons. Boris was staring at his violin with tears in his eyes muttering something in Russian.

But Kenny? He recovered from his look of uncertainty and extended his hand out to me.

'Come on Mia, the dance is over. I thought maybe we could go to Around the Clock and buy some pancakes,' he looked hopeful.

I have lied time and time again, to my family, friends, strangers and even myself. So why should I start acting any differently now?

Because I am in love with Michael. And I know he loves me back.

'Kenny. I can't. I'm sorry,' I say sadly. I really do pitty him.

'Yeah, I guess it is kind of late. Well I guess I could drop you off at home.' This kid is clueless.

'Um, no Kenny. I mean, I can't go out with you anymore. I really hate to do this, but you deserve to know the truth. I love Michael.'

'But it can't be over Mia..'

'Kenny!' Lilly looked frustrated. I know this look. I REALLY pitty him now. 'Look, she said it's over. And that's what she means. Deal with it. She is in love with my brother, not you. Why would you want to stay in a relationship were your feelings are not returned? And if you really loved Mia as much as you say you do, you would want her to be happy, not tied down to you? '

Kenny just looked crushed.

But as horrible as this might sound, all I could feel was relieved. It also helped that the whole time this went on, Michael just stood there right beside me, holding my hand. Which is the best thing he could have done for me.

This, you see, is why I love him. He knows.

So, after Kenny walked of to find a ride home, seeing as it would be awfully awkward if we gave him a ride home in the limo, the rest of us went... and got pancakes. What else would you expect a bunch of teenagers to do in New York City at midnight?

And then, I went to Lilly's and spent the night, where we stayed up watching Dirty Dancing. Well, me and Lilly at least. Michael fell asleep with his head on my shoulder halfway through.

And dad is paying to get Boris a new violin, that won't be coming in for about another 3 weeks. Making everyone really happy, even Boris, because this is apparently the violin above ALL violins.

The END!

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