Chapter One

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It's been a long, long day. The wheels on the wagon keep turning and the dust from the waste outside keeps blowing in through the windows. The dust does nothing to help my mother's condition, if anything it worsens it! For you see, my dear made up friend, my mother has been infected with The Sickness.

I suppose that before I tell you about The Sickness and the Dark Towers I should fill you in on a little background information. Not that it matters, you are just a figment of my imagination, but I'm going to do it anyway.

My name is Amera. I have an older brother named Jame and my parents are the famed Claidi and Argul. I am fifteen years old and I am currently in the wagon which belongs to my parents trying to aid my mother who I have never seen this ill before.

In fact, I wouldn't even be writing to you my make-believe confident if not for that woman who is lying there, not moving, lost to the world. Yesterday, you see, I found her journals and I… read them. I feel endlessly guilty about this fact but nonetheless it's true. I read and read engrossed in my mother's fascinating life.

My life will never be that interesting; sorry to tell you so soon in our relationship, but nothing I write on these pages could ever compete with that! I saw how she wrote mostly only in her times of confusion (I get the feeling that she used the books to vent her emotions) but no matter the reason she started them in the first place, I feel a strong urge to write a journal myself.

It's odd…as we near the safe village and draw farther and farther away from the dreaded Dark Towers my mother seems to become less and less sick. This is a very good thing because for a while there, I was sure we'd lost her.

Before we head onward to the safe village known only as Hultas, there is a planned stop at Peshamba which has become a regular trade route ever since that trip there that Mother and Father took long ago where Father almost proposed…

Oh, now then, the Dark Towers. The Dark Towers are always looming on the horizon it seems…and dark clouds swirl ominously about the towers far up in the air. There is where all of the great evil peoples of this world have come together...steadily becoming stronger. It has been this way ever since I can remember, although Father tells me that I once lived in the fresh, clean air of a world without this sickening fear of the towers.

Oh, my good friend Kendai calls to me now and so I must be off!