Chapter Seven

It has taken me a while to get around to writing more of the events of my life. There really wasn't anything much to write so you didn't miss anything.

We trailed through the desert, silent and grim. Only Windal did anything much, she walked with this little skip-hop for most of the first and second day. By then, however, we all were exhausted, hungry, and irritable.

Confusion played through my thoughts. What now? I asked myself over and over again. It was apparent that similar thoughts were running through the minds of my companions.

I must say that I have grown up more these past few days than I have ever in my life, and I notice a change in Kendai, too. Sheath is quiet most times so I don't know much of how he feels. Reme and I talk as we walk our ongoing conversation the only rewarding thing of the entire trip.

Then, on the fifth day just as the smoke from the ruined Hultas disappeared from the horizon, smoke appeared from a completely different direction! At first I thought I had been turned around somehow, what with days of walking in the hot sun with little to no food, I was pretty near delusional!

I swirled in a circle and looked back where I thought the smoke had been from Hultas and noticed a slight wisp of smoke ascending towards the heavens. That's when I realized: the smoke I was seeing as not Hultas, I hadn't been turned around! It was Peshamba!

"Oh!" I remarked, still a bit phased, my voice hoarse. I cleared my throat and everyone paused to look at me, their eyes a bit glazes, curiosity stamped on their features. "Peshamba!" I said, pointing to the dark clouds billowing upward in the distance.

To my amusement, they all spun about as I did when I first saw the far-off smoke. With the encouragement of possible salvation from the horrid desert, we pressed on with unmatched fervor.

I had thought that Windal couldn't be any stranger, but at the rest of our spirits rose, hers did too. Her eyes, a lovely deep blue color, widened and she skipped a bit ahead of the rest of us. Every time she jumped into the air she went at least two feet off the ground. I looked to Kendai in wonderment and she started giggling.

Her laugh was infectious and before long we were all rolling about on the ground in the middle of the desert! I dare say we were all mad.

Windal stopped, hearing our uproarious laughter and turned back to us, tilting her head to one side which only added to the hilarity. After a while we finally came back to our sense.

"Wow." Reme said once he had caught his breath. "That kid is insane." He stood and ruffled Windal's hair fondly.

We all got up and attempted to dust the sand off our clothes, but by then it was pretty much grafted into the fabric from days of sleeping in the sand. Several hours of nothing but endless walking later, we had Peshamba firmly in our sights.

The sun began to fall so we stopped to camp the night out here. And tomorrow, oh tomorrow, we shall be there! Hope hangs thick in the air like a perfume, breaking through the coarse nothingness that is the desert. Oh and how sweet it smells!