The war with the Empire Of The Eternal Sun lasted for nearly three more months. Crayla, Kylih, Ramn, Tyri, Mikhael, and Rohk proved instrumental in holding back the forces long enough for General Dehrimon's main forces to arrive to stem the tide. When it was down the three HomeGuard members asked for permission to go on a long-range expeditionary mission to the Lost Continent where lay the ancestral homeland of the Kath and the Mitok. The Queen granted them this and much more. She asked for any volunteers from all branches of the Surdanan military who would brave the journey and the response was overwhelming. So much so that a tournament had to be held as to who would stay and go. Three Dragon-Riders and their mounts asked to go as well and even the High Marshall herself would have gone if she had not been a member of the newly formed Council. In the end our three heroes and their Bond-Mates set off for the great unknown with a small fleet, three hundred fierce fighters, and three Dragon-Riders under their command. This force, that historians would dub the Alpha Crusade, blazed a course that would forever leave its mark on history.

    But that is another story.