On a Wing and a Prayer


Sesshomaru was wandering listlessly through a forest in the heart of his lands, when he heard a high-pitched scream of his human, pet, Rin. The smell of human blood was also thick in the air, as well as that of a demon. Sheer boredom fueling him, he decided to take action. In one of his demon bounds, he found the source of the chaos.

There he saw a richly dressed young woman, with, even to his eyes, a hideous green ogre trying to fight and tear his way under her many layers of skirts. Springtimeā€¦he grimaced, every woman is fair game. Feeling sympathetic, a ball of light formed in his hand. As it developed into a whip, he cracked it at the demon, slicing its shoulder. Grabbing its gushing wound, it lost interest in the girl, who now lay unconscious on the dirt. The demon, enraged by his actions, charged mindlessly at him, only to receive four, acidic gashes on his face. Now gripping his face, the demon took a fearful step back, and quickly ran off into the forest, leaving his prey for the vultures.

When the demon was gone, Sesshomaru heard Rin and Jaken appear behind him. "Master, what be ye--- Oh, she's pretty far-gone, wouldn't you say?" he asked, giggling over the sight of the injured young woman. Rin looked over at her, and then up at Sesshomaru, down at the girl, and back at Sesshomaru. "Sesshomaru-sama, she is hurted. Can we take her back to the castle?" she asked. He gave no reply, which in his language, meant no. Rin looked down, sniffling a bit. This got Sesshomaru's attention quite nicely. He looked down at the girl, and she looked up. Puppy-dog pouting with tears threatening to fall from her eyes, she asked again.

Not wanting to attract every demon in the forest with the little girl's tears, he silently walked over to where the girl lay, and slung her over his shoulder. He scowled, feeling the human's blood drip onto his clothing. Jaken, of course, was stunned. "Milord, what in all the hells are you doing?" he asked. Sesshomaru sighed. He knew that Rin had him wrapped around her finger. It wasn't one of the things he was proud of, but her company was much better than the little green imp's, so why get her mad? He sighed again. Humans are such trivial creaturesā€¦