On a Wing & a Prayer

Part XXII: Tokiwokoeru Omoi

It had been nearly two months since Sesshomaru had last seen Gina. He had barely done anything, and only left his large wing of the castle on rare occurrences. He had simply been in mourning of her. He knew that she was in a much better place than he would be able to provide, but he still missed her gravely. Today, though, was different. He had left his castle due to reports that some demon was defiling his lands, and was now wandering through the woods in search of this disturbance, accompanied by his long-time retainer, Jaken.

The odd little toad demon had noticed the change in his lord's demeanor as well. It seemed as thought nothing mattered. He had not slaughtered any soldiers for amusement, had not sought the Tetsusaiga from his younger half-brother. Nothing! He even bet that if that miserable half-breed were to slap him in the face, his lord wouldn't mind at all. It would simply be an annoyance, now. Jaken gave a slight sigh. It was as the demon lord was a completely different man.

Sesshomaru gave a large sigh, closing his eyes. The sweet scent of cherry blossoms came to him, and he looked up. Of course, it was simply a few of the lovely trees, and not his lovely Gina. He let out another sigh. Just to hold her yet another time in his arms…he would give up anything. But of course, he knew that would never come. He was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he failed to notice the thunder rumbling overhead.

Many miles away, walking through a distant part of the same forest was a tennyo, her armor aglow. It was Gina, with tears welling in her eyes. As the wind blew around her, she remained undisturbed, and yet she watched as the cherry blossoms fell around her. She gave a saddened sigh, and as tears rolled down her cheeks, rain began to fall from the sky. She had tried to forget about Sesshomaru, but it was impossible. She reached behind her neck, running a finger along the small scar on the back of her neck. As she let more tears fall, more thunder rumbled, and the rain persisted. However, she was unscathed.

She could only dream of him protecting her, now. They could not be together. He was a youkai, she a tennyo. It was as simple as that. And if either persisted, they would most likely be banished to hell. Gina stopped walking, and sat down on a large boulder. A few more tears dripped down her face, and she pulled a small harp out of a silk scarf that she had tied to her armor. She had learned to play as a child, and had finally taken it up as an angel.

A small smile crossed her face, and she touched the smooth strings. Please…Sesshomaru…let this reach your ears, so that you will know that I love you still after all this time. She started playing a slow, sad song. This sad, angel's melody would've broken the hearts of anyone who listened. As she played, she sang an even sadder song, the traditional song of the tennyo.

Shiba shi nasguamin

Naryurayashi ga

Tû mu ni nagamiyuru

Hitû nu uteikayoya no

Nuyude ni teiru chichi ni wan'ne

N'kaitei nachuga…

Sesshomaru's ears perked up. He could've sworn that he heard the strumming of a harp, and the singing of a brokenhearted woman. And he believed he knew the owner of that wonderful voice. "Gina…can it truly be?"

Jaken looked up at him strangely. "Milord…what are you talking about?" he asked. Sesshomaru didn't answer. He sniffed the air. Is it possible? Totally disregarding his faithful servant, Sesshomaru dashed off toward the beautiful sounds of the playing heart and heartbroken voice, as well as Gina's wonderful scent, which was mingling with the smells of rain and cherry blossoms. He ran as fast as his legs would carry him, when he stumbled upon a young woman, sitting on a large rock, a harp in her hand.

Tears forming in his eyes, he listened as she sang the heart wrenching verse once more, playing her own accompaniment. Has being away from me truly caused her this much heartbreak? Even though she now dwells in the heavens…she cannot forget me? "Ah, milord!" Jaken said in a loud whisper, waddling up next to Sesshomaru, "A sacred tennyo! We should go now! Spy unwarily and she may send you to hell!"

A small smirk formed on the demon's face. "Truthfully, I could care less. But…there is something I must do," he replied. He then walked through the barrier of trees, and right up behind Gina without her even noticing. She was much too involved with the song of lament that she sang and in fact, had tears running down her cheeks. His smile growing, he gently slid his arms around her shoulders, giving a slight sigh.

Gina set her harp down on her lap, completely amazed by Sesshomaru's presence. "You looked cold from this rain," he said. "So I'm going to stay like this until you warm up again. You can push me away if you so desire." Gina bit her lip, setting her hands on his. "How can you even think I'd consider pushing you away," she started, her eyes teary, "When I love you so much?" He let out a sigh, his arms moving around her waist and his head resting on a shoulder. "And yet we both know," Sesshomaru started, "That we cannot be together."

Gina pulled herself forward, but then spun back around. She leaned forward, kissing him for a moment. When they parted, they gazed into each other's eyes. "Sesshomaru…I'm simply glad to see your face again…" she said, crying a little more. Sesshomaru wiped away a few of her tears, and then pulled her close. He kissed her hair, and gave a loving nuzzle. "Oh, Sesshomaru," Gina said, muffled by his chest, "I just wish we could stay like this forever. I just wish…that I never had to leave you again. I would even give up heaven…"

Sesshomaru buried his face in her hair. "I would give up anything…just to make that one wish of yours come true," he said. He held her there for a moment, raindrops and cherry blossoms falling around them. "Is this truly what you both desire?"

Slightly startled, the two looked up, and saw a second angel, dressed in a garb identical to Gina's. She picked up the harp that Gina had let fall to the ground, her reddish hair bouncing as she did so. "M-mother…" Gina started. But she cut her off. "Gina, my child, do you truly wish to spend your existence with this man?" she asked. Sesshomaru's arm still wrapped tightly around her, she nodded. "I love him more than my own existence, Lady Caelin. I would do anything just to be with him…but I know that loving a mortal is forbidden," Gina said, pulling herself from Sesshomaru in heartbreak.

The woman called Caelin shook her head. "No. I have seen to many angels' whose love of a mortal was prohibited, and when their love became malevolent energy, there were damned. And I will not let this cruel fate fall upon my own daughter," she said. Gina gaped. Was she actually being permitted to stay with Sesshomaru?

"Sesshomaru," Caelin continued, "For a demon, you have showed both great love and great virtue toward my daughter in her time of need. As long as you promise to keep on as you've done so far, I will grant your wish." Sesshomaru smiled, pulling Gina close. "Of course. I love Gina more than my own life. You needn't ask that I protect her, for I will weather she needs it or not."

The angel known as Caelin smiled, a small wand forming in her hand. "Gina, please take a step back," she said. Gina did as the angel had asked, and watched as she pointed her wand at Sesshomaru. There was a large flash of angelic power, and when it faded, Sesshomaru stood in glistening armor, which was nearly identical to that of Gina and Caelin. "What is this?" he demanded. Caelin simply smiled. "The armor of a sacred warrior," she replied.

Sesshomaru looked down, examining the shining, silver armor. Gina was simply looking back and forth between them. Caelin sighed, walking up closer to him. "Promise to heed the call to protect this world and take care of my Gina, you will keep this coveted title and be able to stay together," she said. Sesshomaru glanced over at Gina, and saw the ecstatic look on her face. A small smile crossed his face, and he took her into his arms. They shared a slight kiss, and as they did so, Caelin disappeared. Gina gently nuzzled against his chest, and as she did so, the rain stopped. They would be together forever, and there was nothing that could ever tear them apart.


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