Wind, Fire and Ice

By: Kietah-chan

A/N: Konichiwa everybody! I'm Kietah-chan, but in my fic here, I'm Kietah along with my two other anime freak friends, Ari and FaTalony. This fic is about the three of us going "whoosh" into the Beyblade world in Japan! We will describe ourselves after on in the fic. Well, here's the fic and please R&R!! Ari: HAPPY BUNNY!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! Kietah: riiiiiight.-_-"

Ch.1: Interruptions


Kietah's POV:

I don't know exactly what happened that one night in August, but the next thing I knew, I was lying down in some kind of park when I woke up. My friend FaTalony was leaning her back up against a tree, sleeping.

The soft, slightly wet grass was tickling my fair face as I lie there on the ground. I sat up stiffly and stretched. I looked around and noticed I had no idea where I was at all. My long black hair that was tied back in a ponytail blew ever so slightly in the breeze. I sighed and took a deep breath, inhaling and cherishing the wind, for it is my element. My own, my wind. I turned my gaze back on FaTalony, who now had her eyes open. She looked over at me through her crimson eyes and I smiled.

"Where the hell are we?" FaTalony snapped at me, gazing around the park.

"I don't know . . ." I said uncertainly. I tried to pull some information out of my surroundings, but I couldn't find anything.

FaTalony stood up from where she was sitting and gazed around her.

"Where is Ari?" she asked me.

Not until that moment did I realize I had no idea where our icy friend was. She was with the two of us before we fell asleep, but now, Ari was nowhere in sight.

At that moment, there was a loud sound of grinding metal and a bunch of loud shouts.

"GO DRAGOON!!!!" somebody shouted somewhere in the park.

"DRACIEL, GO!!!!" another voice roared behind some trees.

FaTalony and I exchanged confused and strange looks at these weird words (A/N: F.Y.I, the three of us in the fic have never heard of Beyblade or stuff like that . . .). I looked up along with FaTalony as two huge beams of bright light suddenly shot up from behind some trees not too far from where we were standing. We stared up at it in awe.

FaTalony and I crept up behind a tree and hid, then we moved behind another tree until we could see two boys standing on either side of a dish on the ground. Inside the dish thing, there were two metal top looking things spinning around rapidly and hitting into each other. One of the boys was wearing a hat and had blackish hair sticking out of it, was closest to us and had his back to us. The other boy was short and blonde and was standing on the other side of the dish.

My curiosity got the better of me, and I slowly and silently crept up behind the boy with his back to us and poked him in the back with my one finger.

The boy yelled out something I didn't understand, and fell forwards into the dish face first. He lay there, his right leg twitching slightly. The other boy's eyes grew wide and his little top thing flew back into his hand. The boy in the dish shot up, his eyes huge and faced me, holding his right hand in a fist, almost like he was preparing to fight me.

"WHO ARE YOU, AND WHY'D YA DO THAT FOR?!" he screamed at me.

I continued to stay I the same position, my eyes wide in curiosity and my index finger pointed out in front of me. My confused look then turned into a happy grin.

The infuriated boy glared at me, and turned his back on me.

"Go away and leave me alone!" he said simply.

I looked down on his top thingy that was still spinning. I reached my hand out and quickly picked it up.

"HEY!! GIVE THAT BACK!!!!" he yelled at me, trying to grab the thing away from my hand. The boy was a little short compared to me, so he started hopping up and down to reach it. I held it out of his reach, just to annoy him. It certainly seemed to. I was very amused by how high the runt could jump and happy I grew over the past year.

"Will you just give it back to me?" he asked me, sounding very defeated.

"Geez, have some manners, kid. Say please?" I pushed. At me calling him kid, his face turned bright magenta.

"How dare you call me a kid?! I'm no kid!!!!" he yelled at me, his eyes growing huge again. I smiled at how worked up he was getting.

"Say please . . ." I ordered him. Saying "please" seemed to be the last thing he wanted to say to a girl like me. Honestly, I didn't see what was so special about this toy. It's just a piece of metal.

"Please . . ." he said through gritted teeth. I knew I should've given it back to him, but, being me, I tossed it over my shoulder casually and it landed on the grass behind me.

The boy's eyes opened wide in shock and he leaped on the top behind me, protecting it from me. He then shoved it in his pocket. I grinned at how evil and mean I can be sometimes.

I heard a sigh of disgust from behind me somewhere in the distance. I turned around; my aquamarine eyes searching and they laid upon FaTalony who was shaking her head in disapproval.

"And what may I ask is wrong this time?" I asked her, slightly annoyed by her expression.

"You act like such a kid sometimes . . .you're 16 . . .grow up," FaTalony said, still shaking her head. Besides the truth that the fact was right, I smiled anyway.

"I know I do, but I can't help it! I'm still a kid at heart!" I replied cheerfully. FaTalony sighed again and dropped the subject.

"OK, now will you tell me who you are?" the boy suddenly asked FaTalony and me. I turned to face the boy, who was now looking calmer. The other blonde boy was now standing beside the other one.

"Fine, I am Kietah and this is FaTalony . . .who are you?" I asked them.

"I am Tyson and this is Max, my friend. Do you have a Beyblade team?" he asked me eagerly, his big brown eyes shining with excitement. I quirked an eyebrow at this term.

"Bey-what?" I asked him, thoroughly confused. Tyson's eyes grew wide in shock and his mouth dropped open, along with Max's. FaTalony now left her spot by the tree and stood next to me, trying to figure out what they were talking about too.

"You . . .don't . . .know . . .what . . .Beyblade . . .is . . .?" Tyson stuttered his mouth still wide open and hanging down. I shook my head in confusion. I had now idea what the heck they were talking about at all. I guess that FaTalony didn't either, by the way she was looking at the two of them.

"Well, I'm not explaining it unless you want to stand here forever. Tyson, why don't we let them meet the others?" Max suggested to Tyson. Tyson grabbed his jaw and shoved it back to normal, finally realizing someone was communicating with him.

"Yeah! Come on, I can show you the other's on my team, follow me!" Tyson said, now sounding excited. Him and Max started running off into the park, through a bunch of trees. FaTalony and I exchanged quick confused glances, but then followed the sugarhigh boys.

The two boys led us down several paths, with street signs I couldn't read. It looked like Japanese, because I knew it wasn't Chinese, for I was born and raised in China. Japanese? Are we in Japan??

Not too far away, the two boys stopped in front of a little hut thingy so abruptly, it caused me to bump into Max's back. I looked up and saw it was a little hut, apparently, Tyson knew this place well, because he ran right inside opened up two doors into a room.

When we walked inside, everyone's heads turned to the arrivals. There was a younger looking boy with, I don't think, any eyes at all, and a young teenage girl sitting on the floor.

"Done training already?" the girl with brown hair asked Tyson and Max. Tyson sighed.

"Yes, Hilary, done already,"

"Who won?" the other boy on the floor asked Tyson.

Tyson turned around and glared at me. "Well, nobody . . .we were interrupted . . ."

The two on the floor finally seemed to have noticed FaTalony and I standing in the doorway and cocked their heads.

"Hello, who are you two?" the girl called Hilary asked us. I stepped in front of Max, accidentally stepping on his foot in the process and introduced us.

"My name is Kietah from China, and this is my friend FaTalony from Germany. We have another friend who was originally with us, but we don't know where she went," I said thoughtfully. Hilary smiled and so did the boy.

"I'm Hilary and this is Kenny also known as Chief. Hi and welcome! We have two other teammates, one is off doing his own thing, I think, and the other is doing some errands. They'll be here shortly though," Hilary said in a welcoming manner. Kenny nodded his head with this statement.

"Hello, this may sound really strange to you, but we don't know how we got here in the first place! FaTalony and Ari, the other girl, were just staying overnight at my house, then when we woke up, we in the park! Do you mind us staying here for a while?" I asked them all, sounding very stupid indeed.

"Sure! It's no problem with me. That is weird, I mean, you don't hear those sort of things every day," Kenny said, pondering slightly over this thought.

"I have had weirder things happen to me, it's not that bad," FaTalony said quietly, causing everyone's heads to turn again onto her.

"Come sit down! Don't stand there in the doorway forever!" Hilary said graciously, patting the floor beside her. I walked over and sat beside her with great difficulty, for I was wearing a very short mini skirt, but I was smiling nonetheless, and FaTalony sat on the other side of me.

"Tell us more about yourselves, what team are you on?" Hilary asked FaTalony and me. I sighed and lowered my face. Tyson, seeming to realize how much I didn't want to say it again, answered for me.

"They've never even heard of Beyblades before. Why don't we drop that subject?" Tyson suggested. I felt like hugging him, I was so happy he said that. I really didn't feel like having everyone gawk at me because I didn't know what the hell Beyblades were.

Suddenly, the door to the room opened up and a young teen with black hair and amber eyes walked in. He was carrying some sort of package, and set it down on a table nearby. He straightened up and noticed FaTalony and me. 'Man, he's hot!' I thought, staring at the guy.

"Hello, who are you?" he asked quietly, only staring at me, not FaTalony when he asked this.

"This is Kietah and FaTalony, they are wanderers who are going to stay with us for a while. Is that OK with you?" Max asked, introducing us by pointing to whomever he was talking about.

The guy continued to stare at me, and immediately my eyes turned green, the colour they turn when I'm being flirtatious. The teen didn't seem to notice though.

"Yeah . . .sure . . .anything . . ." he said dazily, still not taking his eyes away from me. I could feel the colour rising in my cheeks from all this attention.

"Girls, this is Rei. He's from China, too, Kietah," Hilary said excitedly. I nodded my head, I too, staring at Rei. Tyson must have noticed the "staring competition" between Rei and I, and he cleared his throat.

"Why don't you sit down, Rei? We're gonna eat soon!!!" Tyson exclaimed happily. Everybody in the room except me, FaTalony and Tyson got sweatdrops at this exclamation.

"You always eat, Tyson. You're going to have a heart attack someday from concessive eating," Kenny said disapprovingly. Tyson dropped his happy grin at this. Rei walked over beside Tyson and sat down, across from me, and tried not to stare at me.

"So . . .whose turn is it to cook tonight?" Max asked the group. Everyone looked determined not to cook.

"I will!" I exclaimed. I loved to cook so why not? Almost all the heads turned in my direction when I said this. I got to my feet with a grin on my face.

"I'll help you find the stuff and things," Rei suggested to me. I smiled at Rei when he said this and he blushed a little. So Rei and I started off into a kitchen to make dinner, leaving the other's behind in the other room.

The kitchen was a cozy size, just big enough to move around at least, unlike the kitchen back home at my house. Rei was standing behind me, and I could feel his eyes boring into the back of my head as I gazed around the kitchen, looking for my "tools". I strolled over to a counter and grabbed a huge and extremely heavy pot with my hands and attempted to lift it off the counter, but couldn't. I was straining to lift up the dumb pot, when I saw someone's hands grab onto it too. I looked up and saw a smiling Rei helping me with the dumb thing. With his help, we somehow managed to carry it over to the other counter where the water was.

"Thanks a lot, I am rather weak," I said sheepishly.

"Don't blame yourself, that thing is really heavy, it takes about three people to even lift it up. Now, the rice is over here . . ." Rei said rather quickly, I'm guessing to cover up the blush rising in his cheeks. I smiled and followed Rei to the counter he was showing me. I grabbed the rice bowl and carried it back to the pot.

After I was done making all the rice, I decided to make something special. I started making my "world famous" chocolate cake, just as a thank you for letting me stay with them. I was stirring up the batter fiercely with a spoon, beating the shit outta the thing, when I stopped and lay the spoon down. I walked over to the sink to wash up from all the chocolate spraying around and met Rei's eyes. I smiled at him and he returned it.

"Kietah . . ." he said quietly to me. I turned to face him again to see what was up. He walked towards me and reached his hand out to my face. He then wiped away a little chocolate by my lips and smiled.

"Oh! Thanks!" I said slightly embarrassed.

"No problem . . ." he replied, the blush now growing even more, and I could feel my own face growing hot too. We stood there in silence for a few more moments until Rei looked up at me.

"Well, we should finish up before Tyson starts eating the rug," Rei said cheerfully to me.

"Yeah . . ." I said quietly and went back over to the cake.


After everyone had eaten at least two helpings (Tyson eating five), I brought out the cake, surprising everyone except Rei.

"This is a thank you for letting FaTalony, Ari and I stay here for a while," I stated, holding the cake out in front of me. Hilary and Max's eyes were aglow in admiration and Tyson continued to gorge himself until he smelled the chocolate. Max got a look like he wanted to leap on the cake at that moment, for he was bouncing up and down like he had ants shoved down his shorts.

"Thank you, Kietah! You are a great cook, I can't wait for this one!" Hilary said in admiration.

I didn't get to pass out the cake, for at that moment, the doors to the room opened and a blast of icy wind blew through the room, causing everyone to shiver and Tyson yell out, "For goodness sake! It's August!!"

There was ice surrounding the floor and issuing in through the open door. Max was now sitting on Tyson's lap, trying to avoid the ice creeping towards him. Everyone in the room stared at in fear, except FaTalony and I. FaTalony and I smiled at this cold welcome.

"Good evening, Ari . . ." FaTalony said quietly at the human form slightly visible through all the ice and snow.