by DoraMouse

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball/Z/GT but I do own this story.


Prelude: November 3rd, 762 A.D.

Earth had never been a peaceful place. Never. Not even for one-billionth of a nanosecond.

An estimated five billion years ago, the planet called Earth had been created as a direct result of a large star exploding. Various forces of nature had been constantly rearranging the landscape ever since. Humans and other animals had, of course, eventually contributed to the ongoing natural cycle of violence as well. Creatures had been hunting each other since the beginning. Securing food, claiming territory, establishing social order - it was all about survival. No matter how people tried to deny it, in this regard humans had much in common with other animal species. Corner any animal and the creature will either fight or attempt to flee. Threaten humans and they will do the same.

But the humans hadn't been able to run away this time. No. This time the threat had come to them.

From outer space.

Aliens. Hostile alien warriors. Earlier in the afternoon, two aliens had landed in a marketplace in East Capital City. They'd promptly leveled the surrounding area. Earths Special Forces - six of the Earths best martial artists, plus a much-feared green demon and an abnormally strong child that no one had heard of before - had confronted the aliens and had, on live television, been more or less massacred. The four surviving members of Earths Special Forces were currently hospitalized in Satan City.

If legendary warriors capable of flying and shooting energy beams were vulnerable then how were ordinary people supposed to feel? What if there were more aliens? What if the other aliens were even stronger? How were the people of Earth supposed to defend themselves?

The simple answer was that they couldn't.

"And that is not acceptable." Said a young man attired in traditional costume.

Once upon a time, every wealthly family on Earth had employed its own private army. Wars between clans had been frequent - almost a daily affair. And then, just over two hundred years ago, several of the more powerful clans had united and made notoriously short work of their opposition. After some quick but bloody internal conflicts were settled, a surviving warlord had declared himself the World Emperor. His allies had become the World Government and their clans formed the bulk of the Imperial Army. The few surviving enemies had almost immediately banded together to become a rebel organization known as the Red Ribbon Army.

But now, in light of this new threat...

"Earth is our responsibility. We must find a way to defend it. To do otherwise would disgrace our ancestors and all that they accomplished." The current World Emperor, a direct descendant of the original, explained. "Which is why I have invited you all here today."

It was an emergency meeting. Amid the generals and politicians of the Imperial World Court stood a cluster of people wearing starched lab coats over dark uniforms. Printed neatly on the fabric of their clothing was a logo made from two red triangles facing each other. These were the scientists of the Red Ribbon Army.

Thirteen years ago, a young boy named Goku had destroyed the Red Ribbon Headquarters without pausing to realize that the Red Ribbon Army was an international organization. Thus Red Ribbon still had active sectors all over the world. Sectors that young Goku had probably never heard of. The Red Ribbon scientists - whose experimental work was frequently illegal - had always been especially secretive.

"Our clans have been enemies in the past but times have changed and so must we." The World Emperor announced charismatically, "It is in our best interests to work together and defend Earth."

The World Government had considered other options. Their very first phone calls had been to the worlds leading technology company, Capsule Corporation. The company had been asked to provide assistance in designing a planetary defense program. Capsule Corp executives - always wary of the government - had politely refused. Something about the construction of weapons being against company policy.

A problem with Capsule Corp was that the companys income rivaled the World Governments own. So Capsule Corp couldn't be bought. And taking the company to court would likely prove a useless expense. The other main problem with Capsule Corp was that they completely and utterly dominated the technology industry. No one could compete. There were a handful of smaller tech companies but most of those just sold things like televisions, stereos and home computers. And more than a few of those small businesses had contracts with Capsule Corp because they didn't actually make the products they sold - Capsule Corp did. Besides, the smaller companies just couldn't handle large scale jobs. Not with any degree of consistancy. Not even with the help of government funding.

This had posed a geniune crisis. How was the World Government supposed to design and implement a planetary defense system without help from Capsule Corp?

Much to the governments own surprise, the answer had shown up on their doorstep. Literally. It really was quite remarkable. A collection of known rebels coming up to the gates of the World Palace and saying: "We heard about what happened. Need any help?" Although suspicious of Red Ribbons true motives, the World Government couldn't afford to turn them down. The Red Ribbon Army dealt in blackmarket technology and - legal issues aside - that happened to make them the closest thing to a rival that Capsule Corp had.

This was a fragile alliance but the World Government hoped to make the most of it.

A legal advisor stepped forward, bowed and read from a scroll. "Let it be known that upon this date, the third of November in the year seven hundred and sixty-two, that by the authority of His Supreme Majesty Kyoto Amaterasu, the rebel organization known as the Red Ribbon Army and all members therein are pardoned..."

There were, of course, strings attached but what it essentially came down to was: 'help us and we'll ignore your extensive criminal history.' With an added clause that translated to: 'however, we reserve the right to basically do anything we want to you if you upset us.' The World Government was capable of enforcing this much since the Red Ribbon Army wasn't actually an army anymore. Most of the Red Ribbon soldiers had been lost thirteen years ago when young Goku had invaded the rebel headquarters.

Silence hung over the room for a few moments after the proclaimation had been read.

Then a tall elderly man spoke. The Red Ribbon logo worn over his heart. "On behalf of all my comrades, I thank you. You will not be disappointed."

A military officer addressed the Red Ribbon spokesman. "Is it true that you already have designs for the planetary defense system?"

"Oh yes." The old mans eyes were full of a confidence that his voice magnified. His chest puffed out with pride. "Yes. We most certainly have designs. In fact..." He turned.

The Red Ribbon scientists had brought something with them. In size and shape, it resembled a coffin. A small metal coffin with handles on the sides. The Red Ribbon scientists had handcuffed themselves to it. The Imperial Guards, after numerous searchs and heated debates, had grudgingly allowed the object to be brought into the palace. Under the elderly mans supervision, the case was opened and tilted upright at an angle that made its contents visible.

"What is that?!" The World Emperor recoiled a step, his expression a blend of disgust and alarm.

Numerous burly guards tensed. Each one grasping at their weapons in a way that made it clear that the Red Ribbon scientists would be leaving the room in very small pieces if they didn't behave.

Dr. Gero, a man who from the looks of things hadn't even come close to smiling for the past decade, smirked. "Your Majesty, this is an android."

It looked like a child. A regular human child. A young boy with short dark hair. Casually dressed in faded jeans and an oversized t-shirt. Eyes closed as if sleeping peacefully but so still... The boy didn't breathe. A corpse. With various implements protruding from the skin and the skin itself having a strange metallic hue.

"That is going to defend Earth?!" The military officer shared the Emperors dismay.

"No. No, of course not." Dr. Gero hurried to explain. He was fully aware that androids were illegal to build and that he was risking a lot just by being here. But he was also aware that his reputation as a brilliant scientist overshadowed his rather petty criminal history. "This is just a prototype. Harmless. If the androids are to defend us from aliens then they'll have to be stronger." He pointed to a television mounted on the wall of the conference room. The current news segment was recapping the fights that had taken place earlier in the afternoon. Showing pictures of the various members of Earths Special Forces as well as images of the two aliens who had caused so much destruction. "Stronger than those fellows, for a start."

Dr. Gero paused to run his fingertips through his thick grey mustache, the only outward sign he gave of being nervous. "It will take time, of course. Not a cheap project either. But if you want this planet defended properly, no half-measures... We can do it."

With a flourish, the android case was sealed once more. The silent group of Red Ribbon scientists lifted the case between them. Sensing that the meeting was drawing to a close - for now, all that had needed saying had been said - they began to depart. "You'll need to think it over. We understand." Dr. Gero remarked as he was leaving. "But don't linger in thought too long Your Majesty. After all, for all that we know, the next batch of bloodthirsty aliens may already be on their way."