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Failed Experiment

By: Crystal of Psyche

Chapter 1: A Find

Author's Note: I didn't like how the episode Apprentice ended, so I decided to make this. Because the little plot it had great potential. So here it goes.

Summary: What if the Teen Titans didn't figure out why Robin was working for Slade. So then they never came to try and rescue him, therefore he's been stuck at Slade's for a while now. It's been driving him crazy he wants his freedom.


So dark Will he ever see the light of day or maybe even his friends? But if he disobeyed one time, just once his friends would die in front of his eyes. He sighed as he trudged in from his latest mission. He was thankful that he didn't run into the Titans this time. Every time that happened, it wrenched another piece of his heart. He slid one of his gloved hands through his jet-black hair as he stepped past the sliding door.

"Good to see you back Robin," came an ominous voice. Robin glared at his captor. "No need to glare at me Robin, you will learn to like this. You have the rest of the night off, but you know the rules."

Robin began to march out as quickly as he could, "Yeah whatever." Making his way through the mass of corridors, his eyes noticed something that he had missed before. There was an opening of some sort that was somewhat hidden. Taking out one of his tools he quickly went to work on opening the door. In no time, it slid open to reveal a long forgotten lab. Robin made his way through; there was a soft glow at a certain part of the room. As he walked towards it he gasped.

There was this tank like thing; that was in the shape of cylinder that was full of water. And that was not all that was in it. There was a girl. She looked about his age, she various monitors that were on her, and wires hooked up to her. The wires coming from above were the only thing that was keeping her from sinking to the bottom of the tank. He studied her face; it was smooth and soft looking almost innocent looking. Small, thin pointy ears protruded from the side. And her brown hair with pink streaks through it.

"Oh my god!" Robin gasped. He had to do something. But he heard the door once again being forced open.

"I see you found my old pet," Slade's voice said, as he walked into the room beside Robin. Robin sneered at him.

"How could you do this to a human being!?!" Robin growled with disgust in his mouth.

Slade chuckled as he folded his arms over his chest, "Well, I guess it's a good of time as any to see what she can do after all these years." Slade walked up to one of the dusty computers and began to type away. Steam began to escape from the tank, water began to disappear, but the cables and wires kept her up. "Go get her down from there."

Robin growled at him but obeyed. He quickly cut the wires that held her, and cut her before she fell and hit the ground. Slade seemed to smile but none could tell under that mask of his. Robin noticed that she was now shivering, so he picked her up and carried her towards Slade. "What do you want to do with her?" Robin asked while holding the girl in his arms.

Robin watched his so-called Master think about his decision. "Take her to a room and properly clothe her. I'm going to think what I'm going to do with her." Robin didn't waste a second to leave the room with the girl in his arms. He quickly made his way to the place he stayed at, hurrying inside he swiftly shut the door behind him. Setting the girl on his bed he went to see if he could find anything for her to wear. He glanced at what she was wearing, and it was a skimpy white outfit that clung to her body. Over the years she must grown out of the old outfit that Slade gave her before he put her in the tank,' Robin thought.

He resumed his search, but it was interrupted with a moan. His eyes widened as realization hit him. She was waking up! He saw her open her crystal blue eyes slowly, as she looked around. "Where am I?" She noticed Robin and kept her bright blue eyes on him. "Who are you?"

"Hi, my name is Robin. What's yours?" he asked. She tried to sit up, but she couldn't fin the energy to do so. Robin noticed what she was trying to do, so he helped her lean against the pillows. Allowing her to sit up straight.

She smiled softly at him, "My name is Devi. Can you tell me if I'm still in Slade's place?" Robin saw the hope shine in her eyes, he hadn't seen anything like that since he last saw Starfire. And that was months ago. He was tempted to lie, but he knew that she would eventually find out.

"I'm sorry, you're still stuck in Slade's." He immediately regretted it. She became all sad, and looked away from him.

"I see, so what does that make you? A guard?" she said dully.

Robin eyes fell on the ground, "Actually I'm Slade's apprentice." Her eyes widened and stared at him with shock.

"You!! His apprentice!! How could you want to learn what he knows!!! He's evil!!!" Devi was scooting away from Robin. But Robin had expected this.

"It's not like I have a choice," he said with a low voice. Devi stopped struggling to get away from him, and just stared at him.

The next thing he knew, was two hands cupping his face from either side. He looked up and noticed two blue eyes staring into his eyes. "I knew you weren't evil. I could sense it, but you do have great pain in your heart. I am trapped like you."

Robin didn't know what to say, he stared at the girl in front of him. He had found someone that has been in the same situation, but what dampened his spirit was that she had been in this situation for years. Devi began to shiver some more, mainly because she had nothing on. "Let's get you something to where," he said. First he wrapped a blanket around her.

She smiled at him, "Robin if you don't mind? I think I can do this by myself."

He was a bit skeptical, "Are you sure?" She nodded. "But you can barely stand." She giggled softly, Robin was in awe. A happy moment that makes you all warm inside, he missed that feeling.

"I can manage, now give a girl her privacy you naughty boy," she said with a shooing motions with her hands. He couldn't help it that his face turned a slight shade of red. Robin made his way out of the room and waited outside. He noticed someone walking towards him, he grumbled something that couldn't be heard to anyone but himself.

"Its good to see you too, my apprentice." He looked at the door that was closed. "Your too kind to her."

Robin glared, "What!? I bet your going to order me to be cruel to her!"

Slade chuckled, "No, I don't see the need for that. I suppose you want to know a bit about her. She is in fact quite interesting." Robin didn't like how he said that last part. "My research tells me about your first master, Batman. I recall his parents were killed when he was about 8. Let's just say that Devi's whole village was destroyed when she was about 5."

Robin felt grief he knew what it felt like to lose his parents but your whole village? "How?"

"Someone had tampered with the young ones strength, she is much like Terra if you remember her. So much power but little control."

"I bet you messed with her," Robin said as he clenched his fists. "You were the one that made her powers go out of control!"

His master seemed to smile, "Perhaps. But she's just a failed experiment now."

"Take that back! She's a human being!! She's not an object that you can take apart and test on!!" Slade held up his hand with the button to the entire Titan's lives.

"No need to yell, it's rude to your master." He let his hand slide to his side again. Robin took a step back and let his eyes fall to the floor. "That's better. Devi will become your partner, she is not entirely useless so let's see what she can still do over the years. I need you to steal blueprints from the university. Seems they have something powerful up their sleeve."

"Whatever," Robin muttered. Slade continued his path. Not too long Devi appeared next to him.

"TA-DA!" She exclaimed happily. Devi had pulled up her hair into three pony tails at the back of her head her long bangs were not pulled back but merely brushed to the side of her face, that was a bit weird but Robin didn't think much about it. She wore a red body suit, with a belt loosely around her waist, some armor on her shoulder, with some blue gloves, and boots, that went almost halfway up her legs. A black cape was drape over her, and the thing that looked like what was keeping it up was the armor that had been placed on her shoulder, the inside of the cape was a bluish color. He couldn't help but to crack a smile at her outfit. "What? You no like?"

"No it's not that. Just forget it, we have a job to do," he said as he began walking towards the exit. Devi quickly caught up with him.

"What!? Right now!?! I just woke from years of sleep!"

"Then this will be a good way of a morning exercise."

"But I don't wanna!!"

Robin growled, "Look I don't have a choice here!!! But you can stay here with him and disobey him! He gave a job! And I need to fulfill it or else!!!" Robin felt bad at yelling at her, but after all this time with Slade was beginning to effect his personality.

"He really has a good hook on you." He turned to see her staring at him with a serious gaze. Robin sighed.

"Yeah, a real good hook." The two didn't not say a word to one another, but Devi followed Robin out in the shadows of the streets.


Back at the Titan's Tower, there was a lone figure that sat on the roof. Starfire could not cry anymore, everything just confused her. It had been a great shock that Robin had turned on them and was now working for Slade. She could not figure it out no matter how much she looked into it. She missed the Boy Wonder greatly. Things around the tower were not right without him. Then she heard Cyborg's voice come onto her frequency.

"Hey Star? We need you, there's another break in." She sat up.

"Who is it this time?"

Cyborg remained quiet for a bit, "It's him' again."

Starfire's spirits got depressed greatly, "We must stop him this time! Breaking into another's property is wrong!"

"I couldn't agree with you more Star." She got up and flew down to the entrance where everyone was. They all nodded at each other and headed out.

Author's Note: Next time the Titans will once again face Robin in battle. But now that he has another partner in crime, will things be any different? Will misunderstandings fly through the air? I don't know about you but I guess you gotta wait till the next chapter.

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