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Failed Experiment

By: Crystal of Psyche

Chapter 5: Understanding

Opening his way through his prison he smirked. He had absolute authority here, and he liked it. He then started to think about his prison inmates, the two young ones. He knew that they were getting close, and he was going to use that closeness to his advantage. Letting out a merciless, cruel laughter that spread through out the somewhat empty place.

The laughter died away just as a certain person entered the place. Robin looked around, trying to find the person he has been searching for all day. As he walked into the main hall, he then noticed something smeared all over the floor Panic rushed through his body as he quickly raced to the room that was labeled Devi's for now. As the door opened, he spotted her sitting on the table trying to wrap some bandages around her head. But was having trouble with it. "What happened?" He asked, he noted that she jumped when she heard his voice.

She turned around, he also noted that her eyes were red, and it seemed that she had been crying. He quickly walked over to her, but she tried to avoid his eyes. "Ummyou seethere was this thing I ran into. I think it was one ofof Slade's monsters!! Yeah, that's it, one of his monsters!!! II..tried to fight it"

Robin placed a finger on her mouth that made her stop talking, she finally looked at him. He was smiling softly at her. "You know, your one of the worst liars I have ever seen." He let his hands go up and take hold of the bandages wrapped poorly around her head. And he began to make them fit better with tender care. "So do you mind telling me what really happened?"

Wet liquid fell slowly down her face, Robin noticed this and felt a bit guilty. "You'll hate me if I tell you" she said softly.

He wiped away a few of her tears, and gave her a very serious look, "How could I ever hate you? You saved me from Slade's control."

A laugh with no happiness in it, softly erupted in Devi's throat, "I saved you? You were the one that saved me from sleeping my life away. I probably wouldn't have seen the light of day againBut I'm still trapped like a mouse."

A swell of sadness began to swirl in each of them, Robin was still working on her bandages. "I would've become like Slade if you hadn't showed up in my life." Devi remained quiet. "In truth we saved each other." He finished on her bandages and smiled at her. "And we will leave together." Devi felt a few more tears fall, as she leaned forward and hugged him and cried gently onto his chest. He wrapped his arms around her small form to give some comfort.

After a few minutes she pushed away from him and turned away. "I don't want to tell you what happened because you'll think I'm weak. I don't want to look weak in anyone's eyes." Robin put a hand on her shoulder.

"I won't think you're weak. Please tell me who did this to you?" Devi glanced at him and then set her focus on the wall.

"It was Slade" Robin felt his anger boil up inside of him, "I went out without permission, and he got angry. I don't know why he got that angry, he usually doesn't care what happens to meRobin?" She noticed that he was shaking with anger and gritting his teeth. He started to make his way towards the door when he felt someone grab his hand.

"Devi, let me go. I want to make him pay for what he did to you." He growled. Devi shook her head and kept a good grip on his hand.

"If you do that you'll get hurt! Please don't go," she begged. Robin's anger slowly slipped away, as he looked at the scared eyes of the girl hanging onto his arm.

He sighed, letting the last of the anger leave him. "Okay, I won't confront Slade. But youare not leaving my side. I can't leave you alone, I'm afraid Slade will come and hurt you again if I'm not around." Devi was somewhat surprised, but she only nodded her head.


Raven smiled at the some of her friends. She had told Starfire about what Devi and her thought about Robin. Star was back to her cheerful self. Which was bugging Cyborg and Beast Boy, because they were completely confused and lost. Raven at the moment was in the kitchen making some tea when Beast Boy came into the room and sat down at the counter staring at the Goth girl. "Is there something wrong Beast Boy?" Raven asked quietly as she sipped some of her new tea.

"Alright you can't hide anything from me! What's up with Starfire? It's something that you said to her I know it!!" And the scary thing was, Beast Boy was actually serious, Raven thought in her mind.

"I just had a little girl talk with her, and that's all," she said as she took another sip. Beast Boy slammed his head onto the table. Raven chuckled, while he grumbled something.

"Stupid girl talk." Raven smiled and took her tea into the other room where Starfire and Cyborg were watching the news. Ever since she had that talk with Devi Slade hasn't made a move. It was odd. She took out the communicator that belonged to the second one that is now in Devi's possession. Pocketing it, just when the announcer said there is a break in, at another laboratory.

Cyborg stood up quickly, "Titans move out!! We gotta another live one!!" All the Titans except for Beast Boy ran towards the door. Raven poked her head into the kitchen to notice that he hadn't moved from that spot.

"UhhBeast Boy?" He lifted his head off the table to stare at her. "We got to go. There's another break in" HE jolted up.

"Wah!!! No one tells me anything!!!!" He said as he ran out the door, Raven just sweat dropped and continued after him. Hoping that they'll run into the lost duo that was trapped under Slade's control.


"You want us to what!?!?!" Robin yelled. Slade chuckled in glee.

"That's right, I want the both of you to the lab, and steal a little bit of information. Then wait till the Titans get there and then Devi, you will use your powers to teach them to stop messing with my plans."

"We won't kill them!!!" Devi shouted, but a glare from Slade made her tremble. Robin stepped in front of her in order to inform her that he was protecting her.

Slade laughed, "I don't want you to kill them, just beat them up real good." The two teens shivered, then left as quickly as they could. Once they were outside, Devi sank to the ground. Rabin leaned against the door and let out a sigh. They stayed there for a few minutes.

"Hey you okay?" Robin asked, as he put a hand on Devi's shoulder. He jumped back in fright when she was looked up at him with the scariest smile in the world. "What the!?!"

Devi got up fast, she clenched her fist. 'This is the perfect time' she thought to herself. Turning to Robin she gave him a piece sign. "I'll race ya!!!" And she climbed up the building, and began racing on top the roof tops with inhuman speed leaving Robin behind with his jaw to the ground. He soon realized that she WAY ahead of him and started racing to catch up with her.

Further ahead, Devi slid into an empty alleyway and she took out the communicator that Raven gave her. Making sure that Robin wasn't anywhere near her, she quietly turned it on.


Raven flew alongside Starfire and Beast Boy who was in an eagle form. Suddenly one her gizmos went off. Stopping in the middle of the air, Beast Boy and Starfire stopped as well, looking back at Raven with confused looks. "What's wrong Raven?" Beast Boy asked.

She ignored his question, and pulled out her communicator, which was still going off, "Raven here."

"Hola!! Raven!!! It's me Devi!!!" Came a cheerful voice. Starfire squealed with happiness while Beast Boy looked shocked.

"Hey!!! Isn't she that crazy powerful chick!?!?!" He yelled at the two girls. Starfire couldn't help to giggle, while Raven sighed and shook her head.

"I heard that greenie"


Raven rolled her eyes, "What's going on Devi?"

"Well, other than the part where me and Robin have to run into you on purpose. And then we need to kick your butt!" Raven sweat dropped at how cheerful and positive Devi made that sound. "This is perfect!! We can go along with the plan early!!"

"Raven," Beast Boy said with an unsure voice, "What's going on?"

Raven waved a hand in front of him, "Don't worry about it. Just go along with the plan."

"What plan?" Starfire flew by him and patted him on the back.

"You do not need to worry yourself." She said smiling. Beast Boy sighed and gave up. No one tells him anything. Raven turned her attention to the communicator.

"Alright, you know what to do, I'm going to explain it to Beast Boy and Starfire on the way. We need to make this look real in order for it to work. Good luck." Raven cut the line and slipped the device back in her pocket. She turned to her two friends who were still kinda hovering in the air. "Let's hurry, we have a lot of things we need to talk about." They both nodded, and the three of them started to fly to their destination.


Devi smiled softly as she put the device in one of her pockets. "I better get going!" She said as she climbed up the building fast. Once she got on the rooftop, everything slowly began to spin. She stumbled to get some footing. "Woah," she put a hand on her bandaged head. Waiting for everything to stop spinning. Once it did she slowly began to get to where she wanted to get. "I better be careful. Or I might fall of a building or something worse."

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