Dearest readers/reviewers,

I know this isn't a chapter that you really want to see, hell, it isn't really a chapter.

However, I feel I must write something for you to understand.

I am having an extremely hard time offline at the moment. During my first term this year at school, I discovered that a close friend of mine had begun cutting herself because she was pained. I am unsure whether she has discontinued this at the moment, but it is still harrowing my efforts to write.

I then went to a dance between my old school, its brother school and a variety of other schools in the area. I met this person there who has been a little unsupportive of things I have recently told him and have struggled a little.

Then I accidentally sent an email to him and a couple of other friends, and he got a hold of their emails. Well.........yeah, now another of my friends likes him.........and she's been worried of his feelings not being the same. Then ANOTHER of my friends has now started fighting with my other friend, and I'm kinda stuck in the middle.

I apologise profusely for my non – updating, I can only explain it as being stressed out.

After receiving two reviews in two days saying updates, I felt the need to tell you.

I have written one chapter for F.B.O.F.W., but as yet am still undecided whether I shall upload it.

I hope that my fantastic reviewers (and I must thank you all for your support and care and thought power behind most of your reviews) will understand and not lose interest in my other stories. I have Easter break soon, however I am hosting a German exchange student, so I will attempt to write chapters for every story that I have up and going, regardless of whether they are on hold, I shall attempt.

I pray for my friends nightly (I'm Christian) and I just hope that every single one of my readers/reviewers understands that this is a very hard time for me, and I am also a little depressed myself with some things also at the moment, and I don't want to ruin my stories by making them depressing.

Please understand.........I promise another chapter soon, how soon I don't know.........