Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters or settings, I'm just having fun.

This is a series of ~100-word drabbles from Faith's POV. They have been culled from the ImpulseDriven community on LiveJournal. The two on this intro page are an exception, the results of a challenge to use clich├ęd epithets and make them into meaningful drabble.

The rest of the drabbles in this series are results of the Two-Minute Challenge. I chose a character beforehand and was given a word. I then immediately had to write whatever came to mind in the following two minutes. Except for spelling and typographical errors, no changes have been made. I highly recommend this exercise for other writers - it's been very illuminating to me.


The (formerly) Evil Slayer

She'd heard him talking to the girls. He made it into some big drama - something about Vulcans? - always lookin' over his shoulder while he was talking. Like she couldn't hear every word they said about her.

She could hear the pause when he said it - "The (formerly) Evil Slayer." Like it was some little detail, some extra word thrown on there. Like it wasn't her entire life they were gossiping about.

"She was EVIL. Probably not anymore, but she was," the boy insists to the newbies.

Evil was easy. (Formerly) Evil is a lot harder.


The Psychotic Slayer

She hates it when they call it that.

the psychotic slayer

Sometimes she speaks up, but mostly she keeps to the shadows, smirking at their cluelessness. Mayor wants them watched, she'll watch.

homicidal lunatic

She's not crazy. She knows crazy, and this isn't it.

psychopathic super bitch

They throw out all those labels, like if they say she's pyschotic, then they'll understand her and she's not so scary.


Because it's okay to kill a psycho, it's okay to treat her like shit.

criminally insane

They couldn't possibly imagine that she's anything but a monster because it messes with their neat little everything-in-its-place world.

raving psychotic

Whatever. They can call her whatever they want. Doesn't change what's going to happen come Graduation Day.


A/N: Except for the title, all of these phrases were used on the show to describe Faith at one time or another