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I gotta warn you on this. I don't know if this will be a confusing story. Besides the fact that it revolves around the Gippal and Rikku thingy ma bob, it also yaps about Lenne and Shuyin's stuff. Plus some Yunie day dreams. Possibly some overkill flirting with LeBlanc and Nooj. So. I warn you now!! Tee hee! ^_* Also there's a new character that takes the place as one of my best buddies!! Who gets to drool over Shuyin like she usually does.. ;)

Oh yeah, and thanx for reading! ~Rikku

~Threads of Fate~

Chapter One: Golden Thread

"Oh, Noojie woojie! I love you with all my heart!!" cried Rikku, jumping into Gippal's arms.

"I can't live without you, LeBlanc!!" Gippal paused and looked down at Rikku. She was giggling at Yuna who was impressed by their impression. Gippal smirked slyly and moved his fingers about hers.

"Kiss me!" he cried.

Rikku looked at him wide eyed and shoved him away with a dissatisfied look. "Geez! Don't get too carried away!!"

As she stumbled back to her companions; Yuna and Paine, Gippal laughed. "I knew you'd do that!"

Paine smiled. "And I'm telling Nooj about your demonstration about him and LeBlanc's shameless flirting."

Rikku giggled. "I wonder what his reaction would be.."

Yuna giggled along with her cousin. "Wow, you even have spectators!"

That was when Gippal and Rikku stopped their laughing and snickering. Their heads perked up embarrassed and looked around. Dozens of people, Al Bhed and the Youth League members clapped and laughed while talking about their impression. Gippal turned to Rikku who was waving to the crowd.

"Thank you! Thank you! This was all sponsored by the Friendly Neighborhood Gullwings!! We'll be here every Saturday!!"

Gippal scratched his head. He figured Rikku would be just as embarrassed as he was but knowing her, she was having a fun time. He smiled at that thought.

"Do it again! Do it again!!" the crowd shouted.

Rikku then hushed herself. (They want to see it again!? They think it's THAT funny?)

She turned to Gippal who was waiting for her to respond. He gave her this iffy look that made her think twice. (He better not pull that stunt again.)

She hopped up and waved her hand in the air. "Alright then!! Scene Two! In LeBlanc's Chateau!!"

Rikku raced over and removed a glowing sphere from her bag. Playfully, she waved it towards Gippal.

"Hey love! I got that sphere you wanted!" she focused her eyes on him.

Gippal had that smirk again and reached over for the sphere. Quickly, Rikku pulled the sphere away and shook a finger at him.

"Nuh uh uh! It's my sphere!"

"LeBlanc, have I ever told you that I love you?"

Rikku managed to make a sparkling eyed look and place her hands up to the side of her face. "YOU DO?" she squealed.

Gippal walked over and took her by the wrist. "Of course, LeBlanc!"

Suddenly, Rikku bursted out laughing, almost falling over if Gippal wasn't holding her up. Her mouth was wide open, laughing hard. Gippal began to shake her gently to get to stop.

"Umm. Rikku? Rikku! HEY!"


Yuna and Paine stopped their giggling and whispering then watched as Gippal tried to get her attention.


He paused and looked at one of his men with a one armed machina by his side. Gippal sighed while continuing to hold Rikku, laughing to death.

"Mirt dni lesnure yfih."

The Al Bhed man nodded and pressed several buttons on the machina. As the machina walked over with its speared arm high. Rikku continued to laugh, making herself shake in Gippal's hold. He looked down at her and smirked.

"I would stop laughing if I were you!"

But she continued to laugh. The machina got closer each moment, moving with its stumbling mechanical legs. Suddenly..

"OUU! OU! OU! OU!!"

Rikku yelped and jumped up, making Gippal catch her before she fell to the ground.

"AHHH, ayu cdobut buisi yw mnud!!"

Rikku jumped away from Gippal's arms and stole the machina's main body part, taking it down to just several limbs and scraps. Gippal laughed.

"Watch your language, Rikku!"

Rikku got down on her knees, hoping to relieve her pain. "The stupid thing poked me on my butt!! THAT HURT!!"

Gippal crossed his arms and leaned against a wall. "Then you should've stopped laughing and maybe it would've never happened."


Darkened atmosphere with no way out. Just complete darkness. Rikku found herself pinioned against an illusionary wall. Her legs chained together and her arms bind. Her green eyes scanned the area around her. It stayed the same. No movement, no sign of life anywhere to be found. Rikku's mouth opened to speak, but all that came was the sound of choking. It was like her air was wasting away for each second she had opened her mouth. She quickly closed it shut, pressing her lips together to make sure.

"Time is wasting away. Every moment. Every second. Every minute. Every hour. Every memory. Every history."

(That voice.) she thought repeatedly. A voice she hadn't heard in two years. A light feathered but thunder deep voice that could frighten any being. Suddenly, a thin golden line shot out from the left and traced along the flooring of the dark place.

"If a little wrinkle in time was to happen within one's lifetime, it would be changed. But if there was even the tiniest gap on one's thread of life.. You can image the consequences.."

A laugh came afterwards. A shadowed figure from the darkness appeared revealing only large hands and long fingernails that could only penetrate the skin of any. Rikku tried again to open her mouth to say something, but the feeling of her air slipping came quicker until she closed it again. Frightened, she started to struggle and pull her body forward to some how free herself.

"Do not fret. Do not shout. Do not shed tears of fright. Looking forward to death is just a way to the peace we all hope for in Spira."

The long fingernails moved slowly over. So slowly, you could see its fading images moving from one place to another. Rikku's eyes widened. Although she had no idea what was happening, she knew who it was. But she dare not say its name. Noises of the golden thread shredding echoed louder than sirens through Rikku's ears. She quivered and felt sick inside. Her air was wasting away. Her heart beating faster. Her head feeling like it was swollen and skin itching with angst.

"Death is peace. Peace is eternal slumber. Then they are to be reborn to more welcoming souls. More for me. All for me. Like they say, 'the more, the merrier'."

The final shred and rip of the thread. At that moment, Rikku realized all hell had broken loose.

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